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Point of No Return: Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently


Point of No Return: Earth Reaches 400ppm Threshold Permanently

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

September's carbon dioxide output failed to drop below 400 parts per million (ppm) despite historically being the year's low point for CO2 emissions, which means the Earth has very likely passed that symbolic climate threshold forever.

The Earth has hit 400ppm before, but seasonal cycles have always reduced carbon dioxide output back below that level. Now, climate scientists say it is "almost impossible" that will ever happen again.

According to Climate Central:


There was a chance at mitigating this rise in CO2 levels in the atmosphere. That chance corresponded with the rise of the Green parties dedicated to protecting the environment. At every election where people voted we had the pundits and media and the defenders of the Status Quo stating "This is an important election and we can not afford to "waste" our votes on marginal parties. We have to make sure XXX gets in so YYY does not."

This very thing happens in this election in the USA and happened in our past one In Canada. Both have green parties and in Canada we had "You can not vote green or Harper will get in" and in the USA "you can not vote Green or Trump will get in"

We have even had a columnist claim that anyone who voted Green over Clinton was being a petulant child.

We can see where it has lead to yet they persist in promoting that message.

Vote Green. It the only rational choice.


FWIW, at least they are now talking about "point of no return—the agreed-upon 1.5°C warming threshold—in a decade." instead of the lulling-to-sleep language of 'by the end of the century."

Can we do something about this now?


This is a very sobering milestone. It should enter the election dialog. The next CO2 milestone is 450 ppm. That is the number most associated with 2C, generally regarded as the threshold for dangerous climate change although it may be lower. Levels of CO2 increase by about 2-3 ppm a year. If that continues we should reach 450 in about 20 years. That is about when the temperature is expected to reach 2C on our present course. As crazy as it seems, the Republican Party is now so extreme and in general does not fully acknowledge the problem of climate change and opposes most federal actions that it would be literally a disaster if a Republican became president during the next couple of decades on unless the Republican Party is willing to accept the scientific reality. Drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are now essential. We have finally reached the stage that the basically all countries agree but this needs to be turned into effective action and the US must be a leader for that to occur.


The Green Party can only be a spoiler and help elect Trump. The most rational vote is for Hillary Clinton, a climate hawk who has vowed to fight climate change.


Soooooo, burning fossil fuels is poisoning the atmosphere?
Isn't that a national security problem? Life or death?

We must nationalize the fossil fuel industry to save ourselves.


Remember folks this is CO2 only, you need to also factor all the other GH gases and you get CO2 equivalent (CO2e). That number is around 480 ppm right now. Pretty scary stuff when you add all the other nasties in the atmosphere...


At what 'point' does sanity rise to the level that finally overcomes the irrationality of corporate greed? We may have reached the point of no return there, as well.


RRS, a new source recently studied...


Peter Ward has posited a riposte to the Gaia Hypothesis, called the Medea Hypothesis (named for the mother who devoured her children). The mother of all life on Earth is bacterial life, which - according to Ward - decimates complex life from time to time.

The geographic origin of life's retrenchment will be the same as the origin of life's diversification: the global ocean. As the seas die and grow calm (a result of AGW and other ecological outrages), anoxic microbes proliferate which emit hydrogen sulfide - a poisonous gas to which Ward attributes previous mass extinctions, both marine and terrestrial. We're already seeing the inception of this process in the unprecedented tenaciousness of toxic algae blooms on many coastlines (such as California's).

I don't know what the point of this is - it's just that I find Ward's hypothesis convincing. The demise or decline of complex life would have happened sometime in the next few hundred million years anyhow, it seems. Humans are catastrophically accelerating the Medea process. Buddhism teaches that nothing is permanent, I suppose...


Hillary Clinton is a "climate hawk"???? You're thinking of Jill Stein. Hillary Clinton talks out of both sides of her mouth while supporting and promoting fracking all over the world. Fracking is even more destructive than coal power, because of all the methane, and because it destroys water resources.

Clinton has said nothing about stopping the Dakotah Access Pipeline, which threatens the water supply of millions of people. The CIA predicts that soon we will stop fighting wars for oil, and will start fighting wars for water.

Of course, that is assuming that enough people are in good enough shape to keep fighting wars after Hillary manages to provoke Russia into WWIII. Ominously, all the neocons, Repub and Dem, have come over to Hillary's side.


And yet the incumbents in congress, Democrat and Republican, are doing nothing about it?
Should we reelect these fools?



Absolute and complete rubbish. The US has had Democratic presidents 16 of the last 24 years and they did absolutely nothing on this issue. That was 16 years of wasted opportunity.

Ms Fracking Clinton is not going to suddenly change course.


The problem is, this is not about YOU and your metaphorical root canal, and your personal self-absorbed narcissistic feelings and emotions about things - it is about the fate of the fucking planet. And no please don't feed me none of this frighteningly out-of-reality delusional nonsense that Hillary and Trump are the same regarding climate change, OK?

I live in the Pennsylvania were Trump and his fascist thugs will likely win unless we fight for our lives to change that outcome. It is not a stretch to regard anyone in Pennsylvania who votes the Jill Stein-Trump ticket as telling humanity to "Go fuck-off - my self-absorbed feelings of self-righteousness are more important!"


First of all of all, as a Canadian what do you know about US regulations? Ever heard of the Clean Power Plan - currently under right-wing assault? Ever heard of CAFE standards, and substantial tax subsidies and direct subsidies for EVs, renewable energy, energy efficiency improvement credits, lighting efficiency standards new building energy efficiency standards, federal subsidies for public transportation... All of them were adopted under legislation from Democrat-majority congresses.

How many of these things does Canada have?


We as a community here in Missoula, MT removed a local dam a few years back. Now Bull Trout can return to native tributaries. The mini mansions are popping up around here too, people razing perfectly good homes to build personal Taj Mahals to themselves. I've been seriously considering selling my house and building my own tiny house that creates its own power/heat and composts my waste. Dare to dream...


The USA is still the second largest emitter of C02 gases on the globe.

All of those regulations mean nothing when the US military releases more such gases than the entire country of Greece.

I never stated that Canada a champion when it comes to ghg emissions but in spite of all of your regulations the US and Canada are virtually identical in emissions per Capita.

This in spite of your 16 years of Democratic presidents in the past 24.

Finally as bad as the record of Canada is, according to WHo reports the quality of air in Canadian cities is in the top five in the World well above the USA.

Vote green


Only a very confused reporter would be blissfully ignorant of the fact that 400 parts per million is a measure of the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and not a measure of CO2 "output" as this reporter foolishly claims.


So where is your criticism of Democrats? FYI, at 71, I was a lifelong Dem until about 2 mos ago. Could not stand the corruption of our elections any longer; am now registered independent. Establishment Democrats and Republicans, under the direct control of our plutocratic-oligarachy, are equally responsible for our miserable state of affairs in many areas including the addressing of the most critical issue, Climate Disruption! Criticising Republicans without giving due to Clinton - Obama Democrats merely plays into the hands of "fear" voting.