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'Political Revolution in Action': National Pro-Bernie Coalition Launches Unified Voter Mobilization Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/31/political-revolution-action-national-pro-bernie-coalition-launches-unified-voter

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“Bernie Sanders’ campaign is about more than one election. It’s about changing politics and shifting power from corporations and billionaires to the working class.”

And Voting Blue No Matter Who (The definition of insanity) WILL NEVER get that done

It matters who replaces Trump

Bernie 2020


The eternal optimist in me finds hope and comfort in this news; the pessimist wonders what will happen to all this energy when the DNC screws Sanders–and, more importantly, his supporters!–out of the nomination again. How about a write-in campaign, and to hell with Tom Perez and the stupordelegates?


Would that it were

I don’t think that works in many States (pre rigged) but if it does,…if it comes to that… do it


The energy will dissipate.
Voter turn out will crash.
Trump will win.
The DNC and the rest of the d-party establishment will blame hippies.


Bleak but plausible. Pessimists are never disappointed, but are sometimes (rarely) pleasantly surprised.


Not pessimism my friend but in my view, more like the corrupt reality unless millions of us refuse to allow the corrupt DNC to do what they are planning to do!


If the people/organizations involved understand that the work is not trying to “save” or “reform” the Democratic Party, but building a movement that will yield real parties outside of the Dems, then - and only then - will all of these efforts have positive meaning. This goes both for Bernie and all of us who consider ourselves Bernistas. Blue No Matter What is BS. Bernie Blue (then Green/Indy) is the real thing. This may be our last chance.

BERNIE 2020!


Not pessimistic. Just a movie I’ve seen before. And before. And…


I agree, but not sure how we could do this. I am open to suggestions that don’t include being as bad as those we despise. I just don’t see how…

Me too. All I can say is in my opinion, it must be non-violent. I need someone smarter than me to answer your question. Thanks for your reply.

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Well here is a few suggestions take it to the streets a million people on mall in DC .Cant get there do as you can locally . Canvas , phonebank , donate , vote , take a friend . Show up at city hall meetings make your voice heard . Run for office or support someone aligns with your values . Get involved with county , state caucuses . Spread the Bern . Even small efforts make a huge difference when multiplied . Only limits we have are our imagination and our comfort zone . Its not about this one election although lets do all we can to get Bernie elected and that other disgrace out of our house . Bernie has already won many more are carrying that torch forward , look around the world people are waking up. The change we want will happen unless we say oh to hard .Keep up the good fight like our lives depend on it . They actually do.

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Thank you for your excellent suggestions.