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Police Have A New One: Caretaking An Autistic Patient While Black


Police Have A New One: Caretaking An Autistic Patient While Black

Man. Even as Repubs shamelessly fan the flames of a divided nation, cops in Miami shot an unarmed black behavioral therapist trying to calm an agitated autistic patient playing with a toy truck, even though the caregiver was lying on the ground with both arms in the air trying to explaining to jumpy armed cops, "Sir, there's no need for firearms." Muses the black onlooker recording the incident, "Why they shoot the black boy?" Hmmm.


Well-said, Markus 44. That is exactly it. I also remember about 20 years ago or so when we had to receive certification in Los Angeles to carry pepper spray. So I attended the class given by 2 cops. After the training, they both kind of laughed (after viewing the film showing us that it could only be used in potentially dangerous situations and not something to do if you didn’t like someone) and said, “All we are saying is — you only need to convince a judge that you thought you were in danger, and you’ll be ok.” The cops creed. Just say the right words, and you can walk around shooting and killing anyone you like.


The parallel of civil police departments and military combat patrols is unavoidable and undeniable.

We are all potentially their enemy, while some sadly far more so due to race or religious ‘identity’.

I often wonder when and how we flipped one of the fundamental principles of our republic, that of being innocent until proven guilty, at times such as going through airport ‘screening’ with TSA, but only just briefly, as recalling 9/11 and responses such as the ‘Patriot Act’, all the fascist garbage about the ‘Homeland’, et al quickly provide that answer.


Mr President

No amount of private meetings between Black Lives Matter and the Police Departments across this land are going to make a difference unless we back it up with DOJ active enforcement.


"Hello hello hello…Is there anybody in there ???

Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone at home?"


Yeah, well cabbies don’t get home safely more so than cops. Police fatalities run about 16 per 100,000 while cabbies run about 18 per 100,000. Then there are farmers, way up there and construction workers and at the very top of job fatalities, commercial fishers at 132 per 100,000 which is 8.25 times worse than cops. So cops need to stop whining. Compared to farmers and construction workers even, cops have a very safe job and even a tad safer than cabbies.
Reference: Google for occupational fatalities and bloomberg (which has one of the best articles in terms of clear charts and figures).


“GOP interns, and Ryan without a clue as to what’s wrong with this picture”: A whole lot of pale faces.


Black therapists are a threat - soon black tow truck operators (“He had a tire iron so I shot him.”), black barbers shaving white customers (He had the straight razor to his throat, so I shot him."), black dentists (“The dentist had his patient pinned down in the chair and the patient was in severe pain, so I shot him.”), . . . . . .
The horror continues and will surely get worse as people protect themselves and seek retribution - the American way. Thank the NRA, their political thugs, and a blind and sleepy electorate.
We could choose to do things in a more civilized way, but centrist politics will have nothing of that.
Hope body armour is on sale this week.


“Training” my ass. He had his frigging hands up and trying to speak to the police. No excuse!


There are no others—Like!----makes no sense- why the need for guns in this situation???


Do you really think that fear is the motivating force for these shootings/murders of unarmed citizens?
I mean really, it would be far beyond psychotic for a cop answering to a report of a potential suicide to be afraid of someone lying in the road with his hands up and insisting to be a therapist.
Much of their adrenaline rushes are caused by steroid abuse - illegal steroid abuse and the joyride of power, not fear.


“cops showed up after a reported 911 call about someone threatening to commit suicide.”

Seen “Dirty Harry” too many times.


Another lesson to white Americans: stop calling the fucking police.


Don’t forget the “training” US police get from Israeli forces in Israel and here! There is also returning military who have been trained/brainwashed to view others as “enemy” regardless of threat - the terms used to describe Arab people are well known and are racist, as was the terms for Vietnamese during that war. The focus is on an “enemy” to be suspected and killed - often as the first and only response - there is also the racism Israeli forces transfer to US cops - black Americans have lived with this reality all their lives and those of their forebears - we are all Palestinians now at the “mercy” of a person trained to see us all as “enemy”!


Where is the proof of that supposed 911 call? Where is the recording? Unless what was claimed as the substance of the call is proven accurate, its being used as part of yet another cover-up and lie to protect cop violence! There was still incompetence not rationally assessing the situation without paranoid fear at the scene - that’s their job!

12 year old Tamir Rice was murdered by cops after a claimed “call” of “a man with a gun” - it was a child with a toy and he was victim of police violence and aggression without any assessment of the reality, shot within seconds of cops driving up right next to Tamir! At the very least they could have NOT driven right up to Tamir and looked the situation over for a minute or two before shooting & killing Tamir! The fact they drove right up next to him may be proof they did NOT feel threatened…ENOUGH!


Hey1 after a couple of days the police offered up a defense: he was shooting at the autistic patient.


Absolutely, because if your life wasn’t in danger before calling the cops, it will be when they get there.