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Politics in 2019 Will Have a Lot More Backbone


Politics in 2019 Will Have a Lot More Backbone

Tracey L. Rogers

As I reflect on the controversies that plagued the Trump administration throughout 2018, the unforeseen political power plays that shocked our nation, and the party stalemates that unfolded like a suspense thriller between Democrats and Republicans, I must admit that I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the finale.

Donald Trump will undoubtedly face more scrutiny — and maybe even impeachment — as the Mueller investigation delivers blow after blow.


I like that this author points out that conservatives play hardball to get their way.

I’ll even state that I respect her call out to liberals to fight back just as hard.

But ultimately, the power dynamics haven’t changed and liberals will get trampled on again.

And it won’t even be remotely fun saying ‘I told you so.’ Good golly, liberals are gullible as hell.


IMO this whole article is premised in the old paradigm of left vs. right that is currently dead on it’s feet. Replace the word “backbone” with “reality” in the title and you’re getting closer. These Warrior Goddesses aren’t trying to steer the party where they think it should go, they’re taking it back from Wall St., get it straight in your head. They are fighting for the people while the Clintonites/New democrats cling desperately and obviously to the 1%er’s dirty, corrupt money. The jig is up for the Vichy democrat party.


This piece is a fairly shallow view of Politics by Tweeting featuring the Tweets of AO-C who has not produced much of anything organizationally. It’s also instructive that it uses a Colin Kaepernick Nike commercial as a political view rather than the courageous struggle that Kapernick has waged over many years now to focus on the epidemic of police violence against Black people, other people of color, and poor people of every ethnicity in the U.S.


Does this spectacle have rerun written all over it, or what?

I remember the Progressive Caucus and the public option. They talked tough. Then they folded their tents.

Now we’ll watch HR676 morph into RomneyCare 2.0.
Well, at least we’ll have all those tweets…


Politics in 2019 will be a lot like politics in 2017 (and 2018 too, if you omit the elections). The Republicans will remain bought-off and regressive. The bought-off Democrats will seek to work with the Republicans by partially or fully funding every regressive thing they want. The very few progressive Dem office holders will push the entrenched corporate Dems to be less corrupt and maybe debate some meaningful bills, but not much will come of those efforts. That will be politics in 2019. Oh…I almost forgot…there will be some diversionary show-hearings on Russia or impeachment or whatever.


Very nice on the cynicism.


The casinos must like it when you visit and just leave your money at the door without even trying. peace.


The party leadership is 100% pure neo-liberal.

The very label (neo - new) ‘new liberal’ was designed to lull people away from examining its agenda closely. For decades, neo-liberal economists succeeded in ignoring its negative effects, till the suffering of hundreds of millions around the world finally proved, especially since the Great Recession, its true pernicious nature. Neo-liberalism is upward concentration of wealth. Neo-liberalism is for condemning hard working families to a life of marginal economic survival. Neo-liberalism is for not caring about your fellows. Neo-liberalism is by the elite, of the elite, and for the elite. For neo-liberalism to exist in a democracy, it must rely on political leaders to deceive and obfuscate its true nature, since no informed voter will support his own economic demise.

The ‘party leadership’ is very good at leading us astray.


WTF is your point?


I have no idea. Must have been reading a different post or read yours totally wrong. Your summation was on point and well stated. Let’s hope you are spot on and the fight truly is happening.