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Police Officers Reportedly Shot, Killed in Baton Rouge


Police Officers Reportedly Shot, Killed in Baton Rouge

Common Dreams staff


Several police officers have reportedly been shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, according to officials who say the situation is still unfolding.

The New Orleans-based Advocate reports that "Both lanes of Airline Highway are shut down from Goodwood Boulevard to Old Hammond Highway and from Old Hammond to Drusilla Drive." Civilians are urged to stay away.


Never forget even for a second that this is the unavoidable outcome of pro-gun and racist policies entrenched in American politics and justice.
The horror of innocent officers being shot is only dwarfed by the decades of brutality waged on minorities by an ignorant and power imbalanced culture.


I have to admit that I was not really horrified when I read that some Baton Rouge cops were killed. I was horrified at the deaths of the two black men who were killed by cops and the way that they were killed in not only the past two weeks but for in the last year and way beyond.

I think some people have reached a saturation point with cops getting off with shooting people who clearly were not a threat to them. Some cops, not all by any means, have brought this on themselves. I wonder if the two cops who assassinated that black man last week were among those killed? Probably not.


This shows the entire fallacy of the position by the NRA that an armed citizenry defends freedoms and liberties against oppressive Governments. This will lead to a greater erosion of the same. Violence simply begets more violence. It time to stop the worship of it.

The USA was born in armed revolution. Those that took up arms against the Crown are seen as "patriots". This not to suggest that the British Empire was not opppressive in 1776 anymore than it to suggest the current US Government not oppressive today. It to point out that the consequences of armed revolution are dead people. It not people falling to ground after being shot in a TV movie as bit actors. This is real and people have to ask themselves if they really want to go there.

Some sanity is needed.


Any violence against another is not acceptable. As I listen to CNN and MSNBC I'm astonished at the unequal reporting. It is as if everything is happening in a vacuum. As if they can't understand why something like this could happen. Black folks are being systematically murdered, arrested and incarcerated. We are literally the profit for the legal system. The only reason why It's happening now is because of the age of cell phone. Now we see the corrupt and immoral system. Now we have proof. No longer is it our words against the police. I wish it wouldn't have come to this. I pray that it doesn't get worse. But I understand that oppressed people eventually rises up. There are those who want to see a race war. Who want to see us at each other throats. So they can continue to accumulate wealth. Just listen to Fox news, black folks are continuously denigrated and marginalized. Thus pitting an us against them mentally. While the wealthy reap the profits of power.America is slowly crumbling. A house divide cannot stand


You've got it right. However, all the deep history of injustice will disappear into the ether of the MSM, and political spin doctors. Who for short-term gain will not inform but rile up and divide communities. The Trump candidacy is the most obvious example as Louisiana is home to his amigo, David Duke. Whom he's never actually condemned. Our society allows this out of apathy or opportunism ( for some segments ). We're in deep doodoo, yet again.


While I understand the history of violence and oppression that has led us seemingly inevitably, to this point, the taking of ANY life only exacerbates the problem. I've come to see the police as only the most visible component of an entrenched system that values money and power over all life.
I sure as hell don't have an answer to this plague of violence ( and I mean from ALL sides) but until we ask the right questions, we'll have no meaningful solutions.


When I was in Vietnam (drafted into the infantry) I estimated that about 10% of the troops I served with were psychopaths. People who would kill unarmed civilians, including women and children, before the rest of us could stop them. These men used the power and advantage they had over the Vietnamese people to bully, harass, intimidate and not infrequently murder people. Most of these guys did not make it back to "the world" as we called the States for various reasons. Not all of them relating to combat deaths. So I feel like I can understand to some extent what the black people and other defenseless people who are routinely bullied by the cops feel about the cops. I, myself, have been bullied by cops who were punks with badges on several occasions and it is infuriating.

The interesting thing was that I was never bullied by MP's or CID's in Vietnam. The only time I wasn't hassled by cops was in Vietnam. It was also the only time I consistently carried an M-16 and was almost always in the company of others who were armed to the teeth.


Abortion is pro-life. The life and choice of the pregnant woman who is in charge of her own life and destiny. first and foremost. Nice try, though.


Why would you put abortion on a list of acts of violence perpetrated as a result of ideology and greed? Abortion is a health decision in many cases or a way of reversing and oversight in not using adequate birth control. Abortion does not belong on your list.

If you look at all of the really pressing problems facing us on this planet almost of them, if not all, are being made worse by overpopulation. I don't think any women enjoys getting an abortion. But it is often necessary and a right and a choice that we must preserve and protect.


Yes indeed. I also remember that cops who have not executed innocents have often colluded by silence rather than taking responsibility for violence against American citizens they were supposed to protect. Thinking that way, how many police are innocent of this madness?
This is the drama of insanity that has emerged from social conformity without social responsibility.


Thanks for that information. No I haven't heard of them until now. Maybe we need the Deacons again? We need something to stop these cops who are being trained to shoot first and ask questions later. Who use their badge as a license to murder without fear of prosecution.


If the value of money trumps all else then there is no other recourse. Nor is there any hope


Cause they don't care!!


That is the kind of reasoning used by those who ran the death camps responsible for getting rid of "undesirables" who just did not fit in with the places as varied as The Stalinist Soviet Union, The Cambodia of the Khmer Rouge, and the Third Reich of Nazi Germany.


Okay, either:
1. The lone nut(s) responsible for this attack will be killed of kill themselves. Nobody will be able to figure out why they did what they did so a story will be concocted by the MSM to explain it.
2. Politicians like Clinton and Trump will (eventually) use the situation as a talking point for their election spiel but for now they will express solidarity with the country's police departments and offer condolences to grieving families.
3. African Americans will say,"this is what we face daily". So will the LGBTQ, Latino, and Muslim communities.
4. President Obama 's legacy for 2016 will be to visit a new site of the latest atrocity to "console, comfort, and show he cares".
5. Legislation to ban assault weapon sales will never survive attempts by Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to block same.

This country has been at pointless and unending war for 15 years now and many of the youth of the country have been taught to be lean, mean killing machines.
Then, when they ae discharged from the military, they are told to go back to being "normal".
They join many other of the forgotten and discarded of our society with the exception that they have both familiarity with and knowledge of how to kill with greater efficiency than the average person.
Some become self-medicating drug addicts, others end up homeless, others commit suicide, and others join our newly militarized police forces.
Until we do something about the culture of death that has ruled and continues to rule this country for the past 15 years, cops and selected minorities will continue to be shot.


Off topic, I know, but I cannot let this go unchallenged. Abortion is the killing of an unborn human, that is a separate person from the mother. Therefor, abortion is not pro-life, it is litetarlly the exact opposite of pro-life.


Which cops are you referring to. The majority of cases that have been used to justify BLM turn out to be justified use of force. If you get into a physical confrontation with an officer, you need to expect they will defend themselves.
Calling all police officers racist, regardless of the facts in each incident, makes you no better than the "racist" system you are railing against.


Clearly. Now isn't it interesting that while the entire world witnessed the savage near-death beating of Rodney King, the cops have only gotten worse even with all the cell phones. Now that their job has truly been made dangerous will they rethink their methods of "policing"? A key demand must be to outlaw all weapons-- starting with the cops.


If you want a culture of Life then begin by eradicating capitalism then all the life affirming indicators will arrange themselves.