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Pointing to Past Criticism of Mueller Probe, Schumer Demands New Acting Attorney General Recuse Himself


We Knew Trump had something to hide when he promised to release his tax returns and then didn’t. Presumably he is hiding extensive financial connections with Russia but that still has to be called speculative.


But do understand----Here is Sen Schumer being the good corporate democrat and he can’t score a win when he should have won Senate seats.

Democrats have the POWER----look how close these elections were in places like Georgia, Texas and Arizona< Arizona still undecided.

The two standout issues should be getting big money out of politics and creating a universal healthcare system------this is EASY! That is if you are HONEST!


Yes, and while he’s at it, asking Whitaker to recuse, Schumer should resign in favor of someone with guts, not a make-nice with the Republicans type!