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Police Deem Firing 55 Shots In 3.5 Seconds At A Sleeping (Black, Duh) Man "Reasonable"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/06/12/police-deem-firing-55-shots-35-seconds-sleeping-black-duh-man-reasonable

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The only thing “reasonable” here - as in “it stands to reason” - is that in a country where the police generally do not, and often for understandable reasons (like the insanely high level of private gun ownership plus the overall level of violence in that country) approach situations from a “helping” attitude but more from a “protect my own ass” attitude, in a country with a long and in many ways a sickeningly proud history of racism, and in a profession (law enforcement) that often attracts the wrong kind of people and places them in a professional culture that is rife with protectionism and cover-ups, is that the people in that very same profession would, after conducting “an investigation” into what happened, reach the conclusion that this case was nothing more than business as usual.


And the now retired D.A. of Portland Oregon, Mike Shrunk, once said that he could get a grand jury to return a murder charge against an orange, never got a grand jury to bring a murder charge against a cop for killing an unarmed citizen. The current D.A. of Portland Oregon just announced that he was not running for re-election after one of his assistant D.A.s got caught bribing a judge.

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I get the feeling packs of these Cops run around looking for “opportunities” to kill. I was watching a video of the other day showing a number of Cops showing up at a household and surrounding a black man who was cleaning a yard demanding ID and asking what he was doing there. Their body language was all “make a move for anything and you are dead”. They were being videoed by another with a cell phone who let them know in no uncertain terms that he was doing so.

The Black guy was cleaning the yard of the house he lived in and this warranted a pack of cops in multiple cars to show up. These guys sit in their cars crusing streets or hang out at doughnut shops just waiting for the call of “Suspicious looking black person” to come in. They are thugs.

I was reminded of an account of a member of the North West Mounted Police being sent to break up a confrontation during the Klondike Gold Rush. His gun was holstered and buttoned down. Two men had a falling out and each had guns they were using to threaten the other. When the officer observed the scene he found that they had decided to break up their partnership and had divided all the assets in half. They even sawed their boat in half that they were using to go up the river to the Gold fields.

They ended up arguing over who would get a frying pan. The officer picked the frying pan up, threw it in the river and told the men to grow up and left the scene.


Interesting and illustrative of a time long past, and unlikely, under present circumstances, ever to return. The officer obviously didn’t fear for his life, I assume because law enforcement was generally respected; this in turn because law enforcement was respectful of the people.

To borrow from Jackson Browne’s “Lady of the Well”:

“How far the other way my country’s gone.”


I am so tired of reading these stories of cowards who put on a blue uniform. No one should be able to read these sad tales, and come to any other conclusion, just cowards, plain and simple. I’d also add, any prosecutor who would rely on or use in any way, a report from David Blake, is as dirty as the police doing the killings.


And meanwhile, last week in Minneapolis, they finally, for the first time, convict a killer-cop for killing an unarmed or harmless citizen. But, I guess all of us white people are supposed to ignore the peculiar fact that in this lone anomaly where justice was finally served, the cop was black and the victim was white.

But, if you take a foray into the blackosphere of African American bloggers and news sites, these fact are NOT being ignored. And they are angry - as they (and I) should be.

Oh, but that right, Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist hate organization. Everybody knows that! /s…

White racism-denialism is the highest and vilest form of racism.


How many of those cops were combat vets?


You’re on to it. That thread needs pursuing

It’s the same reason the 20yr lifers keep going to war.
And get the support of the arm chair warriors.

When you don’t heal your inner trauma, you either become neurotic or
you perpetrate it on another victim

This the US and Israeli mental disease.

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Hi mark: I am wondering if these police people went to any training in Israel as so many police seem to do.
If so, and as even more police do this ( like the Australian lady murdered in Minnesota by a cop who freaked out when she approached his car, as she had been the one that made the call--------This is getting scarily ridiculous.
Has anyone made a survey of which cops train in Israel and which ones commit these murders? Is there a connection ? Maybe an actual investigative reporter should look into this, because if Israeli training is the root—then we are all Palestinians now. : (

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Real brave bastards shooting a sleeping man. One dumb ass cop sez to another dumb ass cop, “Hey, I know how we can wake him up, let’s shoot him 55 times”! Jeez, only in Amerikkka.


My report deems it reasonable to spend the next three and half months honoring 55 blue lives with a shower patriotic projectiles

They’re not combat vets, the steroid abusing thugs.

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In my reading, finding “a level of self-control” in the officers’ actions indicates that they knew exactly what they were about in executing this young man.

The sickening reality is that if this man asleep in the car (with the gun) had been white he would be alive today. I feel nothing but disgust at these racist murderers. “Reasonable” - my ass. These fuckers need to be prosecuted instead of the usual bullshit of being “placed on leave” until people forget and then being restored to “duty”.


In New York City many years ago there was a “young man of color” who was standing in a doorway who apparently reached for his wallet to show his ID to a group of cops. They responded by shooting more than 40 bullets, at least 20 of which struck and killed him. There was a slogan that these cops used to describe themselves - “We own the night.”
I also saw a lawyer on a YouTube video who said that if you are ever arrested by cops it is imperative that you say nothing to them except “I want a lawyer”. He said that these assholes are trained to use anything you say, even your name, against you. So much for “To Protect and Serve”.


I believe you’re referring to Amadou Dialo, whose murder by cop became the subject of a Bruce Springsteen song.

P.S.: the cops didn’t take it kindly.


Hello - Yes, I was. Thank you for the additional information. It’s almost impossible to not conclude that we have a whole series of execution squads in the U.S. - right-wing cops, (many who are ex-military) who are given a pass to use deadly force knowing that they will be backed up by the authorities. In the U.S. we could refer to these murders and assaults as “minority control”. BTW, a few years ago a disturbed white woman was walking around a white neighborhood brandishing a rifle and making threats, etc. She was approached by cops who talked with her and let her go - carrying the rifle! If she had been black she would be dead and buried and quickly forgotten by everyone but her grieving family. I’m reminded of something that D.H. Lawrence said - “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer. It has never yet melted.”
With Trump and his many enablers and right-wing goons I am deeply ashamed that we have come to this. The world increasingly looks on us with disgust and fear which seems to be just what the Rethugs and the oligarchs they serve had in mind.

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Even ‘non-combat’ vets are trained to kill first, and protect their ‘band of brothers’.
Vets should be barred from becoming police for at least 15 years after they get out. Vets need to integrate into civilian society for a long time in order to ameliorate their brainwashing.
Even an otherwise decent man like Colin Powell couldn’t refrain from following the orders of his ‘superior’ and held up that vial of talcum powder. It takes a long time for that military training to wear off (maybe it never does).

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I grew up in Vallejo in the 60’s & 70’s - the Vallejo cops were not out of control back then. Fast forward to the police/fire unions negotiating for outrageous salaries/pensions/benefits with the City of Vallejo behind closed doors - which resulted in the city spending 80% of it’s budget on these “public servants” - which resulted in the city filing for bankruptcy - which resulted in a reduction of police/fire staff and lower wages for new hires - which resulted in bottom of the barrel recruits who pull the trigger first and ask questions later - which resulted in police union supported DA’s investigating these rogue cops and finding them innocent - which resulted in the City paying huge settlements in wrongful death lawsuits.
THE POLICE UNIONS ARE THE PROBLEM and must be reigned in. Banning them from contributing to political campaigns and from negotiating behind closed doors for outrageous benefits would be a good start… TRANSPARENCY should be a requirement when dealing with public servants on the taxpayer’s dime.

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