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Political Resignations are a Radical Cure for our Politics of Resignation


Political Resignations are a Radical Cure for our Politics of Resignation

Peter Bloom

As politicians step down amid allegations of misconduct, the #MeToo movement represents a bold strike against the powerlessness of everyday oppression


Sadly, I am “resigned” to the fact that “We the People” have no voice and what we say or want will not be heard much less acted on. 23+ MILLION emails of protest sent to the FCC about saving the internet! Yet ONE corrupt asshole gets to over-ride those millions.

By the way, with all the attention being paid to “sexual misconduct”, all the much more important stuff has been stuck in a box. (i,e, Free college; single-payer; SEVEN wars wasting our $ and harming innocents; internet takeover by corporations; add your own) The corrupt government and corporations that own it are DESPICABLE…but they rule. We don’t. Didn’t think that was the plan in the late 1700s, was it?


By shining the light on and demanding sexual harrassers’ resignations the me too movement has passed the point of no return whereby they MUST cast just as bright a light on and apply the same pressure on other political corruption that affects exponentially more people than sexual harrassment does.

Short of that the me too movement will have won a battle but lost the war.


The Sen. Al Franken " hill " may be a bad place for Metoo to die on. The opposition and support to what has occurred in the inner circles of the Democratic Senate has been quite mixed, to say the least. The big winner may be just more apathy if Trump, Bannon, Moore & Co. aren’t quarantined as culturally and legally toxic predators.
Bettting that 2018 will be a gigantic reckoning of some sort, has no historical and political basis. The voters in Alabama seem to care more about the unborn, gun rights and tax cuts than anything else. That may seem weird to most folks but it’s what it has devolved into in 21st Century America. The rise of White Nationalist Power/White Evangelical Power is the war Metoo and Democratic leaders seem unable to fight, as well. They’re linked but no one wants to say so. Which means we’re in deep doodoo.


“Betting that 2018 will be a giant reckoning of some sort, has no historical or political basis” is especially true in view of there being no apparent force to spur the “reckoning”.

Perhaps there is an underground movement that has been able to stay under the oligarchs’ radar and will emerge just in time ?


But outside of the democratic elites no one wants Al to resign. Thom Hartmann, one of The few left leaning radio hosts, polled his listeners. 96% online and 98% on air say ‘no’ to his resignation. The only on air supporters of resignation were 2 men. What does that tell you? Female callers from the Midwest were irate at the Democratic leadership and said that was it, third party for them. The failure of the Democratic
leadership to care about the Bernie Voters is making a third party more likely. Economics, minimum wage, increased SS benefits, free education and healthcare to start. Without that the politics of identity can’t bring the ship to port.