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"Police Shouldn't Be in Schools": Omar, Pressley, Warren, and Murphy Introduce Bill to End Federal Funding for Officers on Campus

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/police-shouldnt-be-schools-omar-pressley-warren-and-murphy-introduce-bill-end


The cops are in schools to ensure the Schools to Prisons Pipeline remains open. The money saved by not paying the cops that only escalate simple everyday issues can be well spent on after school tutoring and other activities to keep kids safe until their parents get off work. Some schools in Northern California are doing that however at limited basis. We need to expand school hours and keep kids involved in healthy after class activities plus improving the free meals programs.


I write as one whose family has taught over generations in public schools and as one whose second cousin was a junior in Columbine High School on 20 April 1999 (survivor) and his sister now teaches elementary school in the same district. My blood boils when I see video of brutish cops beat down on poor children just trying to grow up. Thank Dog I did not grow up under the lash of such a tyrant as those that I have seen. System failure blinking red nonstop. Decop the schools. Yesterday.


The conservative answer to every issue seems to be policing, punishment, fines and jail. It is time for policies that create opportunity, inclusion and community.


As horrible as school shootings are (something I can’t remember hearing about before Columbine, though at that point I wondered - and wonder - whether there were some we just didn’t hear about), the actual odds of a student being killed by such a shooter are still somewhere south of shark attacks and lightning, if I correctly remember the stats from a few years ago (I didn’t go back and look them up before typing here but odds are in this neighborhood).
Even so, cops routinely show up to do “active shooter” “training” (so called, more like chest pumping cop fun). In regard to training for something that seldom happens you do need a bit more than the expected numbers, just because you don’t encounter this often enough to remember.
However, if police are that worried about student lives then traffic accidents to and from school are literally a few thousand times more threat. Also, now, COVID exposure which also exposes the students’ families (kind of like the way mouse poison goes back to the nest). I should note that I haven’t seen numbers on that but I have to guess this too is far more likely to cause death than active shooters.
Please note that I in no way wish to demean the horrors of those actually caught in active shooter situations. Just noting that bringing the police in for constant presence in schools also means that “mission creep” now means that student control goes from staff (as it has been for centuries) to police who have very different thinking and agendas where normal kid behavior (i.e. talking back cutting up, etcetera) turns into “I am suddenly, without warning, explosively angry if you even question what I tell you and will take you to jail and life with a police record”.
Unlike actual educators’ behavior tools, police tools seem limited to wailing on someone, arrests and handcuffs.


Lets not forget why cops are in schools, it’s not because of school shootings, although that might be the excuse now. They were put there because of the drug war, and as @timebr says above, to get that prison pipeline started early.


School resource officer never intercepted a drug deal.
And why should some person with 90 days training have power over children and teens that includes access to their school files here.

As I see it = Police outside entrances of all schools starting one hour before classes. This is to stop that guy with a backpack running up and setting off his bomb. The principal should be the fair judge in student behavior matters. Heck, they have masters degrees, manager experience.It is their job.

Option for easier finance is to hire veterans for beginning school day and getting out times. $10.00 cash per hour and they can utilize their own rifle if they want to. (Shoot the backpack first, then the terrorist)

When we visited Israel a few years ago, we noted elementary age children on field trips to some of the sites we visited were accompanied by their teacher and an armed civilian. When we struck up a conversation with one, he told us he was an IDF veteran and that he, along with many other vets, male and female, made extra money serving as school security officers. They were not there to do anything else. If the children were endangered, they were there to defend their lives as Israeli teachers are not usually armed. The few guards we saw carried older M1 carbines (WWII), not the ubiquitous AR-style one would expect.The young man told me it was preferred because of its relatively short range (about 250 yards) and ‘comfortable’ appearance. Here is a link to a picture of such a vet (misrepresented as a teacher) also carrying the venerable M1.

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thank you.

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Then, there are the gun nuts who want to arm teachers. Why not just get rid of guns? Whadaya mean because of all the useful pawn idiots for the NRA/Gun industry!