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Point The Trigger Finger at Everyone Else


Point The Trigger Finger at Everyone Else

Michael Winship
Friday afternoon, I was walking across my West Village neighborhood running some errands. Here and there my path crossed with college students in graduation gowns from NYU, Columbia and The New School.


Holy moley, again with the “Oh Noze, the gunz!”

One paragraph from the rambling article:

Starting out good. Everyone’s in agreement with this.

Really? List some example of murders committed with military “instruments of destruction”.
Check out the BATF website. Fully automatic machine guns, bazookas, mortars, etc. perfectly legal to own under Federal law. When was the last time one of these was used in a crime?

Perhaps the author is making the common mistake (lie?) of calling AR-15’s “assault rifles”.
No military on earth uses AR-15’s as general issue battle rifles to my knowledge.
“But they are black and scary looking!!!”
Perhaps, but year in and year out more people are killed by shotguns than all the rifle types combined from the wildly popular Ruger 10-22 to water cooled, belt fed machine guns.

And each of those deaths is a terrible thing. However, more kids have been killed by falling televisions than in school shootings. Why isn’t the author screaming for a ban on TV’s?

Well, considering that while gun ownership has dramatically increased over the last 20 years or so and the majority of states have gone to “shall issue” concealed carry, gun homicides and accidents have actually been dropping. They might have a point.

Some 60,000 people will die just from opiod misuse this year, not counting alcohol and other drugs.
It seems to me that anyone who actually gives a crap about public safety would rank unnecessary deaths and devote resources to these things in order of mortality. Top down order.
But it isn’t about saving lives is it?

Despite having over 300 million guns in civilian hands, gun deaths are way down the list of causes of mortality. And over half of those are suicides which many other countries manage to accomplish just fine at a higher percapita rate.
The U.S. is 48th on the suicide per 100,000 WHO list despite the U.S. being a country with “far too many guns”.

Give it a rest already.


Nice try. I’d like to see you in a debate with the parents whose children were cut down in a school shooting. And if you’re very lucky, you won’t have a kid killed in his school or at a movie or concert.

Guns kill. People who shouldn’t have them do. Period.


Excellent article! Mr. Winship is correct. It is that simple!


We don’t have to debate facts. They speak for themselves.
And I would fully expect grief stricken parents to be just that, horrified and miserable, not debate ready. But even their sorrow doesn’t override facts.

Very lucky? It doesn’t take much luck. Way, way more kids will get killed being transported to school or a concert that will ever be shot at one.

I’m pretty sure that you know that if you’re an adult. What kind of fear ridden worldview do you have?
Do you actually live in terror of being shot as part of your daily life?

“Guns and lots of other things can be used to kill people.”
There, I made your sentence accurate.

You are correct.
But you also seem to be taking the position that the millions and millions of responsible gun owners shouldn’t have them either and that’s what I find so incomprehensible.

Are any of the facts that I presented inaccurate?
I’m not particularly interested in your wishes, opinions or beliefs.
Can you point to any of the things I present as facts that are substantially incorrect?


The military versions, such the M-16, have the same basic configuration, but they have select-fire capability, including full-automatic. By industry gun nomenclature, assault rifles are only those which have select-fire and full-auto. But 1) AR-15 style weapons have every bit of the semi-auto functionality of the full military versions, and 2) with the addition of a bump stock, an AR-15 can pick up very similar rapid-fire functionality to full-auto without any of the licensing burdens that go with owning full-auto rifles.

I agree with your point that heavily regulated full-auto assault rifles are hardly ever used in crimes. But that does not make a compelling argument against having similar regulation for rifles that are the functional equivalent of assault rifles.


But why bother?

In 2016 according to the FBI, 374 homicides were caused using all types of rifles combined.
Often, more people are killed each year by shotguns. And it’s just a fraction of the people killed by knives. Less than 1/2 the number of people simply beaten to death with bare hands and feet.

Even taking the lunatic fringe assertion that only “assault rifles” were used, that’s a statistically insignificant number in a nation with 300 million residents owing some 15 million AR-15’s.

I am always amazed at this straining at gnats.

Massive amounts of attention placed on scary black guns. Editorials, weeping presidents, demands for confiscation, wailing that no one is safe. Tearful school children fearing for their lives. Demands for repeal of the second amendment. And on and on.

Here’s a real threat from the CDC website:

And that’s insignificant compared to just opiod deaths, something school children and everyone else are MUCH more likely to encounter in their daily life than “assault weapons”.

Why are people weeping and demanding that “something must be done” about a gun that is one of the LEAST used for any kind crime in both percentages and absolute numbers?


Well Said…thank you


“Donald Trump and his administration are the Wal-Mart of corruption – one-stop shopping for graft and influence peddling (and while we’re at it, fiercely anti-union). When it comes to fessing up, forget about it. They shout and obfuscate and lie.”

Michael, are you saying that we we as a nation are suffering, whether it be the proliferation of mass shootings, endless wars committed by an endless chain of political leaders committing unprosecuted war crimes, totally ineffective efforts to combat global climate change, decades old neglect of our nation’s infrastructure, voting scams and election fraud committed by people and parties in our own country, an ever creasing poverty and income gap between rich and poor, an ever growing control of our political system by the super wealthy due in large part to the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, and on and on and on, because of Donald Trump? No, Michael, this is not due suddenly to a pschopathic Donald Trump. Trump is just the veil suddenly being lifted from covering a long history of corruption in the US government. Democracy and righteousness has long been a Walt Disney fairy tale in US history books and the morning news. All these shootings are just a symptom of the real disease. Oh, those “bombs bursting in air” are creating our now typical school and other mass domestic shootings all over the world and multiplied by a thousand in each occurrance. They are huge suffering and losses to those that suffer from them no matter where they occur. So what do we do? That is a very good question.


Believe it or not, this is one reason I preferred Trump to Clinton.
Clinton would have been at least as corrupt, if not more, but the media as a whole would have been complicit to a degree that they will never be with Trump.