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Police Blast #NoDAPL Activists With Water Cannons in Sub-Freezing Temps


Police Blast #NoDAPL Activists With Water Cannons in Sub-Freezing Temps

Nika Knight, staff writer

Law enforcement unleashed percussion grenades, rubber bullets, tear gas, and water cannons in sub-freezing temperatures on peaceful water protectors battling the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota late Sunday.

An activist's drone captured the onslaught:

Drone footage showing water cannons being used on water protectors


Does anyone doubt that it will only be a matter of time, until, for whatever reason, we will all be dealt with, in this manner, when it suits the interests of the Powers That Now Be?


here is the email address of kelcy warren, ceo of energy transfer partners. this guy has the power to pull the plug on this project. please let him know what you think b/c if a water protector winds up dying of pneumonia that murder is on him



Legitimate question - but, and a big BUT, the techniques used for those who are "covered" by treaties (to break) are different in some ways, you instead have other levers, primarily financial in various 'classes'. Education = debt; health=debt;

The grandest of all is the slicing and dicing of 'competition'. That is the pirate's fun chest without equal. It is, to use an indigenous concept, a 'shape shifter' with vacuum component that isn't just good, it REALLY SUCKS (the air, the water, the lifeblood by design).


Just posted by Amazon Watch
Victories by Brazil's Indigenous Movement Demonstrate Ways To Resist Authoritarianism



ETP CEO Kelcy Warren: " we are building at that location, there is not another way."

There is not another way..Kelcy?

There are a plethora of other options; too many to name them all here, but Kelcy you could start by just shutting this pipeline down!


I think the people building the pipeline and the police who are their lackeys are going to start a fight for the heart and soul of the planet earth and if we actually have a future on this planet. The Arctic is 36 degrees above normal for this time of year in the dark Arctic winter. 100 million dead trees in California due to drought. Fisheries around the world collapsing from warming oceans and over fishing.
30 people from my home town of Port Townsend, Wa. are traveling on a bus to Standing Rock today. I gave them blankets and gloves and money for gas. Right now they are bravest people on the planet. they are fighting for all of us. Do what you can!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are we talking about the same thing?
I'm referring to Citizens in the streets being brutally, unconstitutionally dispatched.


Appreciate what many people are doing to stand with the indigenous water protectors in North Dakota.

For many of us who cannot travel to North Dakota, I would like to see a Go Fund Me site to contribute to the water protectors in North Dakota. I am sure that many,many progressives and others would contribute.


Yes and no. Are the two not inextricably connected?


I'm sorry, I don't think I understand exactly what it is you're saying.


In democratic countries the police are there to "serve and protect".
Here they terrorize the people.
This is no longer police, but a combat division in the service of corporations.


Yep. As long as there are plenty of zombie-sycophants to do the bidding of their masters for a few bucks, people with zero conscience and zero moral courage, we can fear for our lives and those of our children.


There are several GoFundme sites for that purpose. One has raised a considerable amount.


Since the turn of the century, We the People have been conditioned, little by little to accept increasing levels of fascism.
* If the protocols done to us daily had been introduced in 2000 as a lump sum, we would have revolted instantly, for we still had a Constitution in those days, and a belief in it and the Bill of Rights.
* Instead, it started with transportation, for instance. An apologetic wanding and emptying of pockets. X-raying of all carry on luggage. We got used to it, then confiscation of such things as nail files and aftershave, etc. After we got accustomed to that, it became strip searches, then the blue glove. Each level was introduced and run until reluctantly accepted before the next level was introduced.
* Protests. The same thing. First it was police presence, a little pressure. Arrest of those who were openly disobedient of police orders. Then teargas, mace, kettling, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, then police invasion of protest sites, destruction of protester property, mass arrests. Then evidence of torture and mistreatment in jails.
* We protest these actions, the ACLU and other organizations file suit, but it still goes on, so we grit our teeth and put up with it, and the ante gets upped again.
* We are watching it get upped with the Water Protectors. We are watching the government ignore police brutality, ignore lawsuits and restraining orders. We are watching the casualties rise in these peaceful, prayerful Protectors.
* We are being told over and over by both word and deed that you don't interfere with profits and greed.
* We are aware that every aspect of our lives is an open book to the government, from local to federal. Our phone calls, our e-mail, our transactions, our conversations with friends and family, what goes on in our own homes and bedrooms if they wish to.
* We are having demonstrated to us daily what happens throughout the world to nations and people who do not kowtow to the Fourth Reich and obey. We are being shown that we who live in the Reich are not immune to the same thing if we do not obey.
* Due to improved technology, the Fourth Reich has achieved what could only be Hitler and Company's wet dream. Total control of everybody at home and abroad. We read articles about implants. For control, and to monitor even thoughts, for evaluation by the modern Gestapo to see if the person should be removed.
* A year or two ago, a German scientist was seeking a patent on an implant with a number of features, one of which was a government "Kill switch" which would inject a fatal poison if the government decided that your actions were unacceptable to the government.
* We are seeing police executions of unarmed civilians, with no punishment by the government in most cases.
* We are watching the increasing brutality to the Water Protectors by law enforcement and company goons with no checks and balances. These are to be lessons to We the People of what we can expect if we do not obey.
* The Bush no-bid KBR Concentration Camps are still awaiting guests, FEMA has stockpiled millions of rounds of hollowpoint ammo, and bodybags and coffins in the millions.
* Now, we are daily watching an even more brutal, greedy and ruthless government being formed to take over in January.
* My suggestion, as a start, is to find copies of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. Cherish them as they may become rare, or classified as subversive documents soon. Read them over and over. Meditate on them. Compare those documents with the garbage we live under now, the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed Patriot Act, the NDAA and other documents that rule and blight our lives today.
* In short, We the People are going to have to decide whether we and the world are going to live under those rules, or if we are going to push back.
* The decision is ours and I hope it will be to push.


Go straight to


That's the tribe's longstanding site. There you'll find a button to donate to their NoDAPL PayPal account. No need for unverifiable GoFundMe accounts.


Don't tar all with Sheriff Kirchmeier's brush (Morton Co. ND). There was a clear report here on CD that when WI deputies were sent to demonstrate more humane methods, and their Sheriff found out they were being put to work as Kirchmeier's posse, they were called home. Col. (Edward?) Henderson of the local Army Corps of Engineers has gotten dope slapped. We need to support the law enforcers who do right, and they will join us in opposing those who tarnish their badges.


Anyone can set up a GoFundMe and use the money raised in any way they choose. Better to support the Standing Rock Sioux directly, at standingrock.org.


Thanks, I did just that. Thanks for the info.


No, we are not. (I couldn't read any further in your rant.) We are seeing some levels of local government act as if they can get away with it. But they can get away with only what we allow to go unremarked. It's an information age. We have the power to document actual behavior, and we needn't let anyone get away with anything. But we have speak truth, not generalized conspiracy theories.