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Poisons Mean Extinction: For Bees and Humanity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/20/poisons-mean-extinction-bees-and-humanity


As one who has written countless pages of code throughout my career, taught computer programing and computational methods to hundreds of engineering students, and applied technology to acquire various types of data throughout myriad environmental settings, I retch at the thought of robotic bees. The sheer arrogance of some dimwit head-up-his/her-ass engineer “thinking” that pollination is “simply” a matter of physics (perhaps with a modicum of chemistry thrown in) astounds me. We know little of the magic of the world of the Bee. Their dances amaze us and we can glean and decouple instructions to other in the group as to where to go, but surely there is so much more that goes on that we miss. What about the flowers in our gardens? Are they to perish? Robotic bees, such folly. Technology is a tool, only a fool follows it as if it were a religion.


Over the last few weeks, while socially isolating at home, I have been so very fortunate to enjoy the delightful buzzing sound of bees at the blossoms of an ornamental Plum tree in my back yard.

I would often stand under the canopy, taking in that humming chorus of Nature above and about me. There were so many at work it sounded as if I had entered their hive.

While it is not the only element of my yard and garden which these wondrous creatures frequent, it has been their main focus.

I view it as more than an appreciation of the natural world, but also as a solace in the midst of a human tragedy. Yet another ‘gift’ from the bees.

As I continue my journey along Life’s path, I cherish the company of the bees, the birds, butterflies and all manner of other life forms about me, my true companions.


Lovely post …your on to something really important.

that the sage awakes to light in the night of all creatures.

That which the world calls day

is the night of ignorance to the wise.

The Bhagavad Gita says that, and it is right. This scripture

means that when all creatures are living in the illusion of darkness,

the sage sees things as they really are, and awakes to that vision,

praising the perfection.

Conversely, what the world calls “day” (or “bright” or “real”) is

an illusion…the “night of ignorance”…to the wise person

who sees how pointless and worthless the shiny stuff

of life that most people seek truly is.

Peer deeply into the darkness, then, and you will see the light.

Yet turn away from the brightness of what others call “day”,

for they mistake the bright for the good.



Couldn’t agree more. Just like “artificial pollinators” in the story, what could possibly go wrong?
Great analogy in your last line. They are fools, one and all.


Seems to me if you are calm around the bees, they will be calm around you. Peace


Yes beautifully put. Unfortunately there is a surfeit of fools. The typical hive can outperform the most powerful computer in determining the most efficient routes to food sources. Wax, pollen,propolis & honey are also bee products besides pollination. As a beekeeper of 25 years, I & family & friends would sorely miss bees.
But it is arrogant for humans to think we could erradicate bees. They have been here in all environments for millions of years. It would take just 2 colonies to rapidly repopulate the world.


There’s a large bush outside my apartment building that attracts a variety of bees, butterflies and wasps. About the only plant that has been spared by our arboricidal owners, but if I had to save just one, that would be the one.


I remember working in the Cascades doing some survey work, and the Bronco I was driving getting stuck, or maybe it was a flat tire. I took off my shirt on that warm summer day as I worked on it, and some bumblebees alit on my back, apparently attracted to my sweat, or perhaps it was my sweet aroma hehe. At no time did I feel afraid, and it was an overall pleasant experience.


I refuse to use poison in my home. I do have problems with insects, especially sugar ants, fruit flies and a mothlike insect that can get into food. I am generally able to keep them under control by swatting them or killing them with my hand. I also have help from spiders around my home.

I consider spiders my allies. We so underrate natural predators as pest control. There are so many insects, arachnids, birds, amphibians, reptiles and insecticides that feed on pesky insects, keeping them under control naturally. Pesticides kill these predators as well as the target pests, often more permanently since the pests are usually better able to develop immunity due to faster reproductive & mutation rates. We’d all be better off if we avoided poisons and relied more on natural solutions.


I’ve been spreading this around my town and to various “lake associations”.
Good article to share!

“Homeowners use up 10 times more pesticide per acre than farmers do. But we can change what we do in our own yards”


Even if they eventually were successful in surmounting the myriad of technical issues involved, can you just imagine the trillions of tiny robots with all their metallic, plastic, and chemical components that eventually break down and remain littered over the surface of the soil they are meant to fertilize? I would not like to be consuming these in my daily diet. Very little forethought on their part, with a great deal of arrogance.


How stupid & arrogant does one need to be to actually think the hard-working, very productive & perfectly created for their life, the intricate part they play in all of our lives ~ how stupid then to think all that they do could be replaced by tiny drone versions & somehow it would be the same? No. It would not.
How stupid are the humans who think it is ok to allow a single species that God put on this Earth to become extinct, thru our own actions! It is not!
Perhaps, to save the rest of life on this, the only livable & perfectly created planet in our solar system, perhaps it is the uncaring humans & their killer chemicals who should be extinct, that all the life coexisting here might survive?!?