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'Police Have Been Letting Us Live in Peace,' Says Trump as Spreadsheet Compiling Videos of Violence Against Protesters Nears 600 Entries

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/09/police-have-been-letting-us-live-peace-says-trump-spreadsheet-compiling-videos


Wrong! police have been treating us with contempt!

Police agencies/departments, their leadership, personnel, unions, and associated prosecutors, have steadily increased their funding and toys, political power, aggression and brutality against civilians. A culture of violence with impunity, most often against people of color and the poor, but including any person regardless of age or gender that comes into their realm - there are some few exceptions but the whole is guilty.

That history of unbridled violence is very long and only exposed in a few cases by video of some crimes and morally reprehensible behaviors now commonplace in many/most police departments - the casual brutalization and murders of countless victims of uncontrolled mindless violence, very often entirely unjustifiable and unacceptable “To Protect and Serve” a euphemistic deceit.

The training police receive and the inculcation into violence from the “system”, create contempt for all people; police are trained to see them as items, not people deserving any respect or consideration. Violence, often deadly, is their first and often only response in any interaction marks their “normal” treatment of civilians - all demanded to be instantly submissive and meek.
Violent treatment and how most people, except the privileged, are treated is the norm, like a wartime interaction with an “enemy”, racist at its core, like a foreign population under occupation; like Palestinians under Israeli Occupation; man, woman, child, family regardless of need or vulnerability, are treated with contempt and abuse. The more so that Israel for their own advantage have created part of this violent culture by “training” American cops to see American citizens as if under occupation - as Palestinians.
This must not continue and vicious depraved crimes swept under the rug as has been the reality for generations. ENOUGH!

Defund and re-purpose obscene funding both domestic police and military to civilian community needs. Disband and eliminate brutal killer cops everywhere!


‘Police Have Been Letting Us Live in Peace,’ Says Trump

Easy for you (a white male who has lived a privileged life) to say


The only way to stop police brutality against Africans living in america. Start giving these racist, sociopathic cops prison time. Or the maximum retaliation!

“When you let your enemy know you can hurt them, they’ll think twice about hurting you.”
Malcolm X


We will be out again this Saturday in my small community corner in Northern VT and have posted action online for other community members. Every corner, every street needs to be filled with protests to end this institutionalizes hate and create a world of peace based on justice.


There is nobody, nobody who has more contempt for the law than law enforcement. Killing in cold blood, in plain sight, assaulting and attacking people without provocation, violating human rights, slashing tires, lying in the courtroom. No criminal can hold a candle to the kind of legal abuses law enforcement commits on a minute by minute basis, and with complete immunity. There are few who belong anywhere but in prison.


A privilege that has long been cultivated by his Nazi grandfather and KKK father.


V, whenever I think of the Palestinians, the indigenous people of Palestine/Israel, it becomes clear that it is very closely aligned with the indigenous peoples of US America with the ongoing violence with communities of color throughout US America.


Indeed, the police have been letting the Wealthy, especially the white Wealthy, live in peace. As long as the upper classes aren’t disturbed by the demands of the lower classes the police are considered to be fulfilling their role in society.


This is what Trump has unleashed:

Tucker Carlson Stuns Twitter Users With ‘Most Racist’ Thing He’s Ever Said

Carlson tells Fox News viewers that a Black Lives Matter “mob” is coming for them


This tweet says it all:

Fox News literally cannot survive without racism. As in, it is part and parcel of its business model. The protests right now are a threat — not because “black people are coming for them” — but because this is a moment of strong cross-racial solidarity.


This tweet in response to Lil’ Tucker’s comment nails it:

“Tucker Carlson gets paid $6 million a year to tell white people to be scared of Black people and advertisers foot the bill.”


Says a LOT. Time to target those advertisers.


All the heroes I see are not wearing uniforms, standing up for Our rights, and taking their chances. Solidarity!


Spoken like a POS plutocrat. Of course you live in peace behind all of your goons protecting your sorry sociopathic criminal con baby ass and those of your POS plutocrat peers.


Trump has committed massive crimes all his adult life and rightly states, police have been letting him and his ilk live in peace, but they have not let poor folks, minorities, POC or the rest of us live in peace. Trump has to go. This country will not survive unchecked conservatism.


I responded in the wrong place.

An example of “police letting us live in peace” is the murder of James Boyd in Albuquerque, a homeless man “camping without a permit” confronted by a SWAT team of killer cops who assured him they would not harm him - then attacked and killed hilt, like a 'training exercise" - cold-blooded scum killers!
The murder of James did not receive the attention or condemnation that police murder deserved!

Far too many depraved gestapo storm troopers who apparently like to kill! Defund and disband!



The police always treat us very nicely. It all depends on what the definition of “us” (or maybe “nicely”) is.


“Defund the police!” = “We’re coming for you!” Doesn’t it? Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

And folks wonder what the goons are upset about?

USAmericans who refuse to back down – the very thought freaks them out. We’re supposed to obey.

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It was time 50 years ago. We just don’t take it seriously enough to do something about it. 5o years ago the Wobblies were promoting the same boycotts some support yet today. Seen any progress. No, me neither.

As far as Tucker and Fox go, they say and do what the republican party bigots do behind the scene instead of in our faces like Fox.