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Political Judiciary in Argentina


Political Judiciary in Argentina

Mark Weisbrot

The New York Times reported last week that Argentina's former President Cristina


Excellent piece. What is happening in Latin America now is frightening. The criminals are prosecuting the innocent for non crimes and the media, the criminals own, is selling this BS to the public.


Thank you for the report, Mr. Weisbrot. I was thinking along these same lines:

“The parallels with the right-wing opposition strategy in Brazil are striking. In Brazil, the right-wing coalition has just formed a new government while they impeach President Dilma Rousseff of the Workers’ Party (PT). Like the Kirchners in Argentina, the PT also presided over a large improvement in living standards in Brazil, most of which have not been lost in the last couple of years of recession. Dilma is being impeached for an accounting maneuver that is not a crime, and had been done by previous presidents as well as governors. In both Brazil and Argentina, a hostile, oligopolized, anti-government mass media has been used to make these non-crimes look like they are somehow tied to corruption.”

I’d like to take it a step further. The political process is like a not so cosmic egg splitting in two. In Spain there were the Indignados, in the U.S. the Sanders’ supporters (many having participated in OWS), in Greece, an attempt to challenge the European Union by voting in a Socialist, and current uprisings in France. Add in the Arab Spring and environmental protests all over the world.

Call all of the above the left side of the mundane-cosmic egg.

On the other side of the coin, there are right wing contingencies rising. In the U.S. the pattern is led by Donald Trump and in the Philippines, by the odious Rodrigo Duterte.

What’s notable is that the impeachment of Russeff leads to an all white, all male cabinet. And it’s misogyny that’s turning the clock back in the U.S. (with Trump), in the Philippines (with Duterte), and likely in these deliberate attacks on two South American women leaders.

The old boys’ club wants to retain control. However, having had control for centuries, it has created the designs that WE live by; and those designs allow for top-down power structures that block Democracy; resource extraction processes that are murdering the natural world; endless wars; and tremendous income inequality.

Until power is shared in ways that give voice, agency, and influence to women and persons of color… progress will grind to a halt and the old oligarchic powers will render us all slaves.


Do you think it’s fair to smear ALL Americans for what is effectively done by militarists (through both overt and covert operations) to further the goals of the corporate overlords?

(Have you read John Perkins’ expose: “Confessions of an Economic Hit man”? Its insights would enlighten you as to the real logistics involved.)

How many Americans wanted NAFTA or trade agreements that effectively moved “their” jobs to Mexico and Latin America?

It’s a mistake to take the program of the elites and use it as a bludgeoning tool through which to beat all Americans.