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Political Energy Electrifies Nevada Ahead of Bellwether Caucus



'"There's an important Hispanic element to the Democratic caucus in Nevada, but it's still a state that is 80% white voters," Brian Fallon, the Clinton campaign press secretary, said last week.'

No, it's 60% Democratic white voters. The press secretary is just playing this "Bernie only appeals to ____" card, a variation on the "Bernie doesn't appeal to any feminists" line. After Hillary loses Nevada, the press secretary wants to claim that Bernie only appeals to white voters and so black voters should stick with Hillary.


Viva El Viejito!


Finally--Bernie reaches out to the First Nations:



I have posted this previously and it will be posted again. It is up to all of us - common vision, common goals and working to make this a reality. It can be done.


The thing that I find most amazing is the dart game the establishment politicians are playing as they continue to throw darts at Bernie to see if anything sticks, and they continuously get stuck with the backlash of voter rage because the dart game is nothing more than an insult, not only to the voter's intelligence, but an insult to their living conditions, and each of those conditions are brought front and center by Bernie Sanders who is anything but a single issue candidate.

We know what the rhetoric is; I call it political noise, but the reality is, in spite of all that noise, I believe Bernie will do well in Nevada, but to suggest that a win in Nevada would give his campaign legs; I find that completely disingenuous, simply because his campaign not only has legs, it has been off and running on those legs for months. I think the more realistic narrative is that Hillary's legs have a cramp, and anyone who has ever had a cramp knows your muscles will bern.

The establishment syndicate has yet to realize, thank God that they have become a source of their own demise. Instead of addressing the source of economic pain, they are only addressing the symptoms, which is politics as usual. So this is a case of political malpractice, one that prolongs and mask the pain with a prescription for failure, and the patients need for competent medical intervention from a skilled and dedicated practitioner, and when your the one in pain, you begin to understand the difference of your treatment once you have suffered long enough.

Go Bernie, go...


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"Because together we will stand, every boy, girl, woman and man..."

How's my memory? Pretty sure that's it.


Well put. I especially like this: "So this is a case of political malpractice, one that prolongs and mask the pain with a prescription for failure, and the patients need for competent medical intervention from a skilled and dedicated practitioner. . . ." Prolong and mask the pain -- that's what establishment politicians have been doing for decades and I agree, it is definitely what HIllary would do. People need help now. There are real-world consequences for this "political malpractice" to the millions of people whose lives will never get any better without real change starting at the top.


Well, at least one politico did.
Don't hold your breath while waiting for any other candidate to address the issues of "First Nation" people's, Hillary or otherwise.


Sorry to hear this, as Bernie has gone out of his way to run a clean campaign.
It doesn't look like his brother is using his best judgement in trying to help Bernie.


Agreed. It makes sense that Bernie would since he is campaigning on inclusiveness.


A recent Gravis poll had Clinton up by 6 points but I would be surprised if she wins. I think the Clinton camp is smart to play down expectations and make their stand in South Carolina. If she doesn't hold up there maybe Joe Biden will jump in. Michael Bloomberg sounds like he is ready to run as an independent.


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Yes indeed those demographics vote based on their independent beliefs, whether democratic or independent or communist they are like everyone else and should not be pigeon holed.


As a Sanders supporter, it would not surprise me at all if it turns out to be true what those women are saying about Bill.
But from the point of view of someone who is undecided between Sanders and Clinton, it may look like Sanders is no better than Clinton when it comes to doing or saying anything to make the other look bad.
Sanders has had his opportunities to personally go after Hillary, but has made it a point not to, he has said that he wants to stick to the issues. People seem to like him for that and it shows in the polls and the voting so far.


Yes he is, someone ought to remind the folks the son of a bitch that slick Willie really is. And how about Vince Foster's mysterious"suicide"? Someone ought to mention that too, what did really happen to him?


I believe latinos know what Hillary did to Honduras. We shall see how the vote goes. Latinos are as varied as anyone. Still. Honduran youth fleeing a once gentle democracy? Ask latinos what Hillary did in Honduras. We shall soon see who remembers what.


Indeed. Good to see.


Sad to hear his brother is so politically inept to make such a statement. Considering that the MSM will dog Sanders relentlessly from here on out to defend his brother's remark, it will be seen as a negative consequential development in the long run.

Does not make my day.