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Police Already Have Broad Powers to Detain Us; and the Supreme Court Gave Them Even More


Police Already Have Broad Powers to Detain Us; and the Supreme Court Gave Them Even More

Darryl Lorenzo Wellington

I don't want to end up like Alton Sterling.

Or Philando Castile. Or Eric Garner. Or Freddie Gray. Or Amadou Diallo. I don’t want to end up dead after a police stop, probably based on wrongful suspicion, which leads cowardly police officers to resort to unjustifiable force.

I don’t want to die like this. Nobody does.


You are sadly correct. I know many white and black people and listen to what they say on this subject. Every black person I know, knows it goes on everyday. The white people, not so much. These friends are not racists, I couldn't deal with that. These white friends believe what they see on T.V. which always manages to tell us one way or the other, the black person did something to bring this on.
It is sad. One person said that if the Grand Jury found the cop innocent then he was innocent. How could I think that all those people could be wrong. Didn't want to hear how the prosecutors could be skewing the facts one way or another. And then there's the video's. So who are you going to believe, us or your lying eyes?
The plantation mentality has seeped into our laws and until that's gone we will see this horrific injustice. I am so very sorry.


Will the dog eventually attack its master? Demographics are shifting rapidly. There will come a time when criminals won't be able to hide behind their whiteness.


LEOs shot dead in Baton Rouge. Is this our new normal?


What males don't usually understand is that females, long left outside of the privileges and protections of power naturally understand how men in uniform so easily tend to abuse power.

I hope another female with empathy is put on the Supreme Court. Notice how Obama isn't pursuing this. What if it is left to Trump? His V.P. might as well serve on the Inquisition and what, a Supreme Court Justice of similar distorted views?

This is how women distinguish themselves from men in understanding what Justice means:

"But the Supreme Court decision ruled by a 5-3 majority on the state’s appeal that while Strieff’s constitutional rights had indisputably been breached by an illegal stop and the breach may have been worsened by an illegal search, the officer who committed the constitutional infractions merely made “good faith mistakes,” which shouldn’t make illegally obtained evidence unconstitutional. If the reasoning sounds like a contradiction, that’s because it is.

"In a dissent which was joined by the other women on the high court, Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sotomayor offered a bit of commonsense council: “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Not being part of the very, very old "Boys' Club" has its intellectual and moral privileges.


Yeah, I'm watching that while I read too. This is a deadly (and I don't mean physically) downward spiral.


Thanks for calling our attention. I'm appalled that stop-and-frisk has so been validated.


Our country is not having the conservation that we need. The 2nd amendment & the right to bear arms is for protection from a tyrannical government. We have not protected citizens of color. We deny there is a problem. Did we think those who are targeted by law enforcement weren't going to fight back? My heart breaks that police officers are dying, but I'm not surprised. We need to remove the blinders & be honest about this. We need toss everything & begin again with a system that works for all of us.


Mr. Wellington writes "because America has not accepted that racism in the criminal justice system exists at a crisis level which demands immediate change and action". That certainly
seems to be the case. Why? We have absolutely no counter-power. Although we are guaranteed the right to vote having it counted isn't. In many states if you don't have the
proper ID, you aren't even allowed to vote. Who does this affect? Ex-felons as well as those incarcerated are in some states [except VT] not allowed to vote. Our educational system "teaches" us to line up in a straight line, to not question and to be obedient. Without a voice in effecting change, how likely are things to change? Even if "America" accepted the situation as it is, what [power do we have to change anything? We need a democracy to do THAT.


Really? Who is the WE that makes this denial?

Many people care. And certainly the Black Community isn't in denial.

This is another case where loose language is used to generalize all persons under one (in this case erroneous) headline or castigation.

POWER, as consolidated into America's political-economic-military-media
hierarchy may have decided this. However, as now should be fully understood from the FINDINGS of the Page and Gilens Study, the voice of everyday citizens means NOTHING to the overall calculus; that is, the actionable policies put into motion.

Conservatives may not care; but they make up perhaps 30% of the population. And if their views comport with those of Powerful figures of authority (a/k/a other authoritarians), it still remains disingenuous (i.e. a lie) to take that 30% and assert that it speaks for all of the citizenry.

Obviously, the female 3/8ths of The Supreme Court don't agree with your statement. THEY care; and contrary to denial, they elaborated UPON the problem.

More proof of the message board protocol: A "new" person emerges on Sunday to mesh seamlessly into the conversation using the #1 Talking Point: That of blaming the people under the singular brushstroke embodied by the term "We."


First, we don't dare "toss everything & begin again." If we're this divided and actively antagonistic, there's little chance we'd come up with anything remotely workable. And in the meantime, what checks and balances are going to work?

Second, no, emphatically the 2nd amendment is not there to allow a couple of snipers in Baton Rouge to take revenge on the police. Widespread and racially biased as police violence might be, those promoting the 2nd amendment are not mostly the folks victimized by the police, not people who look like Darryl Lorenzo Wellington and, presumably, the defendant in Utah v. Steif. We will not be healed by all-out war between White police and Black avengers.

What we need to toss and begin again is the myth of redemptive violence and the fearfulness that it breeds.


We need to start by believing we are in it together, all of us. That's the only way to unite the people of the United States.


All things being equal, how many black people have been shot by black police and how many have been shot by white police?

If the average income for whites and blacks were more or less equal, would blacks still suffer the most shootings?


Sure is fishy isn't it?

Here's another one that just happened:

The exchange of gunfire occurred about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, shortly after President Barack Obama concluded a televised town hall to address the Dallas attacks and the growing national debate over fatal police shootings of black men, including Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile in the suburbs of St. Paul, Minn.

It also happened the same day that the Baltimore Police Department received a memo from the Baltimore field office of the FBI, warning that members of the city's Black Guerrilla Family gang had discussed the possibility of ambushing officers in the wake of the Dallas attack.

The memo, obtained by The Baltimore Sun, said the FBI had received "highly credible information" that the BGF had discussed how the gang could ambush law enforcement officers parked in side streets or alleys, and instructed its members to look for opportunities to shoot white police officers.


Same strange chit going on. Obama the hero, killer of Bin Laden, trying to calm everyone down the same time his FBI is involved, but then isn't involved?

Local Baltimore cops say this new shooter had nothing to do with FBI race war theory? And they know that how? In one friggin day or so? No investigation needed?

Super Strange.


It is way past time for Obama to stop calling cops heroes. Enforcers of the law with a difficult and dangerous job. It's time for him to state they have brought this on themselves--the violence and distrust. He needs to stop defending them, going to meetings to support them which is the same as saying: Well done, keep at it. As a top cop recently stated (retired) the main problem is lack of training as well as many being hired should not be cops (or carry weapons) AND worse: Absolute impunity. The BS Obama falls back on about a few bad apples, we are united, we are not like this...wow. Could he be any more white bread and totally out of it? Hardly. He's a political hack. A fence straddler who doesn't want to piss anyone off on either side. Actually he's addicted to the police state mentality and the leash around his neck from his elite wealthy handlers. He should be in Baton Rouge. Oakland. L.A. Ferguson. On the street with the survivors and the ones being targeted daily demanding justice. Not in Dallas in support of slain officers and the entire PD. He has advanced the militarization of all PDs so he has added fuel to the anger of black citizens who have to face the brunt of these well armed thugs, bullies, and sociopaths. He's a disgrace to Blacks and all of us.


The status quo renders the phrase "criminal justice system" a double entendre, ironic, and oxymoronic, all at the same time.