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"Poison Papers" Snapshot: Transcript Illustrates EPA Collusion with Chemical Industry


"Poison Papers" Snapshot: Transcript Illustrates EPA Collusion with Chemical Industry

Rebekah Wilce

The world of independent chemical testing has a shiny veneer. The public is reassured that chemicals they’re exposed to on a daily basis are certified by technicians in spotless white lab coats who carefully conduct scientific studies, including on animals in neat rows of cages.


I am not surprised by this revelation at all. I have long suspected that much of the cancer epidemic, as well as other health problems, were caused by ever-increasing exposure to more and more chemicals in our environment. Greed trumps everything!


We can add to this the phony studies of GMO food and the practice of accepting GMO food as GRAS (generally regarded as safe). The book “Altered Genes, Twisted Truth” by Steven M. Drucker goes into detail of the frauds in the GMO industry.

The amount of industry self regulation in the US is a national disgrace.


His Travesty wants to gut the EPA

But if it’s already gutless …


Judging from the number of Obama appointees who came from the GMO cartel and chemical industry Trump doesn’t need to try too hard to gut the EPA.


The 1978 transcript records a crucial meeting of EPA, Canadian, and pesticide industry officials to discuss an EPA response to massive fraud in safety tests for pesticides. Fred T. Arnold, chief of EPA Regulatory Analysis and Lab Audits, assured industry that this EPA discovery of fraudulent, invalid, nonexistent safety tests “would not interfere with the ability to control pests and market pesticides.”

A Bitter Fog: Herbicides and Human Rights, documenting government acceptance of phony industry studies while dismissing reports of illness, death, miscarriage, birth defects and other exposure to pesticide sad effects.

Question: Globalization vs self-driving cars. Which is stupider?


I am sure you will be happy to know that the cancer epidemic in the USA is imaginary.
Cancer deaths in USA declined 13% between 2004-2013

U.S. cancer incidence, mortality largely stable or decreasing


Well hold on there partner, that is some rather selective data. The lifetime risk for getting or dying of cancer in the U.S. for men is one out of two and for women one out of three. As you article states childhood cancer has increased. Bone cancer is now an official occupational hazard for farmers. Additionally. it mentions nothing about the quality of life for survivors.


That is data from The National Cancer Institute. Who would you have me select data from? Someone who suits you agenda better? Just because some people die of a disease does not make it an epidemic. Just because it is a risk factor for some professions does not make it an epidemic.


I have read that cancer deaths are going down, too. This does not necessarily mean less cancer. It can mean better detection and better treatment. For instance, breast cancer and colon cancer meant death fifty years ago. It does not mean that now.


The same types of things are happening with other types of health hazards.

The American Dental Assocation forbids its members from discussing the health hazards from mercury amalgam fillings. Think about it. Mercury is a poison that even HAZMAT has trouble disposing of, and the dentists gave it to you to chew on. Dentists who will agree to remove the old fillings may not know how to safely do it.
Radiation hazards are being swept under the rug. No phone company has yet to admit that radiation is causing some brain tumors. EMF radiation from many devices and electrical systems comes about from the continued increase of higher power, higher frequencies, more ubiquitous availability and smaller devices having less insulation.


The issue is using mortality rates as a measurement for the prevalence of disease. One out two is not the kind of odds you look for in a healthy society. There are a lot of other factors that would be necessary to evaluate this disease. The fact that people survive longer and die of other related disease is one consideration.


Evidence please.

Evidence please


Could you give the url(s) that point to information stating “the cancer epidemic in the USA is imaginary”. Even the Trump White House hasn’t gone that far. I’m surely not the only one who would really like to see where that claim came from. Your links stated nothing of the kind. C’mon, don’t keep it a secret. Evidence, evidence, evidence. Oh, wait. My old buddy Zeb wants to tell you something. Go ahead, Zeb.

Ya’ see, there’s these commentators… but they’re really like apologists for the most god-awful venal kind of activities. Ya’, hard to believe but true. Tell ya’ a story. Got some friends in two small towns. A thousand folks in each town. They found out that 30% of the folks in town ‘A’ would get cancer in their lifetime. They got a 90% survival rate, meanin’ 270 would survive and 30 won’t. Now it was determined that the folks in town ‘B’ would have a survival rate of 92% yet 32 folks were still expected to pass away from cancer. How’s that? Because it was figured out that 40% of the folks in town ‘B’ would contract cancer in their lifetime. That’s about the figure for the USofA across the board. But ya’ can see how them apologists types could get all stirred up with that. Know what I mean, old buddy? Evidence, evidence, evidence.


It’s common to have to jump through Hoops to get Low Level Employment, yet the Highest Levels seem to have no such Standards.

Know nothing about Science? How’d you like to head up the EPA?

Know nothing about Public Education? How’d you like to head up the Dept of Education?

Know nothing about Govt? How’d you like to be President of the United Staters?


Once again, the accurate progressive critique of government corruption, industry evil, and international collusion and deception is vindicated.
What is more remarkable is the sleepy, narcissistic, uninformed voters who allow this travesty to continue to dominate (bought by material comforts?). In our modern unification of opposites, no corruption is really corrupt . No lie or misrepresentation will result in appropriate consequences for ‘leaders’. No deception will actually be corrected in publicly responsible policy. Government will not be transparent and accountable as it spews rhetoric assuring the people of its just and democratic ways.
Wakey wakey.


Recently it has been reported that males in the USA have seen their sperm counts lowered by half! We aren’t told why this has happened. Meanwhile all manner of chemicals are introduced into the environment like estrogen mimicking chemicals which cause fish to literally change sex and cause deformities in amphibians.
Cancer has become an epidemic!

Maybe we should add human beings to the casualty list from underregulated chemicals in our environment. Why aren’t people talking about how all these dangerous chemicals affect a fetus or infant? These kids will face a lifetime of exposure to this hazardous chemical soup!