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Police and 'Black Baltimore'


Police and 'Black Baltimore'

Shaun La

The footage involving Freddie Gray and the Baltimore City cops brought it all back.


Is that picture police or military?


then there’s the redneck version of how to handle the situation:

oh wait, it’s already being done.


Thanks, good commentary, even if it seems rather shot-full of hopelessness.


Look like cops.


Years ago when “The Wire” was on the air, people use to question me about why I would decline to watch it; I would answer, “two white men are the creators of this show, and one is a former Baltimore City cop.”

Thats what happens to the truth when it is controlled by the powerful. But let me take this one step further and ask: If the truth is muted when relatively powerless at home are the victims, then imagine how much truth we are going to get when the victims are those being occupied by “our” military in a country across the oceans. How much empathy is “our news service” going to have for “geeks” or “ragheads” over there. Could I sum it up by saying that “truth wouldnt have a chance”.


I should have but a date comparison like the 50s and 60s


This isn’t Nazi Germany. This is what inspired Nazi Germany. HItler modeled his “Final Solution” after the US treatment of Native Americans and Africans. Americans love to forget about the much more extensive genocide perpetrated by their own ancestors long before Hitler came to power. This is just more of the same oppression and genocide that has always been part of this country.


As an outsider I’m a bit confused. There is a black mayor, black chief of police, 44 percent of the police force is black with no majority. Just which “Black Baltimore” are you referring to and why does the media infer this is a racial issue.