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Politicon Lineup Exposes Event as 'Circus': Critics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/politicon-lineup-exposes-event-circus-critics

From the article:

“‘Is it possible to hit the reset button on a nation’s political culture,’ Cotlar wondered, ‘and start over from scratch?’”

I don’t know, but I’d love to find out. The suspense is literally killing me.


I suggest someone lock the door from the outside and keep them inside permanently. None of those evil idiots should be allowed outside again.


" Yes, Mr. Coltar it is possible. But, the sponsors of this freak show fest who put up the big $$$; also known as " scratch ", don’t have any intention of satisfying your itch. Or, any other itches " goo goo govt " types, like yourself, may suffer from.
I suggest you buy some Johnson & Johnson’s Talcum Powder and apply it daily, and very liberally all over, until the rashes and cancers arrive. "
Dr. Milton Friedman

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PolitiCON, it’s built right into the name.


It’s hard to believe that anyone is banging on about Jordan Peterson being hard right' figure. I think you lost that argument a year ago or something, wasn't it? But it is easy in theCommon Dreams’ bizarre world, anyone on the left is mainstream' anyone not isextreme right’. It is very easy not to think, isn’t it?

That’s because venues like Fox Noise have shifted reasoning right-wingers to far right nut jobs.
They seem to hate everything but themselves.