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Poll Finds Trump's Approval Ratings Lower Than His Previous Historic Low


Poll Finds Trump's Approval Ratings Lower Than His Previous Historic Low

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump rose to power with historically low approval ratings, and a new poll finds that even those numbers have fallen as Americans lose what little goodwill they had toward him during the so-called post-election "honeymoon" period.


This just helps illustrate what a poor candidate HRC was.

That support for Trump was tepid and much of it based on him not being Hilary. Again had Sanders run instead of Hilary it would have been one of the greatest landslides in history. You can not "blame Trump" for the DNC having selected Hilary over Bernie , nor can you blame the Trump voter. The failure was the corrupts DNCs doing.


I recall telling a Dumpster this soon after election night, 'Savor the flavor, it will only get worse from here on in.'


Look that's OVER- now put on your shoes and move FORWARD.


It hasn't even begun...


Many people are apathetic and insulated. That's how we got here in the first place- lack of resiliency.


I will also add: political correctness like parents who tell teachers that their kids are always right.


O, Honestly, blame, blame, blame....beating a dead horse....and exonerating yourself of any responsibility of what's been happening over the last 30 years...who isn't responsible? Eh? AFter the Vietnam War , we Americans have sat on our TV and computer tails in the face of on-going travesties - exploding numbers of lobbyists writing legislation, disintegration of journalistic integrity, mega-mergers, aka monopolies, ignoring the hypocritical "Big government is bad."meme v. Republican expenditures, the increasing callousness of us towards the poor, the elderly, Blacks, unemployed-laid off, the sick, the different - and - our (silent) indifference towards war priorities over infrastructure needs, the absence of an informed, vocal, passionate insistent challenging opposition to outright lies "denial" about climate change.....I'm sick of us, our stupidity, our ignorance, our conscious unwillingness to be adults and acknowledge where each one of us has reneged on our adult responsibilities as a citizen, as an inheritor of legacies that have served millions of us and were hard won - by blood, sweat, tears and millions of hours sacrificed by millions of people - Revolutionary War, Civil War, Underground RR, , Unionizing, Civil Rights Movement, the Sufragetts, Vietnam War Protesters, - I apologize for lacks in my knowledge of history - . I'm angry that we - unlike the French who mass together in protest against what they refuse to accept from their government -we - like spoiled, indulged adolescents who want it all but don't want to put out the effort to stand up for what we want - have sat back when the highly calculated and incremental assault on our democracy (inverted totalitarianism/oligarchy) developed momentum culminating in a "bought" government.


Oh for pete's sake: that was over two months ago- get over it and move forward- lot of work to be done!


This is like when you're in high school and you try to tell your best friend DON'T go out with that guy, you'll be sorry. You give her the laundry list of all his faults. You tell her all the rumors and stories. You introduce her to his other ex-es. You even show her photos.

But, he's brash and charming and says all the right stuff. She just can't help herself, so she goes out with him.

Then of course, she comes back, hurt, upset, angry and having lost her prom money, and says you were right.



Wow!!!!You have succinctly said what I am thinking only in a much better way. You are so right- we all are responsible. Listen to not all but some complainers in society." Oh, the computer won't work." Oh, I don't have time to vote," "Who me" I don't have time to volunteer" "Hey did you see dancing with the stars?" "Oh well- it doesn't involve me." How about our soldiers and veterans? We barely hear about them, and many are sick and homeless.
I am all ears for suggestions: What can we do next? I get involved locally, and volunteer.
Oh, that's another one. I don't have time. I work. Really don't a lot of people?
In the mean time there are some people ( even on here ) who are waiting for a movement to start like an alarm or a message. As you have stated the time was a long time ago, but we don't leave it behind. We continue fighting in the present.
Another favorite: What good will it go? Imagine for instance if the suffrage or civil rights movements had not happened, and they did not last five minutes. We have come to be an instant gratification society and we do not have to BE like that.
Hey, let's keep in touch. I like how you think


Hey, I remember protesting against the Wars in Viet Nam, first and second gulf wars. One poster on here implied that protesting was hard because it took time and money. I don't agree with that. There are lots of gatherings, and many are organized by people who work. Again, let's keep in touch.


And you're point?


"saddles up for the most important job in the world"

I think not. Being boss of China fits that bill, and I don't think Trump will get that one. The Chinese must be pissing themselves laughing, what with the USA working itself up to a self-righteous fury about Russia once again. It is a perfect divide and rule situation.

Joke. An Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman go into a pub. A broad Scottish voice sings out, "Free drinks for all in the hoose, on me". Headlines in newspapers next day, " Irish ventriloquist laughs whilst Scotsman beats Englishman to death".


Come on everyone, I just signed up for emails from CREW, and watched Painter and Reisen on pbs tonight; then printed out their 5 point plan for Trump. Turn over his business to a blind trust, not to his grown kids. etc.There is plenty we can do.
1. phone our own senators
2 phone the Republican senators, of another state, which ever applies.
3. email them asking for investigation of president elect's conflicts of interests, including his many loans, $500 million? to Big Banks, and Chinese banks and god knows who else. including Russia.
4. you fill in this blank.
We must put our foot down; and not allow the rule of law to be made a mockery, a travesty. He is undoing all the checks and balances. He is in direct contravention to the emoluments clause of the Constitution. His press conference today was ridiculous; and illegal. He could NOT donate profit from his DC hotels to the Treasury, he could NOT get a tax credit for that. ridiculous. He is going to be in a lot of trouble, as will we all. Go to CREW and google Painter & Eisen & Tribe's statement on Politico.


Thank you. At least someone else who is willing to do something instead of just cry and bitch.


We will never know whether Bernie would have done better than Hillary. Hillary did get almost 3 million more votes than Trump and without the interference of the head of the FBI James Comey would have won handily. I guess the "fake news" says that the DNC selected Hillary over Bernie but the real news was that the voters selected her. Many may have thought she would make a better president and many may have thought she would have a better chance of winning the general election. In any case, it was the voters who ultimately made the decision. And it wasn't that close. She won by about 400 pledged delegates and several million votes. The Democratic convention was much more successful than the Republican convention. During the campaign she pretty clearly defeated Trump in all thee debates. Her only problem seemed to be those emails. But she got through the FBI investigation pretty well but then with about 10 days to go Comey brought down the hammer even though he knew nothing more about her emails then he did before. This countered the sexual scandal that was hurting Trump. Clinton had a clear lead going in according to the polls but this time the polls were way off and she lost.


The moving forward stuff and refusing to look back is what got you into this mess in the first place. You can never clean the rot oout of the system if it "everyones fault" but those that are the rot.

If the corruption that the DNC demonstrated in trying to get their candidate elected is not relevant because it "part of the blame game' Then why not just keep the same people on? It not their fault after all it everyone elses.

Oh and I haad nothing to do with it as I am not an American but if you want to go ahead and point the finger of blame of millions at Americans who came out to support Sanders as example and then were betrayed by the corrupt DNC then go right ahead. You will be in the same position next time around.

That said I will look forward to your posts over the next four yeears wherein everything this new adminstration does you suggest has nothing to do with them and everything with the peoples apathy.

I seem to recall several millions of your fellow citizens out trying to stop the Iraq war. The war happned anyways but I guess they did not protest hard enough.


And are going to just sit back and watch your country burn?


The primary was not that close. There is no evidence that the DNC influenced the outcome. Bernie Sanders himself did not claim that. The voters made their choice and that choice should be accepted.