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Police in Bolivia Pepper Spray Journalist 'On Purpose' During Live Coverage of Anti-Coup Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/16/police-bolivia-pepper-spray-journalist-purpose-during-live-coverage-anti-coup


I guess this woman just went from foreign journalist, to war correspondent.


We had a number of purportedly “Bolivian” trolls here a couple days back penning eerily similar defenses of the coup. Where are they now?


The courage of women is astounding, in this new round of fighting the right. It happens every 80 years in this country and every time the women display the heart, then are shunted to the sidelines when the war is “won”.


Why no link to her video of the actual attack?

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Courage is contagious. Bo, you have my respect.


‘The street protests in Bolivia have grown larger and more violent this week’ sounds like MSM reporting leaving doubt as to who are violent.

Perhaps CD writer intends to say ‘the fascist police of Bolivia have grown more violent as peaceful street protests increase’…


You know folks, this shit didn’t just happen. And by that I mean the organized and violent suppression of the people just moments after the take over of the government by a fascist backed coup. No, this has been in the pipe for quite a while.
The .01% are nervous. And when they get nervous, people start dying. The establishment of Oceana will proceed forthwith.


CIA all the way, the police tactics are the same as US


And to their dismay it’ll continue to backfire. Evo Morales did the right thing, he can project more influence by leaving the office of the presidency so he’s safe from being blamed. The CIA cronies are up and front for all Bolivians and the world to see and judge.


One thing people seem to overlook and that’s namely the diminishing economic and military power of the elites in control of US and UK.


Yeah those “I live in Bolivia and have a PHD and work alongside the poor all the time and there was no coup” types stick out like a sore thumb.

They are easy to out. They tend to come back with a different screename and in the next the same person will be a poor person living in Iran claiming the US invasion of the same is welcome by the oppressed people there.

The US Military in fact had members post on Social media after the invasion of Iraq claiming themselves as iraqis and thanking the US for liberating them.


Yes and that same Media goes out of its way to assign the blame for violence in Hong Kong onto the Government.

It the same thing they did when reporting on “violent protestors” in France versus “Government forces using violence on demonstrators” in Venezuela.


This particular cohort really specialized in being obvious.

And their comments were so long, it appears they were paid by the word.


https://www.blacklistednews.com/article/75399/top bolivian-coup-plotters-trained-by-us-militarys-school-of-the-americas-served-as-attachés-in.html

Just for those who speculated as to whether this another result on “The School of the Americas” program. We still have people who insist the US not playing a role in this coup.


Just to expand on how the State works to intimidate and silence real journalists in favor of State approved propaganda outlets like the New York Times this article details the latest from Wikileaks. It exposes the Judge overseeing the Assange prosecution as having ties to the British Military and investments in Firms that were exposed by Wikileaks prior.

You wont find any articles about THIS in the State Run media even as they pretend concern over their so called “Journalists” being targeted by Donald Trump.


I forgot the link.


The husband of Lady Emma Arbuthnot, the Westminster chief magistrate overseeing WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the US, has financial links to the British military establishment, including institutions and individuals exposed by WikiLeaks.


And nothing on aljazeera for who she was supposedly reporting.

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I wish people would quit using the term tear gas and call it what it is, the fascist police using chemical weapons on citizens. Tear gas makes it sound like a slight irritant but, as anyone on the receiving end can tell you, it is anything but mild.

At least this reporter was lucky enough to not be reporting from the West Bank or Gaza where the IDF snipers would have targeted her for execution. NY Times headline will read, “Crazed Al Jazerra Propagandist Attacks Peaceful Policeman And Must Be Subdued”.


There’s a link in the article, the one that shows Evo Morales.

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