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Pointing to Past Criticism of Mueller Probe, Schumer Demands New Acting Attorney General Recuse Himself


Pointing to Past Criticism of Mueller Probe, Schumer Demands New Acting Attorney General Recuse Himself

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After President Donald Trump ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) called on his temporary replacement, Matthew Whitaker, to recuse himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation, pointing to Whitaker's past criticism of the probe.


So, if Whitaker becomes a co-conspirator with Trump to obstruct justice by impeding Mueller’s investigation (or even attempting to fire him), can Mueller ignore Whitaker and bring charges against him for obstruction of justice. I would say yes, although it would take (pardon the vernacular ladies) cast iron balls to do it.


Chuck better write another strongly-worded letter.


“Schumer demands” …now there’s a real oxymoron, like “military intelligence”! The vision of Schumer “demanding” anything just does not compute…there is no reality behind that absurdity! Schumer was recently on his knees for McConnell approving 15 right-wing judges in some “deal”, and getting what in return? likely little or nothing as is his usual craven, complicit MO! As usual with both him and Pelosi they get nothing of equivalent value (at least for the people (99%), maybe for themselves and crony’s). Let’s face it “demands” and the moxie to actually stand behind that language just isn’t in Schumer.s playbook or DNA…no cojones!


I’m surprised and pleased whenever Chuck Schumer does anything to challenge Trump. He and Pelosi have been such weak, sellout corporate Dems.
As for Trump, he runs the executive branch like a mob boss would.


Awww c’mon Bernie, let him do it and then FORCE our elected terrorists to IMPEACH his fake azz!


I hope Schumer doesn’t break his spoon, pounding it on his high chair. Oh wait, that’s exactly what I hope for!


Now, you had better listen to Chuck, you hear.

You hear?


Trump’s just a mob boss wannabe.


Hey Schumer better wake up. The country you hold citizenship in does not believe in a two state solution. In fact, they do not believe Palestine exists. We now have and welcome a women from Palestine representing US citizens from Michigan. Your ass is grass Schumer. We are waiting for her to get settled in before kicking your ass back to NY.


Another fricking tipping point. I don’t know if I can stay sober much longer.


Why would you want to do that?


Unreal! Chucky The Corpse Speaks!


Hes been a Mob Boss from day one aligning his Thugs to help do his dirty work. Time to stop him… Don’t count on Chucky! No spine! What does this Poser do to earn his kind of Salary?


I’ve learned I have an addictive personality when it comes to alcohol so I have been trying to ween myself off it. The shit in the news everyday is not helping though.


Alcohol is good for you…


Still don’t want to risk it if I have an addictive personality. My father was an alcoholic and I don’t want to develop a dependency like he did.


Right. Now here are some thoughts from Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor:



You might want to restrict yourself to natural herbs.