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Police Seeking Two Men After Bombing of Indian Restaurant in Canada


Police Seeking Two Men After Bombing of Indian Restaurant in Canada

Jon Queally, staff writer

Nobody was killed, but fifteen people were injured by an explosion and police in Mississauga, Ontario are looking for two suspects who bombed an Indian restaurant Thursday evening.

"There were two individuals seen entering and detonating the device and two individuals that were seen fleeing the restaurant," Const. Iryna Yashnyk told reporters at the scene.


Of course it isn’t terrorism. The suspects were white. End of discussion.


Yup. Canada and Ontario in particular, could hold the tide of racist neofascism back only so long. And with conservatives still looking good in the polls and the late Rob Ford’s younger brother Doug sending out a code-language to the hard right, they are feeling cocky.

Correction: With the election on June 7, Horwath and the NDP has, against all predictions, surged ahead of Ford and the “Progressive” Conservatives the polls. Maybe the fascists are upset about that. The national NDP is led by a observant red-turban-wearing Sikh Jagmeet Singh.


Actually the authorities are acting properly when they not willing to label this as “terrorism” That word is being used by far too many Governments so as to erode Civil Liberties.

I would point out that the person who ran down those people on a Toronto Street was “dark skinned” and of Middle Eastern descent. It was not called a terrorist attack. Again I feel this was the right approach.

Once the perpetrators found and the motives ascertained only then should it be labeled a terrorist attack or not. If we indeed want to claim EVERY attack against a given group a terrorist attack than we are changing how the word used. There very specific laws on the books regarding terrorism so it appropriate that the word just not tossed around every time such an event occurs. A real world example of where that leads is the State of Israel where even Palestinian Children murdered by the IDF are called “terrorists”.


I would not consider an Armenian as “middle eastern” any more than say, a Georgian or Chechen.

But yes, I would just as soon see the word “terrorist” tossed into the lexocographer’s dustbin.


My thoughts exactly.