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Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Don't Trust Trump With His Big Nuclear Button

Poll: 60 Percent of Americans Don't Trust Trump With His Big Nuclear Button

Jon Queally, staff writer
In addition, more than half of respondents worry that president would launch nuclear strike without reasonable justification

Wow that low?

Does that poll mean that 40% of Americans trust this criminally, insane, maniac? If that fact is true, it means the other 40% that trust Trump having his finger on the nuclear trigger are as crazy as he is!


I will not trust him with my worst enemies dead dog!!!

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No, it’s against trump.

The more worrisome figure is the 40% that DO trust Trump. Proving that almost half of Americans are dumber than a bag of doorknobs.


congrats, Democrats. Yes, your personalized demonization campaign has been effective. Never let it be said that the GOP dominates the media.

I have learned that 60% of Americans have no idea how nuclear authorization works, though, and that’s apparently the entirety of the Democratic party.

Yes, that would be my first question. A 60 percent for those that do not trust Trump does not automatically mean the other 40 percent do trust him. More realistically that 40 percent would be split between “don’t know” (undecided) and “don’t trust.”

I don’t trust Trump with anything that comes across his desk with any expectation that he would act presidential. There is nothing about Trump that is presidential. For example, when Trump and the Republicans started proposing tax breaks and cuts for the rich I knew that invariable Trump himself would make billions of dollars in the deal. And he did make billions of dollars. Trump is a narcissistic sociopath,

7 Symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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America ought to launch his sorry ass into outer space, and save our country and the entire planet.

Or, just send him to the guillotine.


I said the much the same right after Trump became POTUS.

“Trump becoming POTUS was probably one of his best business decisions of his life.”

Don Jr., is that you again?

The only thing Trump is a genius at, is pissing off people for his lack of humanity.


In other news, 40% of Americans trust Trump with the nuclear button. That should be reassuring (in a far away galaxy).

To say the least, a real shame that we can no longer exile people with this base and dangerous mentality.
Better we tough, bootstrap-pulling Americans put up with them indefinitely.

Right. In what way is Don not a threat to the U.S., and the rest of the world?

Let’s encourage him to keep eating Big Macs.

Perhaps he’ll stroke out sooner than 2020.

Only 60%??? Come on, it must be much higher than that…

You are correct, Trump made $1.1 billion with the new tax cuts. Trump’s mind is fixated on the three words I, me and mine. Add that to someone who is extremely sexist and racist and you end up with a totally un presidential president.

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He is a threat, a huge threat. The other side of the planet has Kim Jon Un in North Korea, and on this side of the planet we have Trump. They are too much the same personality. Let’s arrange a dual on some desert island in the middle of nowhere. Trump and Kim, nukes at ten paces. Then they will leave the rest of us alone.

Well, Outer Space ain’t really the kind of place to raise your grand kids, in fact it’s a bit cold as hell… The guillotine… well… no that’s a bit mideval for today’s audiences. But I’m totally sympathetic with your sentiments. How be before he goes into the White House each morning we just make him wear big mittens like our mothers did so we wouldn’t suck our thumbs. That way he won’t be able to push that big red button so easily.