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Pointing Enormous Finger, Russia Says It Has "Proof" Turkey Profiting from ISIS Oil

Pointing Enormous Finger, Russia Says It Has "Proof" Turkey Profiting from ISIS Oil

Jon Queally, staff writer

Upping the tensions between Ankara and Moscow following the downing of a Russian military jet by Turkey last week that left two Russian pilots dead, the Kremlin on Wednesday claimed it has "proof" that the president of Turkey and his family are directly benefiting from the sale of oil smuggled out of neighboring Syria by the Islamic State.


Ratcheting toward full-blown world war. And the craven US communications media cannot give one scintilla of honest reporting to the US public, who will only be told about that dangerous demagogue Putin, and how Russia is out of control.


“Antonov wondered out loud why Turkey’s NATO allies have done so little to question or press Erdgogan on the role oil sales from Syria may be having on the effect to defeat ISIS.”

The simple answer? They do not want ISIS really to be defeated because ISIS is too profitable for the war racket!


Me too! This is what it must have been like to live in Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and been a brainwashed German of the Third Reich. Now we have the brainwashed masses of the Fourth Reich. Americans even have their own Hitler…Trump. Americans even have their own Jewish problem…Muslims.


I watched the latest Frontline last night on ISIS in Afghanistan, and it is heartbreaking to watch kids be indoctrinated by their nonsense. I didn’t support our invasion in 2001 and after 13 years of occupation (if you take 2014 to be the end date), they are headed to a worst state than being run by the Taliban however hard that is to imagine. During our occupation, I recall seeing local success stories portrayed in the US news (perhaps I was being lied to, but it looked convincing) where the US military was employing locals, building schools, and winning some of the hearts and minds, but we were not able to translate a few successes to an overall winning strategy in the entire country and then got extremely distracted in Iraq which was the dumbest move ever. If the MIC is trying to fool us and create enemies so we will fund them, they better get some successes under their belt because at some point the US population isn’t going to see the merits of their expenditures. I chalk it up to simple incompetence myself, not a conspiracy - perhaps the people who know how to solve problems are not rising up the military chain anymore (a claim some are making) and we know we have more incompetent politicians these days than we did 60 years ago. Someone needs to start thinking way out of the box before it’s too late because their box sucks.

One question about Putin: why did he wait till a Russian plane was shot down? Could he have not pushed this story about Turkey (which I mostly believe) earlier?


The dirt in n.w. iraq was created ONLY by the Fifty One States, aka US and the gulf states. So, it should not be up to russia to scrub the dirt left behind by the 51states and the states ruled by salafi ideology.

I assume that the fifty one states; in which the belojews may hold as much political power as all the white trash, blacks, and latinos put together, hoped to use daesh first off to destroy syria and then export the salafi ideology to 'stans, xinjiang [uighur], turkestan/elsewhere.

It is quite likely that both russia [?and china] came to the same conclusion as i had for some while now.
Russia, thus, decided sept 30 that first of all syria MUST not be defeated and that no salafist comes out alive out of either syria or iraq or enters chechnya, dagestan or any 'stan.

This may turn out to be costly for belojews and its de facto 51st state and/or fiftyonestate, aka of US.
Not only that US may not get another chunk of syria–it actually may lose the one it now possesses illegally even if SAA does not regain all of its provinces.

Russo-syro-iranian bloc may not try to take some lost syrian provinces if the US/et all bloc does all it can that syria never ever becomes united.
Perhaps russo-syrian/et al bloc may be happy with just getting back, daraa, dimashq, quneitra, latakia, idlib, [?aleppo], hama and leave raqqa, hassaka, deir ez zor, aleppo, homs to so-called rebels.

Anent this probably an outcome, the key to it all is what 51states, led by an extremely ethnophobic and ethnocentric klan; comprising hundreds of ethnicities, aka belojews [belo=white] do.
It should be noted that even tho belojews [a bunch of nonsemitic peoples: ukkrainians, russians, georgians, ossetians, iranians, azerbaijanis, armenians, kazahks, uzbeks, baltics, poles, germans, hungarians, moldavians, czechs, germans, austrians, slovaks, bulgars, magyars, khazars, turks, greeks/et al] comprise only 3% of US pop, they may possess as much political power in US as all blacks and latinos put together.

Certainly some Turks are buying oil from somebody connected to Isis. But whoever is doing the buying, the amount of oil is piddling-compared to Turkey’s overall energy needs, a huge chunk of which is supplied by Russia. That’s where the real Russian leverage lies, but so far, the Russians aren’t talking about shutting off exports of oil and gas to Turkey.

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Almost as if there were a formula…

Dara, drop the conspiracy hang up. There are indeed conspiring individuals with power, agencies, and corporations who have absolutely conspired to serve their own interests at the expense of others. History is rife with such evidence, and there should be no question whatsoever that there was a conspiracy to take this nation to war in Iraq. There is enough evidence to have brought up criminal charges and prosecuted scores of individuals involved in that conspiracy to commit war crimes.

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So miles long convoys of tanker trucks for months being ignored or protected by the US and other ME and NATO allies, and the associated selling and profiting of this oil between ISIS and a US ally who is supposedly fighting ISIS is no big deal eh. Surely you jest.

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Actually, I do not jest.The percentage of oil imports into Turkey by Isis or its co-conspirators is minuscule compared to Russian imports of oil and gas, which are around 25 billion a year, or about 10% of Turkey’s total imports.Turkey is in no way dependent on oil imports from Isis. Entertain yourself, and look it up. Isis’s imports are certainly embarrassing for Turkey, though-piddling as they are.

More proof the US and company are responsible for most of the terrorism going on in places like Iraq and Syria.


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A hot shot fighter pilot, or stupid policy at a higher level are possibilities. They do seem to have put themselves into a box don’t they. They probably don’t want to go to war with Russia over the profits of a few oil dealers. Anyway, the oil trucks are getting pounded these days-by the Russians and the US. Interesting article on the BBC today speculating on the size of Isis imports into Turkey. Check it out. I don’t believe that Erdogan or his family are personally profiting from this trade, but the Turks have handed the Russians the ball, and they are running with it.

RT says the Russians have destroyed 500 oil trucks, and the US claimed 132 last week. The total number of trucks involved in the trade has been listed at 1,000 or so in what I’ve been reading. RT and the US are probably lying about the numbers for their own reasons-but trucks are definitely being hit. They are driven by funky locals just trying to make a buck, who are not neccessarily Isis people themselves. I feel sorry for the poor bastards: they’re sitting ducks out there in all that stinking desert. The US claims to have given advanced warning of their attacks on the trucks, so that the drivers could get out of the way. I doubt that the Russians are overly concerned about whether or not the drivers get killed.

Come to find out Israel is the end buyer of the stolen oil from Turkey. I knew from the start that ISIS was supported by Israel just as it is by the US and it’s subservient golf Arabs. I kinda don’t think that the Zinofascists are suicidal to start a nuclear war with Russia and Russians are calculating the situation calmly. The biggest losers will be ISIS and Turkey. Turkey will continue to lose credibility and economic loss. Closing the Syrian Turkish border will put an end to the Syrian conflict at a high cost to Turkey.

The last line of your comment is disrupting to say the least it sounds racist and small minded. Muslims aren’t America’s problem America is Muslims problem. Jews were blamed for wrecking German economy not for terrorism because Germany was stealing Jewish oil for almost a century and imposing Palestine on them. Its the reverse mind you.

Right smuggling illegal goods is smuggling

Looks like it’s going to weaken the US Israeli NATO troika

Well his Wiley coyote sun of Khalif Erdogon was profiting from the proceeds

You have to wonder in which way the evil empire will strike back at Russia.