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Police Tear-Gas Demonstrators at Huge Anti-Trump Protests in Phoenix


Police Tear-Gas Demonstrators at Huge Anti-Trump Protests in Phoenix

Julia Conley, staff writer

Tensions soared and police ultimately dispersed crowds with tear gas at the huge anti-Trump protest outside the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday night, where Trump was inside raging about the news media's coverage of his administration and dog-whistling his defense of white supremacy at a campaign-style rally.


Police States of America are complicit with the Oligarchs.


Trump has clearly aligned himself with the White Supremacists. So what do you expect from the public. I would still want to caution the protestors to NOT use the same tactics as the white supremacists, racists. I am 100 percent behind freedom of speech, but I do not support throwing stuff at the police. They are just there doing their jobs. In short, WE should not act like a white supremacist mob. We need to get our message across as clearly as possible and not associate ourselves with the same unruly conduct as the supremacists, racists. .


Agree and I also believe this.


Since the headline on a mainstream site says “protests turn unruly”, it is obvious to me the need to question who threw the stones and bottles at the police, if indeed that did happen. Was the demonstration too peaceful that someone needed to provoke the authorities into some kind of headline grabbing and misleading insinuations? Call me a cynic, but I “see” it all the time.


Given contemporary willingness and ability because of cell phones to record and publicize police brutality, why oh why do police keep on doing the stupid? Perhaps necessary to stimulate a national operational reconsideration by police is a calling for reduction in police funding, both locally and state. Nationally, police behavior seems better, although out-of-hand with immigration enforcement, but that may be because of Trump’s obsession with closed borders–and Hispanics entering the country when certainly their children born in the US are likely to vote Democratic in the future.


Just imagine if we all got really really mad and stormed the citadel!!!


I think police are afraid! They may sense that something is coming. This endless protesting since trump took office is getting on their nerves!


Yes, I “hearted” you, but are you suggesting that the Republicans could have staged attacks on the police to motivate a forceful response? If so, I am appalled at the suggestion, appalled I say! Republican operatives would never, never do such a thing!


All it takes is a couple of provocateurs, belonging to or paid by the other side. All the police need is 10 cents worth in order to respond ten dollars worth.


We’d be really, really shot down like a pack of rabid dogs!


So, the Police came “out” as White Supremacists.

Is anyone surprised?


The police are a military organization and agents of the corporations and the state. They are NOT there to protect you but to protect the rich and status quo. They are always on the wrong side of the line. They always face the left to protect the minority right. At Charlottesville, the police had the back to gun toting, heavily armed Nazis while facing peaceful antifascist protesters. That shows they consider the protesters as their enemy.