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Politico Is Mistaken, It Would Be Fun and Easy for Donald Trump to Divest


Politico Is Mistaken, It Would Be Fun and Easy for Donald Trump to Divest

Dean Baker

Politico badly misled readers this morning in an article that said Trump "can't simply divest from his businesses." The article cited a number of experts who explained how difficult and complicated it would be for Trump to sell off his various businesses, many of which have complex ownership arrangements, along with debts and other legal obligations.


Oh, but what about his poor children? Where would they be without the brand?


Trump is counting on no one holding his feet to the fire on divestment. Congress is the only entity that can enforce the emoluments clause and my guess is that he already has some assurance that they won't.


See legislation introduced today by Sen. Warren.


What was it?


Yeah but like I said, it won't pass the Republican controlled Congress. I am all for it but it is just a statement with no teeth and no hopes of growing any. I hope I am wrong and their are some Republicans who have a shred of integrity left but...want to bet?


Well, it certainly won't pass if the people just shrug and give up.


He'll divest alright- by hiding money in the Cayman Islands.


This method might work (for all I know) if the net value of the troll's assets is positive. But what if, as has been argued, he is massively in debt? See

It wouldn't do him any good to buy an insurance policy for a negative sum.