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Police Officers, Civilians Reported Shot at Planned Parenthood in Colorado


Police Officers, Civilians Reported Shot at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

Common Dreams staff

Developing story...

At least four police officers and an unknown number of civilians were reportedly shot and wounded on Friday after a gunman entered a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Do you know what no one has said? We are all Planned Parenthood.


"We do not know about this person's mentality or ideology," Buckley said.

Yes, we do.

We know he believes that killing someone with a gun solves all your problems. That is an ideology, one that is particularly prevalent in the U.S. Guns make you free. Guns provide security. Guns make you safe. That he will end up dead, not free, not safe, not secure, either by someone else's gun or his own, is lost on him and those like him.

They are all insane.


Colorado Springs - home of the U.S. Air Force Christian Academy and probably the most dysfunctional fascist right wing town in the USA.

Of course, you will never hear the word "terrorist" in all the corporate media coverage of this...

(Edit: I'st sentence removed - the twitter image of the "Jon Denver looking guy was not the terrorist)



Even after he has shot and wounded 4 to 5 policemen, they still managed to talk to him over an extended period of time and get this guy to surrender and he was not harmed by the police.

Is there anyone - ANYONE! who believes that this would have happened had the terrorist been Black or Middle Eastern???


Amerika at its very best!


Yeah, is that not the kind of "protection", the would be gunslingers of the pro-gun league fancy themselves to have a gun for? - To be heroes in cases like this? Well the reality is different!


Had the "Christain" crusades during the dark ages been executed in the western hemisphere, Colorado Springs would have been crusade headquarters.


True, he'd probably be dead and we'd read all sorts of comments from people trying to find excuses for his behavior and how the other side bears at least half the reponsibility for what happened to them.


Trump might say that not enough people where open carrying to stop this shooter.


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Nobody is ever making "excuses" for anyone's behavior. you are making a straw-man argument.


White Privilege 38: It isn't terrorism when white people do it.


Further update. There are three dead - including one policeman...


Then maybe you need to reconsider that maybe this "Second Amendment" thing had nothing to do with "protecting democracy".

The idea that a government of a nation-state would provide for its own citizenry the means to to organize an armed revolution to overthrow said state is absurd. The Second Amendment was NEVER about that - it was to assure that there would be a supply of volunteer armed thugs to do the governments bidding against slave uprisings and other liberatory struggles. That is why the whole thing about "right to bear arms" has always been solely about the use of guns in acts of right-wing reaction. Remember what happened to the Black Panthers when they tried to, even timidly, assert their "Second Amendment rights"? Then look at how nicely those armed thugs in Nevada were treated as they threatened to murder US Government workers issuing citations for violations of environmental protection laws to this rich man.

And should we really reach the point of having to organize a liberatory, revolutionary citizen's armed struggle against an oppressive government, do you honestly think a "Second Amendment" will be needed to go forward with it??? Did Batista's Cuba have a "Second Amendment"? Did Somosa's Nicaragua have a "Second Amendment"? Did British-occupied Ireland in 1919 have a "Second Amendment"?. Did the Tsar's Russia in 1917 have a "Second Amendment"? Did the British Raj's India have a "Second Amendment?" Yet the citizens of all these countries managed to get guns, and engage in armed struggle without invoking some "right" given to them by the very tyrant they were overthrowing!.


Nice try, but you fail in your absurd rhetorical crap comment.


Maybe it comes from living over here and not there anymore, but to me Xian is a place in China where the terracotta warriors are buried.


Must have been an AINO, American in name only.

A real (Gun-nutted, pro-second amendment, uber patriotic Fox News watcher, anti-Abortion zealot, flag waving {but not a terrorist} 'Merikan) would have gone out in a blaze of glory after using his firearms to shoot so many people.


Just to be the Devil's advocate, trying to find a 'reason' for unreasonable behaviour can sound like a person is looking for an 'excuse' for that behaviour.


It's also home to at least one major Defense Plant. And when the shootings took place at Columbine, I thought it was karmic blow-back. The children of the weapons' suppliers end up shooting at their own peers.

So long as Colorado sponsors plants that make the killer tools that are murdering so many, it's not a surprise that violence would erupt in that state.

The right wingers who have been demonizing Planned Parenthood have blood on their hands. Just as Trump does, for inciting racist violence after one of his Fascist-Lite rallies.

Thirty years of right wing radio added to far too much right wing fundamentalist Christianity spreading leads to these outcomes. Oh, and add in the NRA that never met a missile system disguised as a gun that it didn't authorize for "street play" in the Wild, Wild West.