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Police Are Rioting Chap. 442

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/08/police-are-rioting-chap-442


When this is all over, if we win, it will be time to have a cold case investigation of the crimes on 9/11.


From the writer Neil J. Smith (~www.literarytongues.com):

“I have had serious problems with the term Black Lives Matter from its inception. I really don’t quite get what it means, save people have picked up on the term and have carried it forward as their banner. It’s obvious to me that Black Lives Matter, and that is the difficulty. I think it puts you on the defensive rather than on the offensive. It makes you a victim rather than not. It leaves you begging rather than insisting on the worth of your life. Nonetheless, it seems to have taken on a life of its own and, as is well said, if it works don’t knock it. It has caught an international audience and that is the point. True enough, enough white folks, red necks in particular, would misinterpret it, but they would misinterpret it no matter how you phrase it. It simply does not serve their agenda. At this stage in our evolution, I’ll accept whatever means by which this despicable hatred comes to an end; save the pointless loss of more lives. I am tired, if not bored, by explaining the inexplicable. My life matters because I’m alive. No more no less. Your life matters because you are alive. And, similar to freedom, my freedom is invested in your freedom and visa versa. No argument. Freedom is a two way street, as is life and not a lonely, one way highway. It swirls in both directions. It is a whirlpool. It engenders all of life; all that lives and breathes. If I must explain it to you it is because you are dead from the neck on up.[emphasis mine]”

Time to slash the tires of police cars. The only rioters are the cops. And they talk about China! FU too, tone deaf Ivanka Trump. PPEs for the protesters are needed. Notice they are bringing in the dogs too! The metal covers of large garbage cans can serve a dual function: Protest sign and shield.

Solidarity! We will be out Saturday in my corner of VT.


How did the po-po acquire the ACAB acronym?

They earned it.

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These videos show cops to be unhinged MoFers abusing the very people who pay their salaries. Time to DEFUND and DEFANG them. let them walk the beat with just a stick. Start community programs, healtcare initiatives and counseling in inner cities with the money we save by cutting police budgets. IT’S TIME.


One of the local radio stations yesterday announced that there would be a minute of silence to stop and think about Mr Floyd’s ‘sacrifice’. ??? HUH? Last I heard being murdered is not something classified as a sacrifice, amirite? Not sure that would be an appropriate term for murder by cop.


BLM - because our state sponsor terrorist go after black communities and individuals.
You as a white, how many times have you been harassed or have a relative harassed /kill by our boys in blue.?

Your life matters to the men in blue, that is why you think the way you do. If you are black, you see the men in blue as a terrorist organization or clan.

IMAGIN: your a black motorist driving in the back country and you get stopped by a clan member in white sheet with gun in hand and no one around??? That is EXACTLY how people with more melanin in their skin feel.


We humans are a pretty dumb species which is wasting our intelligence capabilities!

A person with more melanin in their skin is seen as a threat to people with less melanin. How can we not be heading to extinction with that mind set?


I believe this brutality happens and is allowed because the “Elites” send the message to the police departments, through their leaders, that what needs protecting is PROPERTY not people. The police at first were given free rein to use force against people who would destroy public property–and especially rich peoples property. Now, the mentality of the police is to protect the elites. They don’t even know it. They have turned their minds and hearts against human beings. When they’re on the job, they don’t consider themselves one of the mass of citizens of this country. They consider themselves monitors of property and elite interests. In fact, some have contempt for poor areas and poor people–most of whom, as we know are in neighborhoods of color.

I have a friend who is a cop. He talks about working for years in one of the worst areas (which I won’t name), and continually being bombarded with trouble makers and drug users and dealers. This is a wrong headed approach that the police department has to change. Cops should be rotated in and out of areas–both good and bad–so that they get a chance to experience different cultural settings…and so that they don’t become burned-out and calloused toward one particular culture. Maybe then they wouldn’t develop actual hatred toward a certain class and type of people.

I’m sorry I’m on a rant, but I can testify first hand to what happens to a first responder (firefighter) who was in a certain difficult area for over 15 years! He committed suicide in September! He couldn’t take it anymore–given the crap he had to deal with. Some cops, firefighters, medics, etc., have soft hearts and are forced to work in a culture of harsh realities which goes against their consciences. The violent cops are an entity unto themselves. They have problems. They are not balanced individuals. Many are ex-military…although I’m not saying all ex-military are violent. I know a few who are sick from all the violence they see. A change of culture is needed! An open dialogue is needed. I talk to my cop friend sometimes. He’s hard to reach. We all need to reach out and talk to those we know who are always in harms way. They are suffering too.


In Lak-ech = I am another yourself
Ubuntu= I am because you are

The latter became the name of the free software - much more secure than microsoft - which is community built Linux Ubuntu. And it is really good!


Reposted below. This was not supposed to be in response to theoldgoat. I am not having a good day right now. Sorry for my error.

Some of my progressive friends claim that the F.B.I. has sent letters threatening Common Dreams and Democracy Now! with revoking their broadcast licenses if they report any alternative theories about 9/11 and even though I have only anecdotal information, we cannot deny, for some reason both progressive sites have been 9/11 gatekeepers.


Methinks Mike O’Meara doth protest too much. Actually I know he does. He was crying like a little baby about how the police in NY have been victimized. It was really rich to hear him prattle and cry on and on how his NY cop brethren are not at all like those in Minneapolis when it comes to killing black men. I wish I was standing there at the time, I would have been yelling/chanting non stop Eric Garner, Eric Garner, Eric Garner… And this is coming from the shithole mouth of The president of New York states Police Benevolent Association. Benevolent my ass. More like Beeneverviolent. You fuckers are nothing but sociopathic murderous thugs.


you notice that the majority of the police are still mostly white?
not much diversity…
& police union guy: get it straight:
citizens do NOT have to respect the police…
Police are supposed to respect citizens!
in my encounters with police: they have very dirty, foul mouths…
not great thinkers; not great role models…
a majority are bad, a minority are decent…


Some great (and free)documentaries on 9/11 (and lots of other subjects) at
Topdocumentaryfilms(.com). I can’t remember the name of one documentary but it covered who benefited financially)from the attacks. Did you know that the bush’s had 12 million in bonds due on 9/12, being handled in a office in the wtc ? What about the millions missing from the pentagon , that section was bombed, no more records.
Anyway, I don’t think we’ll ever get to the truth about many things if we keep electing Neo lib/cons (like Biden).
Maybe when AOC is old enough to run for president there will be hope for change, if the system doesn’t change her first.

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“Are you blind? Lokai is white on the right side. All his people are white on the right side.”

From Star Trek TOS - Let that Be Your Last Battlefield

I am “mixed” and human. You need to re-read the African-Bahamian writer whom I quote. We both agree with you and he makes it clear in his statement:

Nonetheless, it seems to have taken on a life of its own and, as is well said, if it works don’t knock it. It has caught an international audience and that is the point. True enough, enough white folks, red necks in particular, would misinterpret it, but they would misinterpret it no matter how you phrase it. It simply does not serve their agenda.



Muhammad Ali

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A really good book to help those who identify as “white” is Edward Baptist book, The Half That Has Never Been Told: Slavery and The Making of American Capitalism. Written by a “white” man from the South no less.

Another to get the picture of what you describe would be Devil In The Grove, Gilbert King,

I also suggest you might want to read a chapter from his (Neil J. Smith) novel that is due to be released soon, On The Ropes


As a former Defense Captain in the original Black Panthers he knows something of what you describe and those were his words, not mine. I had never thought about the disempowering argument but it has merit in my opinion. Lastly, this comment arose as a direct interaction with two “Red Necks” who objected to a poster that simply said, Black Lives Matter For All and who, predictably and conveniently interpreted the sigh as “Only Black Lives Matter”.

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I haven’t had a chance to look at any of them as yet –

This is a very important saving of the history of what is in many cases “police rioting” –
and yet their union boss proclaims they are “victims” of the press and legislators –

Police need to return to the streets with simply batons –
They must know the people in their communities and live among them.
And they must forego the temptations of military gear, military weapons and tanks.

All while teachers have to buy their own chalk –