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Political Trials and Electoral Bans: The Battle for Democracy in Ecuador

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/23/political-trials-and-electoral-bans-battle-democracy-ecuador

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With the bravery he showed in sheltering Assange, Correa has already entered the right side of history. He did that at a time when all “western democracies” that preach free speech, either looked the other way, or actively engaged in lawfare against a journalist.

Surprised that Interpol has not been supporting Moreno.

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Military coups are no longer Uncle Sam’s preferred option in Latin America,
though they’re still on the table when nothing else works, as occurred in
Haiti (2004), Honduras (2009) and Bolivia (2019) in this millennium.
In Venezuela, Pompouseo/Bolton/Trump/Abrams have spared no effort
to provoke a military coup (since 2002).

But in Paraguay (about 2013), Brazil (2016) and now Ecuador,
the Empire prefers a few fig leaves of corrupt courts and officials
to cover its regime change operations. Also ‘colour revolutions’
as in Nicaragua (2018) can be promoted with US AID cash.

In defence of neoliberalism and destructive resource extraction,
Canada now publicly supports most of these campaigns,
and Europe also helps the U.S. more openly.