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Politics Swirling Around Clinton Email Scandal Obscure Real Problems


Politics Swirling Around Clinton Email Scandal Obscure Real Problems

Gabe Rottman

Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server while secretary of state has inevitably become a fully inflated political football in these early days of the 2016 presidential race—with the right somehow linking the emails to the late Vince Foster, and Clinton’s allies offhandedly dismissing the value of open government with comments like “


" … various Bush White House officials used Republican National Committee accounts to communicate with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in what would become the scandal over the hiring and firing of United States attorneys … "

If Bush engaged in the same sort of behavior that Clinton has done then it is definitely wrong b/c there was nothing to come out of the Bush years that was ethical, or even remotely honest!


The author of this article makes an interesting comparison between Chelsea Manning and Ms. Clinton – if it was a legally punishable offense for Chelsea to do no more than what Killery has undoubtedly done, then Killery should be facing a 35 year sentence also!


It is disingenuous to compare actions of whistle-blowers to president appointed and congress approved office holders of the state. Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowdon were exposing government secrets while Hillary Clinton and David Petraeus were trying to hide them. I am not saying which actions were the most noble but those distinctions make a heck of a difference when you consider how the media and public will perceive their deeds.