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Politicizing a Pandemic and Rigging an Election—Trump's 2020 Re-election Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/24/politicizing-pandemic-and-rigging-election-trumps-2020-re-election-campaign

The problem is far deeper then just Trump and his re-election campaign. Both sides have politicized the “rigging of elections” to such and extreme (Yes the Democrats as responsible with their “Russia did it” narrative) , that the integrity of the upcoming elections is so suspect in the eyes of the Public that ANY result and no matter who wins will be followed by claims that “The elections were rigged”.

Now it patently obvious Trump sets the stage for this but if you go to those right wing websites they all claim it the Democrats that are tampering and they will claim it the Democrats that promoted false claims about election rigging with that same “Russia” narrative.

So what you have is Democrats claiming the Republicans will rig the elections and their supporters agreeing as Republicans claim The Democrats are trying to rig the results with their supporters agreeing. Trust is completely gone. This is why most Countries in the world that are deemed “Democracies” try and set up a structure wherein an independent body that is bipartisan and tied to no Political party oversees the elections in their respective Countries.

There will very likely chaos post election with article after article questioning the validity of the results no matter who wins and this could well lead to violence on the streets. BOTH parties played a role in this.

While historically there have always been charges of tampering with the results in the USA , it all came to the fore in the Bush/Gore election yet neither party sought to address concerns over how US elections were run. That neither party acted suggests both parties have a vested interest in allowing the present system to remain. Some years back both the Republican and the Democratic party acted in concert to ensure Jill Stein could not enter the location of one of the Presidential debates going as far as to have her shackled to a chair with handcuffs.

A number of journalists (see John Pilger) have reported extensively on this for decades so it not like this all new.


The Dimcritter Party’s highest priority is to maximize corporate campaign contributions.

The GOP’s highest priority is to make the 2020 election the US’ final election.


I think Mr. DeJoy should be arrested for being a terrorist and for undermining the integrity of the Post Office. Just the fact that he has stock in competing private mail carriers is enough. Besides, he destroyed, or caused to be destroyed all these sorting machines,
All the Trump people seem to act as if government offices are their own private business. Congress also need to make a law that department heads must have experience in running a department or business of a similar kind of business. It’s bad enough that trump is a greedy idiot undermining his own nation—but now I am wondering, besides DeJoy—what havoc is going on in other departments?
And if Trump loses and won’t eave----then maybe there would be a drone ( armed too ) that would chase him out of the White House and out onto the street where the PEOPLE are—that would be interesting. But if this charade continues, well, this is America—someone will just shoot him.

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When is the FUCKING media going to call out Trump for all his BULLSHIT! Keep low income people out of th suburbs??? What happenned to the American dream??? Ow it stopped back in 1970—Trump promised the best healthcare ever—WHERE THE FUCK IS IT??? Trump said in2016 he would fix Chicago----what did he do ----NOTHING!!! FUCKING REPORT THIS SHIT!!! Why do the media do this we got to be fair to both sides yet you have fox “news” contolled by Tory Rupuert Murdock who can push all the PROPAGANDA he wants----WAKE UP AMERICA


Trump’s divisive tactics are surely making more enemies for him every day. But sadly, as voters we do not get any opportunity to vote against a candidate like Trump. With plurality voting we only get to vote for one candidate and we have no opportunity to vote against anyone. In Maine, ranked voting allows us to vote for several different candidates but still there is no opportunity to say who we are against.

What this means is that candidates are free to make enemies without much worry so long as they maintain a base of supporters bigger than any of their opponents. In other words, by not allowing voters an opportunity to express opposition, our elections promote the divisiveness and polarization that so infects our politics. Correcting this error is the concept behind Balanced Voting which is discussed in some detail at OpEdNews.