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Police Deem Firing 55 Shots In 3.5 Seconds At A Sleeping (Black, Duh) Man "Reasonable"

Police unions are not the problem, they are doing their job. It is the nit wit politicians and unengaged public who are not properly negotiating good contracts. Any city that spends 80% of its budget on police and fire salaries/pensions/benefits is a city that is not well run or supervised.

Union contracts work both ways, it’s not a one way street. If the union members are not doing their job, the city can grieve them. People love to say they hate unions because you can’t fire the bad workers. That is nonsense, it is lazy management who is too incompetent to document bad work or bad behavior that is behind that trope.

While I’m no fan of the police and have had more than a few bad encounters with them, I have been a member of several unions and have also had bad encounters with them. Vigilence is what is important…keep the bastards honest by being diligent.

Very likely the cops are military vets/mercenaries with untreated PTSD. Hired by a test system rigged and designed, to not hire US citizens who are not military veterans/ex-mercenaries.
Military veterans/ex-mercenaries get 10 points or 10% added to their raw score, which factually means that those who score the highest on Police,ICE,Fire job exams and often have invested in training and schooling, are actually not being hired.
Due to the rigged scoring system used in hiring, over 80% of Police and LE, are military vets/ex-mercenaries. Yet, vets are less than 15% of US population.
This murder, is a clear case of US military veterans/mercenaries as cops, doing what they really like to do, which is killing human beings!

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The USA has zero credibility to criticize any other nation about “human rights”.

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Vallejo use to be a very toxic place to live, I think as early as 2012 the oil refinery there was responsible millions of gallons of toxic releases to water making it the worst water in the country. (that was before Flint). There is a correlation with how people respond to there environment. I guess it is getting better but there is still a lot of violence. Young people leave.

Peace along the trail Willie.

I think a good start would be for all settlements to come out of the police budget. The police unions would stop protecting bad cops when it started coming out of their pensions and health care. Personally I think that any police officers who is that scared should be fired immediately, they are in the wrong job. Nobody that is that gutless should have a gun and a license to kill.

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Cops were more racist when I was a kid in the 60s. They are being trained these days to respond the same way soldiers would respond in a war zone.
You may thank President Obummer the fake liberal for the military weapons and tactics. They’re are just practicing on our brothers of African descent. It will be all about “domestic terrorism” as soon as there’s any serious political resistance: that is on the way to your house, count on it.
Your brothers are being incarcerated by the millions. Fight it today or live it tomorrow, white folks.

Retaliation is also “reasonable”.

America does not have a police force.
They have a death squad doing the work of an occupying force while masquerading as police.
The regularity and impunity with which they are murdering black citizens all over the country makes a convincing case for the argument that they are acting on orders.
One would be hard pressed to find any other logical explanation for why all these mass murderers, who on average kill more black people than Apartheid south Africa did during its worst years, keep walking away with what amounts to a paid vacation, if they are “punished” at all.

There has not been any known whistle blowers among the police during this era, but one black police officer was subjected to a nationwide manhunt culminating in him being burned alive, shortly before all this began.
The only thing we can confirm is that the militarization of the already out of control police began in 2013, shortly after a nationwide manhunt for a black police officer named Christopher Dormer, whose supposed crimes were, at the time, not revealed.
During this manhunt pursuing officers opened fire without warning on multiple civilians for the crime of driving a similar looking car, or slightly looking like him, resulting in 4 dead and 3 wounded. All of which is now being blamed on Dormer if you check out wikipedia.
Once found, the cabin he was hiding in was surrounded and lit on fire. Shots were also fired into the burning house.
Clearly they did not want him to see a courtroom, or a reporter.
After his murder they also immediately released a poorly written “manifesto” which dormer had supposedly written, in which he allegedly confessed to a variety of plots and schemes that justified his brutal execution.
While obviously there is no proof of any kind, i can’t help but wonder if he was intent on blowing the whistle on whatever psychotic depopulation program the “police” appear to be carrying out.

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For 30 or 40 years now – at least since the Civil Right Era allegedly was a
win for AA’s – we’ve had growing racist, sexist and very violent policing as
a further disruption of what’s left of democracy in our societies.

Drugs, Guns and Sex Trafficking have also played their roles in destroying
our societies for the benefit of those on the right supporting the overturning
of democracy.

Do we really think we can continue on with our societies in upheaval from just
even the gun violence occurring daily in the US?

Just as a side note – in my town, we had a near miss last week with another
school shooting incident. In this case the suspect was stopped in the parking
lot – fortunately a brother alerted police to his intentions of doing harm to his
former girlfriend/teacher who was now assigned to one of our local schools.
In fact, it’s the grammar school my own children attended at one time.

Plenty of stuff in the car as well to make his intentions clear.

…" [Sleeping (Black, Duh) Man ('s)" gun had NO MAGAZINE!! Cops are guilty as fuck!!..

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