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Police Fire Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets at Protesters Demanding Puerto Rico Gov. Rosselló Resign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/18/police-fire-tear-gas-and-rubber-bullets-protesters-demanding-puerto-rico-gov

Well this should shut down all, who so often claim the Puerto Rican people are lazy and don’t want to help themselves. They are kicking the mainlanders asses when it comes to protesting and fighting their oppression.


What do you consider is best for Puerto Rico: State or Common Wealth.

I know that violence never accomplishes anything meaningful when cooler heads are needed, but, if I had a boatload of rocket launchers, they’d be on their way to Puerto Rico.

I wonder if Amazon Prime could get them there tomorrow.


It’s up to them, and I know it’s gone back and forth there in the past. I would chose statehood, because it seems to be the only way they will have guaranteed representation. Without it I’m afraid the US will continue to abuse them financially. Some of the past economic deals have devastated PR.

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I feel pretty much the same way. Maybe now is not the best time to decide too.

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I would be guessing but, I think hurricane Maria created conditions that exceed their capacity to manage effectively without help. Their position as Common Wealth included. Over three million people left the island and I don’t think that has completely been restored as a stable demographic. Further, having their sovereignty is important as it should be. It is not an unbiased choice.


The same could be said about us here on the mainland, don’t you think? They seem to be revolting against their system in bigger numbers than we are against ours at this moment.

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Thanks Roberto.

From reading more about Rossello my impression is that if the choice was statehood, he might be effective in the position of Governor even though he is questionably politically aligned. In terms of representation of all sides he is pretty biased and I see why a lot of people are alienated. I don’t think he can dismiss the electorate. What is your opinion if you care to say?

Oh well, he only did something “improper”. So that’s alright then. Why did he do something improper in the first place?