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Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville

Police Stood By As Mayhem Mounted in Charlottesville

by A.C. Thompson and Robert Faturechi, ProPublica, and Karim Hajj, special to ProPublica

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — There was nothing haphazard about the violence that erupted Saturday in this bucolic town in Virginia’s heartland. At about 10 a.m., at one of countless such confrontations, an angry mob of white supremacists formed a battle line across from a group of counter-protesters, many of them older and gray-haired, who had gathered near a church parking lot. On command from their leader, the young men charged and pummeled their ideological foes with abandon. One woman was hurled to the pavement, and the blood from her bruised head was instantly visible.

Wasthis a politically planned event ment to create consent to bring all law enforcement under control by the government "homeland " security. Why was it allowed to reach such violent levels. What is the real message from those who control law enforcement?


It was a similar Dynamic when they used the Same Tactics, on Wall St, when It was the local Construction Workers against the Viet Nam War Protesters.


In private unfortunately almost all white cops are racist as are many white politicians especially those from the south. Those clean cut church going so called Christians have a very dark side regardless of their gender. Whites still circle their wagons acting like primitive tribes and cavemen regarding America as theirs and American as their nationality. Others are either Mexican American, African American, or something other than “American”.


Hey there “Police” and National Guard, if you ain’t racist pigs…then PULL IT TOGETHER AND PROTECT THE FOLKS THAT PROTECT “YOUR RIGHTS”. If you are racist then go fuck yourselves!! I’m so tired of IDIOTS that ‘believe’ they think they’re right! Fucking Narcissists…


The same tactics were used in Berkeley earlier this year. The police did disarm people before they could enter the protest area.


At least one Native American, that I’ve heard, has expressed His Viewpoint that They are surrounded in This Country by either Adherents of White Supremecy, or White Privilege.


This fighting has been going on ever since the Trump rallies during the campaign. The protesters would wait for the Trump people to leave the rally and then the fighting would begin. The police eventually tried to separate the people leaving the rallies from the protesters but with mixed results. Trump is the leader of white nationalist movement so looking for him to calm things down is foolish. It is hard to see anything but more clashes. The anti-fascists anarchists seem to thrive on violence and they have taken it upon themselves to be defenders against the white supremacists. And the white supremacists are determined to keep getting their message out, particularly with a friendly White House. It is up to the police. They have the resources to do the job. But will they?

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`Oh, no kidding. Did you know a Native American ran for vice president in the last election?

I’ve heard it discussed often on “First Voices- Indigenous Radio”, WBAI-99.5 FM weekly show hosted by Tiokasin Ghosthorse.

Voted for Jill and Ajamu, don’t know to whom you’re referring, unless it was one of them.


I don’t like the use of the words Nazi and neo-Nazi in these articles. These people didn’t come togehter at UVA because Hitler was their hero. They came together (supposedly) because Robert E Lee was their hero.

I think the problem is denial. Very few people are willing to admit that a large fraction of the US citizenry is composed of terrorists or terrorist-sympathizers (which federal politics has recently said are the same thing.)

When right-wing politicians either excuse KKK-style terrorist acts, or divert the issue by referring to them as neo-Nazis or protesters, I get the impression they themselves are KKK sympathizers. When concerned journalists and opinion writers use the same language, I get the impression they are afraid, either of admitting that they are proud citizens of a country with a shameful heritage, or more directly afraid that KKK members will call in death threats, etc.

We need to point out this error. I don’t think we can address the huge issue of American terrorism unless we admit that that is, in fact, the problem we are dealing with.

And please, don’t even think of only charging the one person who committed murder. No one there who had a gun was carrying for self-defense, especially when they explicitly announced they were at war. Inciting a riot is putting it mildly. They were inciting an armed rebellion.

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WBAI FM 99.5, Tiokasin Ghosthorse host of “First Voices Indigenous Radio” weekly show.

Don’t remember if it was Tiokasin, or a Guest Host, that week, but it’s a common subject of discussion there


It didn’t start in the Trump campaign–it’s been going on since before this country was called the United States.

Don’t you remember the violence after Obama’s election? The armed demonstrators? The thinly veiled urges that people should shoot him, with the pathetic excuse, among others, that he shouldn’t be president because he wasn’t even born here?

Our heritage of terrorism rises up from the mud every time some politician tries to confront it, and every time some politician seems to support it.


Oh, thanks. I know Pacifica is very diverse but I didn’t know about this. I voted for Jill also but am not really Pro Green party. It was Dennis Banks and he may not have been on the ballot in your state. Only trouble he is 80 years old. Cheers though.

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Yes, the cops ‘stood by’. So tell me, what made this protest different from Ferguson, or Occupy or peaceful protests by others? I am sickened by the disparity between the ‘respect’ given White Supremacists versus everybody else. If this were a Black Lives Matter protest, they would not have been allowed in with guns. The cops clearly aligned with the ‘deplorables’ and against decency. And as always, there will be no consequences for their actions, or lack thereof.


Here’s my favorite line from the article: "Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, ‘We planned for a long time for today’s incidents.’” Oh, I see Terry, you planned for this nightmare to occur “for a long time”. Well, you got your wish. I guess your planning for neo-Nazis attacking counter-demonstrators and a neo-Nazis plowing a car into counter-demonstrators, with the police standing by and doing nothing, was a part of your planning “for a long time”. A lot of Monty Python “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” going on here, huh Terry? Oh, yeah, when reading another article on this nightmare, it was pointed out that a New York National Guard contingent did attempt to do something. Virginia law enforcement officials doing nothing seems to convey the planning “for a long time” was to let counter-demonstrators be maimed and killed because Virginia political and police officials sympathized with the neo-Nazis.

Damn I am enraged!


Fucking ridiculous mendacious bullshit. It was obvious from Friday night’s antics that there would be significant violence on Saturday. The permit for the rally should have been rescinded right there and then. All of the responsible elected parties - the mayor, the governor, the various police planners - this blood is on your hands. These “alt-right” knuckle-draggers came to Charlottesville for one purpose only - to birth a violent spectacle, and you Mr. Mayor, Governor were the midwives. These sub-human throwbacks were on the internet for weeks telling their followers to bring weapons and to “be prepared” and yet they were granted a permit? How could this in any way be anticipated to be a peaceful political protest protected by the First Amendment?

Spare me your crocodile tears and your phony political correctness.

So: how many more “rallies” are planned; have permits been applied for; is planning under way?


Not just the cops, also the politicians, also the so-called liberal media, as Adam Johnson writes about today. Don’t you wonder why so many people insist on playing nicey-nicey with murderers and terrorists?

As for BLM, they didn’t even need guns. Politicians still portray them as thugs, and even Democrats distance themselves from them.


They displayed Nazis symbols. So being, how are the demonstrators to be understood? Oh, wait, David Duke sympathized with the demonstrators brandishing neo-Nazis symbols, so I guess the demonstrators weren’t neo-Nazis.


What is new is this group of anarchists that calls themselves the anti-fas which is dedicated to stopping these white supremacists from getting their message out and stopping them if they attack people. These seem to be the same people who called themselves the black bloc and have been doing violent things as anti-capitalists. They showed up in Seattle in the 1990s at an international meeting and did a lot of damage. I think they are more active in Europe. They have been showing up on campuses to try to shut down speeches by the white supremacists and have had some success with their violent tactics on the west coast. There doesn’t seem to be much media coverage of the anti-fas. Some people have conjectured that the ant-fas are just white supremacists trying to give the left a bad name. But I think the anti-fas are a real group and support anarchy.