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Poll: 82% Say Trump Interview With Mueller Should Be Under Oath


Poll: 82% Say Trump Interview With Mueller Should Be Under Oath

Jake Johnson, staff writer

According to a new poll published by Monmouth University on Thursday, an overwhelming majority of Americans—and even most Republicans—want President Donald Trump to follow through on his expressed desire to be interviewed by special counsel Robert Mueller, and 82 percent believe this interview should be under oath.


This story and others like it are a riot.
No mater what Trump says, he will NEVER willing be interviewed under oath. I doubt he will do the interview at all.


“82% Say Trump Interview With Mueller Should Be Under Oath”

The other 18% are pathological liars, like Trump.


Under oath? You bet! Laws to “protect”? What is Constitutional?

There is little doubt in my mind we have a failed state. Can it be healed? Your guess is as good as mine when accountability is in such short supply.


I have no doubt that he thinks that if he is caught lying under oath, he can just pardon himself.


I’m still waiting, with growing impatience, for him to bring defamation suits against the women who have accused him of sexual assault. I’d buy tickets to the discovery phase.


Forget putting him under oath. He would still lie. Waterboard the a$$hole.


Given the yesterday’s shocking news that the 3 top Russian spy/intelligence chiefs met with CIA chief Pompeo and others last week, we’d best get on quickly with “under oath” special interrogations of all these people to find out what the Russians have on Trump and others.

This news should put every citizen on full-screaming-siren alert!


Under oath? It seems to me that Trump could care less about being under oath. In other words, in Trumps mind: when the president lies it is not perjury!


Monmouth survey sez: 82 percent believe this interview should be under oath.

Ah, yes. Just like The Dick and his ventriloquist’s dummy in his closed-door chat with the 9/11 Commission. Or not.


I believe lying to a federal agent is quite severe as well . Does not matter how to talk to Trump …just talk he will lie.


Trump will never sit down with Mueller. Ever. No way his lawyers let him do that, because they know he would lie and make their jobs that much more difficult defending him. EVERYONE knows Trump lies - pathologically, habitually, incessantly, daily. He can’t help himself.

Face it, Trump has no problem breaking laws - he’s done it his entire life, he does it every day he is President. It’s not a big deal to him or most of his Rethuglican supporters nationwide, or to the Rethuglican ass-kissing Congressmembers who cover for him. He will NOT sit down to talk with Mueller. What is Mueller going to do - arrest him? Pfft.


"he will NEVER be willing to be interviewed"
Sorry should have proofed, but I didn’t.


As if Don under oath will make one bit of difference.


where were these 82% a. holes when Bush and Cheney were quizzed about the 911 false flag. Which was more meaningful ? Some Russian bs or the ‘event that changed the world’ according to the neocons . Gee, lemme think !


The oath the treasonous dog already took! I must believe that included proscriptions against pathological lying and overt contempt for the law.

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”


Interviewed under Oath…says a lot about ol Trump doesn’t it.
The Lie Detector would be short circuiting, like the rest of us are doing every time he opens his mouth.

BTW thanks for the advice on seeking other medical rather than VA
Shoulda done it sooner, just no funds at that time.


Trump should not speak to Mueller, who is investigating him.

This is true for everyone. Never speak to the police; exercise your right to remain silent.


Good point. He’s already violated that oath, and got away with it. Bring on the next oath, Mr. Mueller.


In another era defenders of civil liberties were ascendant, now, alas…