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Politics as a Food Fight: The Media Is Feeding the Political Divide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/03/politics-food-fight-media-feeding-political-divide

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“The real story in journalism today is that one party has abandoned that respect and reverence. It is a party that hates government, yet wants to govern. It is a party that puts power over principle. It is a party that routinely lies. It is a party that rejects science, the Enlightenment, and seeks to usher in a New Dark Age. And finally, it is a party that threatens the principles and institutions we rely on for whatever semblance of freedom remains.”

Yep. Spot on. Took me a bit to unclench my fists in order to work my keyboard. I’m a lifelong proud independent for a reason–or should I say lots of them…

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The adjective ‘sclerotic’ is increasingly applicable to the character of late stage empire scrambling to claim itself viable.
WIKI on sclerosis
Sclerosis is the stiffening of a structure, usually caused by a replacement of the normal organ-specific tissue with connective tissue. The structure may be said to have undergone sclerotic changes or display sclerotic lesions, which refers to the process of sclerosis. The term is from Greek σκληρός “hard”

As a metaphor for the functions of human society, it sure seems on the money - if you’ll pardon the expression. Perhaps the models that assert the individual human is actually a microcosm of the planetary and cosmic being are the truer representation and empire is simply a form of cancer.

Ever since Newt Gingrich’s contract on America a quarter century ago the GOP has protested everything except their own sinister propaganda and legislation.

After Moscow Mitch’s 2016 refusal to consider Obama’s SCOTUS nominee any journalist not locked in a closet should know that the GOP is more organized crime syndicate than political party and dignifying their opinions by lending credence to them calls the credibility of that “journalist” into question.

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Another example of billionaire ownership with no moral value other than domination for personal profit.
At the worst is the right-wing propaganda machine that has produced Trump with total support. They lie, cheat and steal with no fact checking. A Rupert Murdoch dream of destruction of the US. Add they also pollute the nightly news with their systems. Those with educations, travel and ability to see the truth are in danger as the US is collapsing just like Germany did before Hitler.

As far as calling the people who work for the MSM journalists, it’s quite a stretch as far as I’m concerned. Yes the gop since Raygun, have crapped all over that document written on “fragile parchment” for their own benefit and the benefit of their rich doners. Lets not forget the majority of the other half of the 2 headed political party we deal with in this country, enables them, every step of the way. Other than a handful of progressives, the 99% has no representation in government. My hope is that someday soon the majority in this group will wake-up and realize this sad fact.


Thanks for the spirited, trenchant excoriation of the media’s culpability in keeping the public disinformed. To your list of journalistic failures you might add an equally monstrous one, that of failing to ensure that the public grasps the horrific dimensions of the climate crisis, that it truly threatens not only our parchment documents but the continued existence of humankind and most life on the planet. In the name of “balance” a handful of so-called scientists are given equal weight to the overwhelning majority of the scientific community, thus misleading many Americans.


Pretty sad alright.

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Maybe too much reliance on ‘the media’, which is after all a second hand source, at the best of times.

Who reads non-fiction - what percentage ?

Who reads peer reviewed science, or even Scientific American and American Scientist ?

The media has always admitted that their product is stories, not facts…so they never let facts get in the way of good stories.

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Well, John, let’s see . . .

  1. How can a ‘highly secure meeting room’ be entered? What made it ‘secure’, if you don’t mind my asking. And how did the aforementioned repubs breach the barricades?

  2. Do you really think that only one party (aka half of the duopoly) has abandoned respect and reverence for the Constitution? Really?! Me thinks, once again, you are biased towards the dem side.

  3. And you, of all people, making your living off what people read, be it online or in print, should realize that the name of the game is what sells, as in your latest book, pal.

Of course the bloody media is milking this shitshow for all it’s worth. What else do you expect from them? They’re as blinded by the profit motive as anyone else, including you.

Get a grip.

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As example see the Medias reporting on Hilary Clinton claiming Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset and then backtracking a few days later due to backlash.

The Media will only report stuff as news if it in their best interests and will entrench the Status Quo . That is their sole purpose. It not a Republican thing or a Democrat thing. It a POWER and profits thing and who it is they want to have the POWER that will garner them more profits. It no accident that the people with the power also garner the profits from the media as they own it.

Amazon recently lost a huge Government contract of some 10 billion dollars to Microsoft. I can only wonder how those “Independent Journalists” at the Washington Post will report on this.

Wall Street Democrats threatened to bail on the Party, or even support Trump, if Warren is the nominee. While this may come as a shock to some people, it reflects an inconvenient truth we have been dancing around for years now. There is no liberal wing or conservative wing, no left or right, Republican or Democrat. There is neoliberal dogma of the me-first elites and those they duped, and then there is progressive sentiment shared by those who care about their fellows. One cut slices America in two, right through Party, race, and every layer of society.

While the elites maintain a united front, they send the splitters in to chop and dice, confuse, and weaken the progressive side, because they are few in number. It has always been so.

I personally see the r-party as outplaying the d-party when it comes to messaging.

Keep it simple.
Attack egghead scientists and other elites.
Throw everything at the wall, something will stick.