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'Political Reptilian Brains': Cuomo Blasts Democrats and the Left


Isn’t Cuomo characterizing Rep. Omar’s statement as anti-semitic tantamount to Clarence Thomas claiming that Anita Hill’s accusations were racist ?


Cuomo will need a Wizard to bring back Amazon.

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All Hail the Lizard King https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOzpncIHCLs


Vote Cuomo, this damned mouthpiece for billionaires, out of office, New Yorkers! Where are your instincts? He is right here in front of you working against your best interests full time!


He couldn’t carry his father’s jock strap in either style or substance. That said the elder Cuomo wasn’t exactly a paragon of virtue either.

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I’m not sure, but if it is, it seems obvious now that you mention it, begging the question of why no one else has done so. Are we missing something?


You do not get elected in NY without the support of the Jewish community.

Mr Cuomo knows full well that his Jewish benefactors are listening to his every word when he condemned Congresswoman Omar.

He is a sub-human coward for ignoring the horrific plight of the Palestinians.

The only thing he sees is the Benjamin’s that he gets from his donors, just as Omar correctly stated.

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Coumo is a POS Republican, end of story.


Actually, studies in neuroscience do show that conservatives tend to “react”, (fight or flight) from the amygdala while liberal-progressives tend to use the prefrontal cortex (reason). So, as far as the Republicans (and conservative Democrats) go, he may be correct. However, someone who can call any of Rep. Omar’s statements “anti-Semitic”, is far from rational or reasonable. Spewing the anti-Semitic trope every time someone criticizes Israeli policy or AIPAC (Israel lobby), is totally irrational, and driven by fear. Who is being reptilian now?


Amazon is a principal owner (and I’m not using the word “owner” because I couldn’t think of “underwriter”) of NPR.

Also, all this wheeling-and-dealing was done in private, not just in NY. I’ve been around enough to know that when someone gets as p.o.ed as Cuomo for not getting what they want, it typically means there was a hefty bribe on the line.

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I would love to hear a journalist ask the hard questions of every person holding an elected office. It is for benefit of the many that we hear these answers – not that they even care.


As Rutger Bregman would say, “a millionaire funded by billionaires.” Gov. Zephyr Teachout would be so much better. Could be Cuomo was auditioning for a job with his brother on CNNN (Cable Not News Network).