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'Political Courage': Sanders Will Not Attend AIPAC Conference Over Concern for 'Basic Palestinian Rights'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/24/political-courage-sanders-will-not-attend-aipac-conference-over-concern-basic


Step in the right direction. I hope he’ll cut funding also to israel.


How any politician attends a conference based on the hate of one nation towards another is telling.


Awesome Bernie Sanders! Awesome Liz Warren also, quite obviously THE best 2 candidates running in this race. Good for them both, aipac=no good! The entire world seems to be getting more and more weird, and dangerous by the day. Do not really expect miracles from whoever ends up getting the presidency, but, there is much that can be done. Kinda reminds me of an old SteppinWolf song-Monster., kinda but not all the way.


Bernie does speak at the J-Street national conference. Kudos to him for using his influence to elevate pro peace Jewish organizations and weaken the influence of a group like AIPIC.


With each passing day Sander’s clarion calls for justice, peace and compassion are growing louder and reaching more people!

This is truly an amazing moment in our history as a country.

In the meantime, the very opposite is occurring across the globe as trump and modi lead a fascist fest in India.


Thanks to Bernie and Elizabeth for being forthright, and starting what I hope becomes a wave of rejection for AIPAC’s hate and militant rhetoric. They have a long history of support for those
who vote, speak and act against Palestinian rights.


This is one area where I go much, much further than Bernie does to the left. I have long called for the U. S. to cut all aid to Israel and support the Palestinians as the ONLY legitimate owner of ALL of Palestine, the Zionist Israelis being nothing but land thieves using false history and theology to justify their theft of Palestine for over 100 years. Bernie’s position is but one step in the right direction, and I welcome that, but we have a long, long way to go before anything like real justice is ever done for the Palestinian people.


Alibi for
Institutionalization of
Palestinian Persecution

No more alibis


this is maximum balls for a US politician, even though most of us lefties find it inadequate.

nevertheless, the blowback from AIPAC is going to be enormous, and while they’re not the auto-reject they used to be, they’re still plenty powerful to derail most politicians careers and they still overwhelmingly dominate the media.

this is the one issue I think the Sandernistas have to fear the most. Trump is going to be all over this one in a general, and he’s going to get significant traction from it.

be ready.

Edit: MSN drops a “Bernie Loves Castro” smear piece at the top of their website this morning.

Multiply that by 100 when it comes to Israel.

And that’s why the vileness of this election is only now just starting.


This seems to be new for Liz. She’s never cared much about Middle East peace, as far as I can remember. However, I’m glad she’s staying away, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but also because it offers Bernie some buffer when they say this proves he’s a Nazi.


Good for Sanders and Warren. AIPAC is an extremist right-wing organization.


This showa the great integrity and quality of Bernie Sanders!

How many other candidates will show a like courage and honor to not attend the annual AIPAC boot-licking?
Apparently Liz will as well.

Its very likely the others, Biden, Amy K, Mayo Pete, certainly Bloomberg will all cravenly kowtow to the subversive AIPAC and crawl on their belly’s. as bootlickers to the real sunbersion of our elections, candidates, legislation and foreign policy by Israel - the recipients of Billions to support racism and illegal colonization of The Occupied Territories!

BDS! No Justice, NO Peace! Zionism IS Racism!

BERNIE 2020 for justice and peace!


Palestinian rights and anyone who demonstrated against war in this country.

More than special interests owning politicians. Duel citizen American/Zionist occupy numerous high and low positions in congress (House and Senate), Trump administration, government agencies, Hollywood propaganda machine, fake antisemitic groups, wall street banks and media (MSM and Social).

Bernie has put his foot in the trillion dollar MICC slop bucket. It is a dangerous time. Presidents have been murdered for a lot less.


You and I both know that’s true for M$MBS, the agitprop machine, what have you. But I’m intrigued by the third-rails people avoid like the plague (gender fluidity in general is an unrelated, extremely uncomfortable subject like this). My social-analysis theorem is that the most unspeakable places are fertile soil for unearthing unexamined assumptions.

Sorry for the wordy philosophical angle. What I’m getting around to is the thorny proximity of this media-domination meme to a familiar “trope” as they say. We might have some choppy waters to navigate when the truth gets so close to the trope.

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Continue and support #BDS


It would’ve been more accurate for me to say “the Israeli messaging machine dominates the US media”.


I know you’re a 538 acolyte, so I thought I’d mention Bernie’s huge leap in odds of winning over there.

Pretty dramatic, man.

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Mainstream, and bipartisan, doesn’t equate to righteous activity. Not concerning AIPAC.