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Poll: American Support of Unions is Growing—And Opposition is Dropping


Poll: American Support of Unions is Growing—And Opposition is Dropping

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Nearly six in 10 Americans have a positive view of labor unions, signifying growing support for workers that has increased by five points since its lowest numbers in 2009, according to new polling.


If the public were to investigate the history of labor in the U.S. and the years of FDR’s presidency (including the New Deal), then the polls would surely reflect a decided majority of people in favor of unions. Reagan’s busting of the PATCO union exhumed the corporate onslaught on labor unions with the corporatocracy picking up the mantle and running away with it through distribution of misleading and patently false information. The result is the unmistakable erosion of workers’ wages and benefits that in turn means a reduction of their buying power and inability to save for either their children’s college funds or emergencies. With the loss of benefits such as health insurance and retirement funds (matching funds - employer and employee), the quality of life is also dramatically impacted in disastrous ways. Meanwhile, corporate profits and executive pay/perquisites soar breaking any and all records. Working conditions go downhill fast…safety becomes an afterthought…employee loyalty is not valued…and the list goes on. Collective bargaining is the best way for workers/labor to have a voice and attain benefits through negotiation with management. There is power in numbers and UNITY. Management likes nothing better than to "divide and conquer and/or abolish unions regardless of how deleterious it is to the WORKERS PRODUCING/MAKING THE PRODUCTS from which they (management, executives, shareholders) profit.

Sound like the Gilded Age during which child labor and worker enslavement were common, accepted practices when the workers had no voice or power over their lives? GWB asserted that “corporations will do right by their workers or the environment” and I paraphrase…yup, just like GWB does for the “little people” in his retirement…right?