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'Political Reptilian Brains': Cuomo Blasts Democrats and the Left


'Political Reptilian Brains': Cuomo Blasts Democrats and the Left

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

In a far-ranging interview Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized fellow Democrats and what he called an anti-business mentality in his state that he believes was part of a political miscalculation which cost the state an Amazon facility in New York City.

Cuomo's remarks came during a 33-minute interview with Alan Chartock, chief executive officer of NPR affiliate WAMC.



If you are a politician, and your world ends with those who stake their claim in the world of the powerful such as other politicians and wealthy businessmen and woman who can wield power, you end up like Cuomo.

A journalist would do well to lay that out by asking the governor pointed questions that lay his entire world out, and expose this way of thinking.



This guy is a real piece of work, isn’t he?



Cuomo - more smears and tirades against regular people. This guy is one of the most disgusting creeps in the Corporate Democratic Party. He got “Democrats” to caucus with Republicans to eliminate the Dem’s majority in Albany. He’s been more pro-corporate than some Republicans. Now, he wants to go after “anti-Semitism” (which isn’t there) in the Democratic House and stereotypes a whole group of people (the activists). Cuomo is (and runs the state) as little more than a mob boss. And remember, Hillary and Tom Perez endorsed him over Cynthia Nixon.



Let’s not forget that Cuomo’s “fellow Democrats” are Republicans lying about who they are.



Andrew, his father Mario and the other one, Luigi on CNN, what a bunch of morons!



His name is Chris " Squeegio " Cuomo. Rhymes with " Spagettio ", I believe. Please try to be more sensitive in the future, like the Governor. Even if you do have tattoos and/or pack a hoohah.
We’ve got to beat Trump by moving to the right, don’t cha know.

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I actually agree with Cuomo, the polar extremes in the d-party are a problem.

That’s why I’m no longer a Democrat and work tirelessly to destroy them. They stand in the way of enacting policies I favor – policies that solve problems instead of pleasing oligarchs.

Anyway, it should make a corporate sock puppet like Cuomo happy to be rid of a purist hippie like me, what with my earring and all.

I know I feel better.



Separating the wheat from the…what?

Remember what Jim said, “I am the lizard King, I can do anything”!



" Separate the wheat from the rats, pretty much ".
Jim Morrison. ( Poetry from The Lost Matchbooks Vol.II )



I sure do miss Jim, yes I do.



To better understand the Bozo Amazon story, San Antonio Texas officials essentially told Bozo, hit the road, we are not your bitch…but here is Cuomo on his knees.



Jeff Bezos is a slaver pimping for slave manufactured crap. He runs over what’s left of mom and pop in a world devastated by Walmart.



Coming from another state, I didn’t realize what a DINO Cuomo is. Was his father really this bad? I’m for public to private sector 50-50 in the United States.

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File this under the arrogance of power - it is as addicting as the purest heroin and 1000 times more dangerous.



That’s Bozos. T-Rump said it, and for once I believe him.

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As a matter of fact we DO hate most corporations as they are currently constituted.

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Poor Cuomo, he never got over having to ban fracking in NY. And he still hasn’t forgiven anyone for the slight of being primaried and having to actually campaign for his job this time. And now he’s apoplectic that he took a load in the face from Bezos and got nothing in return.
Poor dumb bastard



Cuomo has a form of arrogance that comes with being a shill and participant on and in the wealth class. Like all cults they need to protect themselves against the masses. One wall around their gated communities isn’t enough. They need to make any living around the area beyond financial means to the working class. It is called Neanderthal brain.



Interesting, 50-50, Could be good competition. Quality vs price.