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Police Are Rioting Chap. 442

paularae -

What we can see is that the power of Elites and their wealth gives them the
ability to control all policing and MIC – which they must do in order to prevent
REVOLUTION against them by the people –

If it wasn’t for this brutality by police blocking the attempts at REVOLUTION by citizens –
whether against the War in Vietnam – where police rioted at Dem Convention/1968 and
bashed heads – the protesters would have succeeded in bringing that war to an end.

Or the post WWII workers attempts for UNIONS HERE – (never making it to the South,
evidently) – where heads were bashed – only succeeded in bringing 39% unionization to
US – but changed the nation. Until Elites destroyed UNIONS here again – what do
we have left now . . . 7% unionization – maybe slight increase in fight back?

The many protests since then against the violence of our US/CIA corrupted government –
with “illegal wars of aggression” – protests against war on Iraq didn’t stop it – and fortunately
the HUGE NYC protests didn’t turn violent – but the threat of brutal policing was there and
has been there in EVERY protest – and we didn’t stop the war on Iraq.

Remember the “NETTING” of protesters which included people in wheel chairs and
parents pushing strollers?

Imagine protesters, wrists tied with plastic – bleeding and turning purple –
left on hot buses for 5 hours and longer – same thing happening now – left for hours by police.

Tires of protesters slashed? Including those of the press, medics, etal?

I have a friend who is a cop. He talks about working for years in one of the worst areas (which I won’t name), and continually being bombarded with trouble makers and drug users and dealers.

Of course they are suffering – same as our soldiers are suffering – they know what they are
doing in other nations is wrong – they’re brainwashed – and they’re performing for BREAD.

Destroying our economy and “full employment” – decades now of tens of millions of American
citizens unemployed – with unemployment benefits limited to 2 years – and with WELFARE
guarantees gone – is also part of it to control the behavior of citizens and workers – and cops!

Let’s try to go on with John Lennon’s IMAGINE -- and as much as possible try to make change
with all the respect we can for one another and our opponents –

Those who have brought us positive change before – African-Americans here in overturning
their own ENSLAVEMENT – The Underground Railway – and the protests of the 1960’s for
Civil Rights didn’t use violence – and they won.

Women working against 2000 years of oppression continue on with non-violence –

And AA protests right now show us the same thing – though AA’s have had to POLICE THEIR
OWN PROTESTS because police refused to do it – and they have done it – showing us once
against who they are and what they’re made of.

And likely many more examples I can’t think of right now –

It has long been the CIA running DRUGS in AA communities to destroy their people
and their communities – trust we all know that?


Shan – Likely happening …


Whomever they are, they are very powerful; especially since there are many alternative theories by many reputable building Architects and building Engineers ( like around 2,000 ) with impeccable credentials, who dispute the MSM and the governments version of 9/11. Many claim the governments version is mathematically impossible.


Shan – Agree –

600 Billionaires now – that $$ can do a lot to buy government and destroy it –

The Architects and Engineers who put themselves in jeopardy to tell the truth to America
re 9/11 are certainly an example of “going out on a limb” and acting courageously.

MSM won’t defy government, I guess mainly because of needing licenses from same government.
And all of MSM is now in very wealthy hands.

When suddenly NORAD disappears from our skies – having been reassigned to Alaska and
some Southern States by Cheney – while an invasion of America is going on – anything the
government has to say from that time forward must be labeled “alleged.”

So the Hijackers got the word that NORAD would be AWOL – but Russia didn’t?

The WTC towers were going to have to be brought down using scaffolding – and brought down
the same way they were put up – piece by piece – which would have been very costly for owners.
And use of demolition was barred.

Of course, they added a lot of benefits to the scam – who knows how many from the Stock market
to GOLD in WTC #7

The loss of lives is also questionable – the WTC towers were seemingly closed at 7:30 am with no
one allowed into the buildings.

Experts in demolition confirmed that was what was used.

Question is – even knowing the truth behind Elite violence – can we stop it from happening again?

Good to hear from you! I concur with everything you said…even the last line! All we have that is guaranteed to give us some form of happiness is indeed to: “IMAGINE!”
Take care…

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The FOURTH ESTATE has supported the Fourth Reich for far too long. There has never been an illegal war where they have not been cheer leaders; sycophants and stenographers.

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Hi Boodee:
I think the radio station didn’t know what to say, because every Memorial Day, we all hear about the soldiers and their," sacrifice." Although that was always weird to me, as I’m sure none of them went to war planning on sacrificing anything,
Yeah, murder is not sacrifice-----not ever. I am glad for cell phones and for citizens who use them and who kept telling the cops that George Floyd was in trouble. The cops ignored George and even their own humanity( if they had any.) But the whole world saw America in its true form-----there are no longer any excuses ,America, because the whole world saw!