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Police Encounters During Mental Health Crises Don’t Have to Be Violent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/11/police-encounters-during-mental-health-crises-dont-have-be-violent

The police repeatedly demonstrate incompetence and/or cruel indifference when “serving and protecting” the mentally ill. Add another case to growing list:


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This is what is needed, an alternative to 911 that calls health pros not police. The police turn everything into conflict because that is how they are trained. My fiancé had mental health problems and calling 911 made everything worse.

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I also wonder how well the pairing of police with Social Workers is going to work out. Will the Social Worker have control over the incident, or police? Will the police eventually corrupt the Social Worker like they do with new police recruits?
I think it was Gandhi who said: “the true measure of a society is how well they treat their most vulnerable members”, or something to that effect.
Recently in the US, by this measure, we are an utter failure.