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Pointing to Disastrous History of US Intervention, Sanders Warns Against Military Action in Venezuela

Pointing to Disastrous History of US Intervention, Sanders Warns Against Military Action in Venezuela

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Thursday condemned the Trump administration's threats to take military action in support of right-wing coup plotters in Venezuela.

The Vermont senator joined the chorus of progressive members of Congress and advocacy groups warning that U.S. intervention would only worsen political turmoil in Venezuela—and could potentially spark an all-out civil war.


True, but unfortunately Bernie, Congress has committed treason to the Constitution for a long, long time!


Obviously, there’s $$$$$ for more war – but not for the citizens who
require a health care system.

Notice that the pervert Joe Biden, who put Clarence Thomas on the SC –
is now joining with BOLTON AND POMPEO and the White House in their
desire for a coup on Venezuela. Just how much OIL does Venezuela have?

Any chance US is after control over ALL of the OIL in the world?

Any chance that the original “insurrections” in Venezuela had something to do with
our CIA?

IMO, if we don’t stop an attack on Venezuela, then Iran will be next –

These people should be in jail rather than running our nation –
As Rep. Raskin said yesterday in his call for Impeachment, this is a president
who has turned the government into a money making business for himself and
his family.

And we’re the patsies –
Pretty much ALL of our government now is dedicated to destroying our liberty,
freedom and democracy.

And this is thanks as well to the Democratic Party –
Pelosi was interesting the other day as she called out Barr’s testimony and the
GOP involved with those nasty … eh, she finally recited fossil fuel and NRA people.
But how many nasty corporations is Pelosi still taking money from?


I have for a long time supported CD as I have an auto pay and would encourage others to do the same.


Thanks for the reminder.
I’m on it now



In an interview on Democracy Now! Wednesday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) said U.S. policy in Venezuela helped "set the stage for where we’re arriving today."

"This particular bullying and the use of sanctions to eventually intervene and make regime change really does not help the people of countries like Venezuela," said Omar. "People like [President Donald Trump’s Venezuela envoy] Elliott Abrams, neocons and warmongers, you know, for so long have pushed for policies that are now—we can see, not only in Central America, but many parts of the world, the kind of devastation that they’ve had for decades."

According to a Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) report published last week, U.S. sanctions against Venezuela caused more than 40,000 deaths between 2017 and 2018.

There’s a video of the interview which I haven’t had an opportunity to watch as yet.

But, would just add again – if we don’t STOP Bolton and Pompeo and Biden in their push
for a coup on Venezuela we will quickly find ourselves trying to stop a war on Iran.

It’s about control of OIL –


Well, all he can do is what he can do. Even though his halt on Yemen didn’t fly (yet) he got it farther than anyone else and got it in the public eye.


Not just oil—Venezuela also has abundant deposits of gold and coltan that our corporate crime families are drooling over.


And, don’t forget their efforts to establish a Bank of the South under Chavez. With help from other developing countries, too.
What part of non-aligned do Colonialists from Europe & U.S. Imperialists not get???
All of it. sadly.
Thanks Sen. Sanders and Con. Omar, and all who desire peace and cooperation over war and thuggery.


Trump/Bolton/Pompeo send troops to Venezuela.
The economy keeps performing like it is.

The recipe for an 8-year Trump administration.


Dammit - NOW they put OUR gold under their country too!? That’s it - Launch!

Seriously, None of this is going to change until we hamstring the Multinationals. I’m afraid that’s not going to happen any time soon


Yeah, I am surprised he got this far, with all the vitriol from Fox News and their fascists.


Agreed, Greenwich, but how do “WE” stop them when “WE” have no power?

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Joined ‘the chorus of progressive members of congress’ … ‘chorus’ really, must be the NYT’s count. Looks more like a duo of real progressives with a backbone.


Don’t forget CNN and THEIR fascists!


AND thanks to Tulsi Gabbard.


Diamonds also…


Bernie… thanks for speaking up, it’s something you should have done weeks ago…better late than never.


Must be the Defense Industries, bomb, bomb, bomb! along with others. Pelosi, Biden, Hoyer and all the old guard needs to be gone and let the generation after Baby Boomers take charge and some of the younger Boomers who are 55 to 60 years old.


Horrible, just horrible, but to the fascists like mad woman not so bright: WE THINK IT IS WORTH IT! By their silence they are saying it is worth it.

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