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Poll: Almost Nobody Likes Plan To Kill Net Neutrality. GOP FCC Chair Ajit Pai: We're Doing It Anyway


Poll: Almost Nobody Likes Plan To Kill Net Neutrality. GOP FCC Chair Ajit Pai: We're Doing It Anyway

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Pointing to months of national protests, critics of Pai's plan charge that Americans "are sick and tired of the naked pay-to-play corporatism on display in tomorrow's vote."

Supporters of net neutrality rules


It is more surprising that by this point there are people that still believe we live in a representative democracy.


Yes. It is in our best interest to call it what it is: Fascism.The democratic process has been and continues to be violated courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats and are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. Killing Net Neutrality implies Censorship, an active ingredient in fascist ideology to push their propaganda…


Wouldn’t you love to see asses like Pai and Mnuchkin arrested for being smug in-your-face sellouts to materialism, consumerism and personal greed…it’s “immoral” but it’s “legal.” And that is where we will fall every time: immoral unconstitutional behavior is “legal.”


What kind of government is it that ignores the expressed wishes of well over 50% of the electorate? A government that “dictates” its will upon that same public? Dictates is the key term here folks.


Sounds like fascism to me.


Like Medicare for All, we need a “Net Neutrality for All” that bypasses the big big ISPs.


I hate to give the Repubs credit, but when they get chance, they go scorched earth.

And when they lose an election cycle, they’re already planning a cycle or two ahead, knowing the Dems will hand them another opportunity to scorch some more.


So much for government ‘of the people, by the people, for the people.’ The corporations are the only voices that count in today’s America. Corporations + government = fascism.


Let’s contact Americans who will be affected with “this” poll:

Kill Ajit Pai, or Kill Net Neutrality?

My bet is on keeping Net Neutrality. Who needs another corrupt lawyer that represents the top .01%.


Verizon is already designing and rolling out their brave, new, post-net neutrality internet. Click the link below to get a taste of what the internet will look like without net neutrality (Hey! it even includes the HuffPo - isn’t that “left” enough for you extremists???). This will be the basic service and everything else (provided they take an “oath” not to criticize capitalism or the war machine that enables it) you will pay through the nose for. If they refuse this “oath”, they will be blacklisted and banned as allowed by Verizon’s “First Amendment Rights” and you won’t be able to get it at any price.

Don’t like it? Then you are free to build your own continent-wide infrastructure of cables, fiver optics and thousands of server nodes - that’s the wonder of Free Markets!


Exactly. Indeed, Verizon’s clinching legal argument against net neutrality is that it makes them carry over their network opinions they disagree with - thereby violating their First Amendment Rights - no different than if the government forced you or me to wear a Trump T-shirt.

I’m not making this up! The First Amendment really does apply to corporate persons like Verizon!


Yep that last part of the sentence is especially important. The dems are just as complicit in all the horrible things the republicans are doing by offering next to no resistance and just keeping a lighter version of republican policies when they are in office. Maybe the two parties aren’t exactly the same, but the differences are of a marginal degree. We need a real opposition party who won’t immediately roll over when the fascists come out to play.


FBI has no crime files on corporations, only for people. I mean WTF, they’re people too, like Mittens says, so when do they get prosecuted?


That man’s salary is paid by the public yet he does not represent them. I think your suggestion has merit and it should be open for discussion.


I think it’s real purpose is to limit access to alternate media. The CIA is concerned that the public has access to actual news - the Clapper report on Russia was really about the CIA concern with alternate media and how Americans are losing faith in their institutions. There was no information with regard to Russia fixing the election. And yet the moron public thinks that is what the report said. CIA director Casey in 1980 to Regan when asked what he thought the role of the CIA was “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false".

When Clinton deregulated media we say a limiting of information. Anyone who got it right Post 911 - Phil donohue etc we don’t see anymore.

The argument here is the FCC is attacking freedom to information and the fifth estate - it is a constitutional violation. And we do have Clinton’s deregulation of media as evidence of what happens - A law suit might stall this for years

The public could bankrupt Verizon but the human race in general is not interested in principals or integrity - if it was those in power would not get more than a nano percent of the vote.

Carlin was right the public is the enemy - our collective stupidity.


I do not subscribe to cable tv so most of my information comes from the Internet; need it to stay open!


Thank god this is almost over. Time to let change take place in the marketplace, not run by the FCC mandarins.


This is what monopolies look like. You have no choice. You will take what we give you, like it or not.


Except, if you read my post above you would know that the legal twist here is that the FCC is attacking the fifth estate all right - by keeping the private journalist called "Verizon Incorporated, from it free speech rights to ban any speech it disagrees with - and Pai is about to get rid of it!

Amerikka, and its constitution written by powdered wig aristocrat proto-capitalists, absolutely sucks. Oh, had 1776 not happened and we were one big Canada (absent TX, MN, AZ, CA NV and CO robbed by Polk in 1844) right now!

And there is a special place in hell for those on the left in WI, MI and PA who made this all possible - those who voted for that tin-foil hat Stein or Trump !