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'Police Have Not Been Treated Fairly,' Says Trump in Defense of Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks in the Back

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/18/police-have-not-been-treated-fairly-says-trump-defense-cop-who-shot-rayshard-brooks

Can we add your insane racist post to your list of crimes that deserve
public execution ?


“police have not been treated fairly in our country.”

It’s impossible to disagree with this statement… showing favoritism is not being treated fairly.

Putting this statement thru the TrumpTranslator2000 yields: The police are the only ones keeping you safe from antifa, they deserve more respect


You have been arrested and you were not wrestled to the ground ?
Hmm, please indicate your skin hue for the readers .
You advocate compliance as a means of avoiding being black ?
Spoken like a true azz kissing it can’t happen to me police apologist .


Hmm. I think T.rump’s overdue for unlocking Ben Carson from his bubble over at HUD and trundling him onstage for a completely befuddled and inane conservative response to cops killing black people for no good reason.

Can’t have any worse optics than having Stephen Miller write yer seminal speech on race.


In order for the very idea of rule-of-law to work, there can be nobody above the law, not the police, not the president, not the rich, nobody. The laws are only for the poor individual citizens, everyone else can break any law with impunity, corporations, government, billionaires are all completely immune to all laws.


And, oddly enough, you’re still here to tell us all about it.

Rayshard Brooks is not.

When you fail to acknowledge that little fact, you fail to acknowledge the entirety of the problem. When one is executed for non-compliance, the entire bloody fucking system goes right down the rabbit hole occupied by Himmler’s freunden. If that seems to happen much more frequently to people with more melanin than the rest of us, we’re capable of making a reasonable assumption about the root causes.

Troll elsewhere, mighty keyboard warrior. I’m sure you’re going to love your new armband and Doc Martins.


This entire situation was the result of modern policing, and the idea that police no longer seek to de escalate a situation.
On day one at the police academy they used to tell us that, whenever a cop answers a call we must remember that we are dealing with people that are already stressed, perhaps having one of the worst days of their lives. The last thing in the world we were to do was exacerbate the situation. First and foremost, de escalate. Then when calmer and clearer heads prevail, you investigate what the problem is without using accusatory language.
None of that was done by these two officers.
Before you exit your cruiser, you look up the cars ownership, and who the main operator is. Then you run a check on the primary driver. If the primary driver of the vehicle has an open warrant or a history of violent crime, you remain in your vehicle and call for backup. If not, you proceed to the vehicle and begin the process of acquiring ID and informing the driver of why they have been stopped. If it a suspected DUI you ask the simple question “have you had anything to drink today? Or have you taken any medication?” If the answer is yes, you ask the driver to exit the vehicle and of they consent to a field sobriety test. If they do not, you inform them that you suspect they are operating while impaired and if they would consent to a breathalyzer exam. If they still refuse that, then you are to arrest them at that time for suspicion of DUI. They are then taken for a blood test. If they consent, you perform the FST. If they pass, you site them for wreck less driving or give them a warning. If they fail. You go back to the previous procedure. You calmly inform them you need to place them in handcuffs and into the rear of the police car. If they don’t place their hands behind them, you ordered them to their knees (now the ground) where you as the policeman has the advantage.
During this entire interaction, your voice should be calm and level. You may be dealing with a person who is impaired, and therefore apprehensive and paranoid. And above all, you must remind yourself that this is JUST A DUI. There is no need to escalate this situation. If the suspect does not comply and tries to run off, you give reasonable chase, but keeping in mind, he’s not armed, and most likely impaired. He’s not going to go far. And besides you could let him go, as you already have his ID, his car, and his address (did that once. A kid ran off after we had his ID. We drove to his house and waited for him to come home. He did 15 minutes later)
And remembering at all times, this is a traffic stop involving an unarmed suspect. To have this situation lead to an officer involved shooting is plain and simple, police incompetence. And in this case, at least negligent homocide.
Think of it this way. This situation featured two men with guns, and one without. The two with the guns had all the control and advantage, but let the situation get out of hand. This was either poor training, incompetence, or both.


Are you saying he deserved to be shot and killed?


Excellent response to leftover Nazi fodder.


And here is what we as civilians should really be worried about. Modern policemen still seem to not realize that almost everything they do, good and bad, IS ON CAMERA. To be so stupid as to not recognize that fact should disqualify any person from serving as a police officer or ever carrying a firearm.
Of course it could be worse. They could know their malfeasance is on camera, and just don’t care. That would make them even more dangerous, as they could arguably called psychopaths.


No one is reading your Nazi propaganda…we are scrolling right past it…don’t waste your time. I do enjoy typing this out though.


Yes, that’s exactly what he’s saying, although he’ll use as many rhetorical fallacies as a weak mind can muster to avoid admitting that’s what he’s saying.


In other words, he’s a piece of shit. I agree.

And you being up another thing they did wrong. You can’t just arbitrarily fire a taser and expect it to be effective. It has to make skin contact. If a person is wearing a heavy jacket or large baggy clothes, you may as well you harsh language as that would be more effective.
These police did not step back and ask him to place his hands behind him. They did not request he go the ground. They aggressively set upon him. And then one of them permitted a suspect to take his weapon (a firing offense by the way)
At the end of the day this was a DUI stop that escalated to the killing of an unarmed suspect. Good thing that cameras from the restaurant were rolling, as without them we would never have known this happened.
They did all this while full well knowing what was going on in the nation right now. Tone deaf doesn’t begin to describe it.


I see you didn’t address my point

Officer Rolfe accumulated 13 complaints against him in his seven years on the force.

One was for excessive force. He doesn’t sound like a de-escalator to me.
Kicking someone he shot twice in the back on camera isn’t a brilliant move.
Neither is not calling for medical help as his victim bleeds out.


A taser, we’re told, is a “non-lethal” device. So how is it justifiable to respond with deadly force to a wild shot from a non-deadly weapon?

Also, how can a person running away be considered an imminent threat?


The aftermath of this incident shows the immorality and thuggishness of the cops, kicking him, a person they just killed, with NO regret, they treated him like an animal. A cop needs to be professional (ie. objective), leave his emotions and prejudices at home … most people become cops because they enjoy the power, not because they believe in keeping the peace, that obviously needs to change.


Being a police officer is such a responsible life and death position that they must be more than properly trained to de-escalate -they must be level headed, calm and able to use the wisdom that comes with adult maturity. These cops were obviously trained to escalate a calm situation. The victim was cooperating. Then as is obvious in video, the cops got violent therefore triggering, remember a drunk, up until this point calm person…they were out for the kill. The wisdom required to let this man walk to his nearby sister’s house as he offered or even drive him there would have made these cops like the hero cops I have known. Nope…These cops chose the low road as Trump would have wanted. Trump is in his protected ivory tower complete with bunker. These cops are now charged with felonies and one possibly facing the death penalty.