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Police Attack On Black Children At Pool Party Sparks Outrage, Calls to Mobilize


Police Attack On Black Children At Pool Party Sparks Outrage, Calls to Mobilize

Sarah Lazare, staff writer


Just from what can be seen and heard on that frantic video, that two-striper needs to be sacked. That was awful, unjustified behavior on his part.


It’s important to have these examples of the pervasive ugliness of discrimination that infects our society show up on social media to be examined and discussed. Those who support police brutality targeting people of color reflect the most inhumane, morally corrupt segment of our society–they need to be exposed as well. Let the sun shine in.


Stupid cop ignores the white boy who’s recording his shenanigans.
Good for Brandon to have recorded it. Nice when racism backfires on the perpetrators! You know that if one of the blacks there had been the one recording it, the cop would have slapped them down first!


That thug in a blue uniform should be investigated and placed on leave WITHOUT pay. His actions were unwarranted and inhumane. His pals were right there when he pulled his gun or taser or there may have been even more harm done. Interesting how all the teens put on the ground, threatened, or man-handled were non-whites. What he did to the girl was brutal and unwarranted. Looks like the large white men in shorts and tee shirts were either off-duty cops or citizens hopefully making sure the thug did not get more out of control. Overt racism at its ugliest. It was the thug in blue that escalated the situation that began with an argument between a mother and her daughter. He was hell-bent on using/abusing his power while dressed in blue. Sickening!


Yeah, I’ve been writing for years about our Brownshirts Dressed in Blue. Every year, it just gets worse as our SA gets more powerful and more immune to justice.


The story is still evolving. There were Latinos who had cards that were asked to leave, too. And, the selective enforcement of pool rules ( for some white kids ) was quite revealing, as well. ( I don’t like that kind of music, blah, blah… ) Another " fire, aim, ready " story in American race and police relations. And, the white lady, whose unwillingness to show her face while defending the police, because " they’ll get me " meme, is really getting very old. ( Oh, dear me, I feel a case of the vapors coming on, Charlotte. ) White privilege 20, racial profiling + 20 more, fair and equal treatment under the law, 0, local news media coverage, less than 0. Fair and balanced, you decide… SOSDD


I would like to know that one police officers background. I would be willing to bet that he’s a vet that served in Iraq or Afghanistan. His behavior reminds me of how people with PTSD can react in a stressful situations. More and more of these Vet’s are coming back from War. And many will end up becoming Police officers. This need to be evaluated closely. Otherwise Police misconduct will only get worse.
To many innocent people are dying each day because of police excessive force.


Well said and I would hope for all those people that continue to post here and in other places that “blacks commit more crimes and are deserved of the treatment they get because they do not respect the law” it made a little clearer as to why they would not have that respect.


Morgan Freeman, when asked by Charlie Rose during his interview on the PBS show about what his (Freeman’s) thoughts were on the increased incidence of police violence, replied (after shooting a look of disdain and disbelief that he would be asked such a question by CR): “Come on, Charlie. the only difference between now and the past is technology: the incidents are being caught on camera/cell phones. The brutality has existed since long before the Civil War.” (I paraphrase.)


If you know about the way the British treated the Irish, you’d understand that speech’s context, with even greater veracity. Said one House of Lord member when describing the Irish, " an Irishman is just a xxxxxx, turned inside out. " Yes, the British royalty really are the scourge of mankind. " Ding, dong the witch is dead, she fell down and broke her head " or try Humpty Dumpty if you don’t think nursery rhymes and little ditties have no meaning. The British invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world and the CIA/DEA brought cocaine into black neighborhoods for pretty much the same reason. If you know about the Kerry and the Bush family backgrounds, you’ll understand they hauled opium as well as spices, silk, et al from China. " tell Mike it was nothing personal, it was just business. "


As I said on another thread, I tell my kids to avoid contact with police if at all possible. I was attacked and beaten by police on two occasions, both when I was younger. Once dragged by my hair out of my car window while out on a date at Dairy Queen. I was beaten pretty good by five or six of them while my date screamed,then they disappeared when they found out it was a different black car they were after. No explainations, no apologies, and I was a white college student. I can’t imagine what it must be like for minoritites. Until they are actually held accountable, and not covered up by their bosses or rescued by their union every time one gets violent, nothing will change.


How many bad apples do we need to see

To say that it’s the barrel that’s rotten?


Thank you for making that point. I wonder if not unlike certain records that have not been kept in police departments, the records of veteran hires and subsequent performance are kept and ought to be made public. I think there has always been a risk, but particularly given the ramping up of military occupations and what is being revealed about veteran suicides and abandonment of responsibility by the VA, the question warrants thorough investigation and sunlight bright transparency.


First, you have to understand that this is Texas. I’ve been there often enough to know that police are unabashed racists and sociopaths. The general makeup of Texan government is rooted in racism. Even good cops can’t get away from the monsters wearing badges. The country would be well served if Texas was returned to Mexico, but then that would be cruel toward Mexicans.

Cliven Bundy’s confrontation with police is a message to other communities about how to deal with fascist police.


He is a veteran having served in the US Navy.

He had a civil case filed against him in a court where he was accused of racial profiling and sexual assault. The Judge hearing the case indicated that while the complainent had a case since said complainent had been arrested and charged with a crime the case could not proceed at the time and had to be refiled. At this point it was not refiled.

The officer was not a junior member of the force. He is a vice president of the local police union and a patrol supervisor. He acted as an instructor at a local Police Academy.


And emphasizes the need to END THE WARS, and provide full support to all returning veterans.


No offense but that sounds like another recipe for disaster. And, I don’t see the connection. Bundy supporters are ex-military, wannabes and scofflaws; he’s a thief. When I lived in Texas whiskey was for drinkin’ and water was for fightin’. No wonder the Mexicans don’t want them. Bundy isn’t going anywhere and he needs to pay up. ,


Also it is by no means simply a problem of abused and untreated veterans being given jobs on police forces. The basic training of cops in the USA these days emphasizes escalation as needed to enforce compliance, under any circumstances. ANY disrespect or disobedience on the part of someone interacting with a cop, the cop has very likely been trained not to allow it, to take whatever steps are available to force submission.

When the Kansas City MO department recently instituted training to instead emphasize deescalation in cases where a threat of violence is not imminent - which of course is by far most cases - it made news.


If you believe the British invented whiskey to repress the Irish, then I suppose they hit on using gin to repress themselves. The gin plague that infested London (and other cities) during much of the eighteenth century was home grown. Check out Hogarth’s scathing cartoons on the subject-or you could blame it on the Dutch, from whom the British got gin…