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'Political Consolation Prize'? Biden Picks Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary Despite His Lack of Relevant Experience

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/political-consolation-prize-biden-picks-buttigieg-transportation-secretary-despite


Buttigieg should say “no thanks, I’m not qualified”.


Hey, you’ve got to put him somewhere. After all, he’s going to be Harris’ running mate in 2024


The graph in the current article on the Arctic News blog suggests that IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHO IS CHOSEN


See how different the Democrats are?

Only a People’s Party will do.


If the author believes those token contributions ( and corporations contribute to many, if not all, candidates as a matter of course) are significant perhaps the author has already lost credibility?


Well it just shows that Buttigieg can be easily bribed.
This is his payback for stabbing Bernie in the back so that Biden could steal the primary.
I wonder what other plum positions will be doled out to the other DNC stooges?
But they will have to get in line behind the corporate cronies who want their payback as well.
It is going to be a L-O-N-G four years.
Stock the Swamp.


Its not a consolation prize, its a reward for helping the DNC fix the primaries against Sanders, and then throwing it so Biden could barely win.



Buttigieg hasn’t even managed a single foreign coup, nor bombed any poor civilians (yet).

These Identity Politics appointments have to stop!


Dream on. This is identity politics at its worst. We need a third party, the Dems have left the left behind.


I think that’s just it. You’ve got to put him somewhere.

Buttigieg and Harris are the darlings of the Democratic leadership and corporate media, scoring such high marks in both cultural signaling and total prostration to wealthy interests. The fact that neither candidate has any meaningful vision or principles and neither was able to garner any voter support beyond a subset of affluent liberals shouldn’t get in the way of their political careers. They are the designated future of the party.

Funny that Rahm Emanuel was considered for the same post.


OK, if Biden selects Hillary as Secretary of Labor, will all you so-called progressive Democrats finally leave the party?

What will it take? When is enough enough?


Hey, you’ve got to put him somewhere. After all, he’s going to be Harris’ running mate in 2024.

And I will gladly vote Green again, the way I did in 2016 and 2020.

Omg, please, I just ate. A near zero percent support among the black community for either, and Harris didn’t win a single delegate in the primary. A Harris/Buttigieg ticket is an identity politics train wreck.


Smart as a whip and cute as a bugs ear but his politics could almost turn me straight. Unfortunately, most of my fellow brothers and sisters in the LGBTQ community think he walks on water. Why can people not look beyond these ridiculously vacuous identity icons to see what these people really are?


Probably not true, we don’t know exactly what Pete’s jobs were while on the CIA’s payroll.


Thank you Lord, Rahm is not the self appointed transit folk.
Experience? Management is management. Period. Applies the same.
Number of employees and budget are larger for Pete. He’ll do just fine.
I am sure that even Touchdown Jesus is pleased as punch.

Chicago aldermen gain larger contributions annually compared to Pete’s paltry sums reported in this ‘break their ankles’ complaint about Pete.

Did common dreams want Rahm?


You do have to agree that he has a silver tongue.
He is an even smoother talker than Obama.
I think I may have just bought a used car from him.
THAT makes him qualified for Transportation Secretary.


No. We wanted someone qualified.

You know, like all the LOTE pushers claimed Biden would select. Biden is no good AND he doesn’t even appoint competent people.


Yuk. Biden said that he wants to build a bridge from the modern Democratic Party (double yuk) to this creep.

You could disagree with how vacuous he is, how corrupt he is, how much of an attack dog he became against single payer (lying and using arguments that the far right would love to use against all government programs), mere months after pretending to support it and within months of giving decent defenses of single payer. A person with character and someone that believes in something, anything, couldn’t change that radically in months. There was no epiphany, just bribes. I hate him. More than anything, I am sick to death of people like him in politics. He doesn’t go into politics because he wants to help working people or the country. He is a self-serving careerist and would destroy however many lives he would have to destroy to move up this corrupt system. This rotten political system is filled with people like him, and I don’t understand why the hell voters are at all attracted to people that want power for no other reason to enrich themselves. They must be just as vacuous as he is. It is just as ignorant and stupid as the Trump supporters and their conspiracies.


Hi question_mark:

LOL, the hillary for Secty of Labor-----? Oh gawd----no no…She is done—please----no more, no more Hillary—ever!