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Politicizing a Woman’s Body

Politicizing a Woman’s Body

Robert C. Koehler

White men rule!

That’s the uber-message quietly emerging from the new anti-abortion laws recently passed in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Missouri, no matter that the public remains predominantly supportive of safe, legal abortions.


And, I might add, this domination-dehumanization attacks a woman’s freedom meaning her right to choose her own limitations.


My 24 year old daughter: If abortion becomes illegal in the US, I’m moving out of the country. I don’t need an abortion, but I am not down with a bunch of white men taking away my rights.
Me: I’m going with you.


They try and restore that Biblical nonsense that a woman is nothing more than property.

This crap obviously extends the world over outside those peoples whose faith premised on the Old and New Testaments and the Koran. A play from Ancient Greece by one Aeschylus (i believe it the Orestes cycle) concludes that the female exists as a womb in which the mans offspring to emerge from. Agamemnon is essentially exonerated from having sacrificed his Daughter Iphigenia to the gods , even as Clytemnestra condemned for having him murdered in revenge because “Daughters” are seen as property to be used as the owner wishes.

This is all about the White Males trying to re-assert their ownership over the female person.

This less about Politicizing the female body as it is about monetizing it so like other things monetized it can be bought and sold and used as the owner wishes.


How is it that rights are taken away?
By any sane metric, this is absolutely crazy.
The Handmaid’s Tale writ phucking large…for women, no money, no vote, no education, no work, no rights what so ever.

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Hi BeijaFlor:
The 18th Amendment, the one about alcohol , was repealed in 1933—so things can be repealed. The 13th Amendment does speak to slavery and involuntary servitude… although this also says that a person duly convicted of a crime----and the anti abortion people would make abortion a crime— to possibly get around that part of the 13th.

Some states do end up taking control of a person’s body , like with the death
penalty. I think that’s what lots of republicans and others are doing with assigning abortion as a crime as opposed to medical care.
Really , if people are going to start calling an abortion, a death or a murder by medical care— then they need to remember that at 6 weeks , when a fetus doesn’t have most internal organs -it’s not a living entity, as an actual baby that has been born---- Although, if dividing cells becomes the criteria, and that’s the new standard, then cells without internal organs could not be killed.
If the people trying to kill Roe V. Wade can get a death meaning from dividing cells then what will happen to those with cancer-----whose cells keep dividing —Then the unintended consequences come in if they decided that murder is defined as killing any and all dividing cells---------and won’t that be a mess. NO abortions BUT— no cancer care! either!

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[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:63777”]
So that’s what has begun: a return, or at least an attempted return, to the old days, before the civil rights era and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and certainly before 1973’s Roe v. Wade, when women did not have legal control over their own bodies. This was the era before racism and sexism were officially recognized as wrongdoing and discrimination could be openly and bluntly imposed as, simply, The Law.
— Robert Koehler

The hard-core of support for Extreme Right Wjng Republicans are the Southern Whites.
Robert Koehler understands this reality

They have taken over the Republican Party. The “Southern Strategy” of Nixon and Buchanan in 1968 has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

IMO, Stacey Abrams was robbed and cheated. She should have been Governor. Georgia would now be better for it.