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Poll: Majority of Americans Believe in Climate Change—And Want Action



""“There's a strong consensus of the problem and the need to take action."

Ha ha ha ha ha!! This reminds me of news reports that blame this or that monsoon or hurricane or tornado for however many deaths, or millions of dollars of property damage suffered in the aftermath. So what?!! Do you really think that weather system now dissipated cares one whit about what has occurred?
So okay, strong consensus that agrees on the problem and the need to take action, the next question is: Exactly what do you want everyone to do about this problem of climate change?
Sometimes (like when we are confronted by problems greater than our capacity to remedy) it is appropriate to tell the flock of chicken littles of the world, "don't just 'do something', stand there and consider what your doing will accomplish before you undertake it."


Yeah, all of those field scientists are getting rich devoting their lives to this science.

Yet another meme flowing from the gutter of the Heartland Institute starring Al Gore. This one is designed to corn-vince the ill informed or the gullible to dis-identify with the actual solid science of ACD by trying to create a false link between that science and the very real issue of rife inequality.

The other aspect of this pathetic meme, is to try to corn-vince the ill informed and the gullible to then back your corn-tention that the science of ACD should be doubted in the spirit of keeping FF cheap for the masses instead of letting Al Gore and the Rockefellers drive up the price of fossil fuels so only they can afford them.

Try harder.

By the way, your might try your shtick over at Yahoo as the crowd here at CD is a tad bit tougher.



Did we really need this poll to tell us there is a partisan divide on this issue? Is that supposed to be news?


Until we see mandated conservation across energy use - high efficiency only, transportation devices that get way more mileage and can't reach crazy, useless, harmful speeds, buildings constructed to ensure wise energy use, we know that all the bluster of responsible energy policy is malarkey. Of course, people could stop flying all over the planet to holiday/amuse themselves, but that might require one to "walk the walk" right?


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Looks like I nailed it. Carry on with your mission Koch head.

edit...I should have taken the time to peruse your posts before coming to such a harsh judgement of your intentions. Apologies.

That said, I don't get how at this late date you can possibly be convinced of arguments that absolutely do parallel those spawned by the Koch Brothers.


Unfortunately Joseph77, the very real concerns about proposed global scale geoengineering or even ongoing geoengineering on a smaller scale have been hijacked by those whose mission it is to change the subject away from the main cause of ACD which is the burning of fossil fuels.


As if policy should be driven by f***ing opinion polls. We're talking about an existential threat to civilization, and to the integrity of the ecology.

Corporate executives and politicians have had CLEAR UNBIASED SCIENTIFIC ASSESSMENTS in their hands for DECADES, that pumping billions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere will disrupt the climate. Any reasonably educated person can understand the basic science of "the greenhouse effect." They've had reports in their hands for 20 years now that climate change IS HAPPENING, driven primarily by all that atmospheric carbon.

ONLY the strategic investment of billions of dollars worth of fake science and propaganda, by the fossil fuel industry and allies throughout the "leadership" of the extractive industrial economy, has created the preposterous situation that now exists: Significant numbers of US residents are confused about climate chaos, while significant numbers of elected legislators profess to not know what the scientists are talking about.


So long as the right wing shock jocks including Alex Jones and Bill O'Reilly snidely mock global warming, while their church congregations are instructed that all of the odd phenomena of our times are proof of God's will and/or End Times, it's not surprising that this cognitive divide exists:

"The poll also revealed a partisan divide between respondents, as a majority of those who said climate change is a serious issue identified as Democrats or Independents, while 43 percent of Republicans said they did not believe in it at all."

Not only do I believe that oil behemoths like EXXON should be prosecuted for LYING the public into thinking global warming was a hoax (a strategic delaying tactic that will cost lives, destruction of habitat, and extinction of species), I also think that the mouthpieces on Talk Radio and inside the Fox TV spectrum should likewise face consequences for lies told often that result in catastrophic outcomes!


He said, observing himself in the mirror.


You constantly HARP on the idea that U.S. citizens are deluded sheeple.

So this article comes out PROVING that you are wrong; and instead of acknowledging the prejudicial limits of your own narrow and unfair judgment calls (indicting all citizens as sheeple)... here you take up the Right Wing slogan that some think tank no doubt pays you to push--that "people just want someone else to pay the cost."

Since I believe in the law of Karma, I know that punks like you who demean the value of honest discourse through your glib one-liners meant to mock the concerns of our times... will have a LOT to answer for... speaking of PAYING.


The fossil fuel industry receives a lot of criticism these days, and rightfully so. But in the final analysis, we are the ones who support the energy industry and it is our standard of living that will need to change. So contemplate what you can do for the cause

. Reorganize cities, building taller residences with a smaller footprint (the end of suburbia); institute a carbon tax; end our love affair with the automobile— promote car pooling subsidize and expand mass transit, walk and bike more; expand bike paths;, and have shareable (zip) cars, ban gasahol; turn off the air conditioner in the summer and dial the thermostat down in winter; rein in the militaries for defense only and outlaw war; ban night baseball; ban electric outdoor signs; shift from long distance truck to rail transport; ride more trains and buses, fewer planes; promote conference calls and web cams; promote zero population growth with free condoms and family planning world-wide; many more people would become vegetarians or vegans; phase out the cattle industry; discontinue bottled water and drink tap water; discontinue aluminum cans with and without carbonation; maximize reusable bags and products; minimize or ban disposables (Pampers, Ikea furniture); limit endless gadgets; end yearly auto model changes; limit all the advertising, junk mail, most retail, etc.; eliminate “fast junk food”; go to “slow food”; replace “fast fashion” with “slow fashion”; bring back mending, alterations and local tailors; completely redesign production of appliances, electronics, house wares, furniture, etc to be as durable and long-lived as possible; bring back appliance repairmen and such; design and build smaller housing to last for centuries and to be as energy efficient as possible, to be reconfigurable, and shareable; recycle maximally, especially aluminum cans; maximize solar and wind power; drive and accelerate more slowly; change from petroleum based fertilizers to regenerative agriculture; reverse deforestation, plant more trees; climb more stairs; restrict spray cans; eat and farm organic; use manual tools instead of power tools, use rakes rather than leaf blowers; push rather than power small mowers; replace lawns with vegetable gardens; compost as much as possible; more stairs, fewer elevators; promote subsidies for renewal energy, eliminate approximately 50% of all street lighting and office lighting in unoccupied buildings, motion lighting, where appropriate, and high efficiency LED and solar powered lighting. Stop fertilizing and mowing lawns


And you - what are you pushing besides dismissive invective?


Nicely done! Very happy that you include "rein in the militaries... and outlaw war" among the litany of actions we can take.

Which reminds us that there are interested parties, war profiteers, not just militarists but the entire extractive war against nature, who profit immensely from the ongoing operation of all the profiteering systems that are fed by unthinking consumerist behaviors.

Which indicates that - beyond our own "consumer" choices in all these matters - we also need to take power from these interested parties and war profiteers, as part of our huge task of ending the war against the ecology.


The what if we could and you know we should but would we? Well we wouldn't unless we hadda!

I think we might concentrate on making our crap less environmentally destructive than on not making it. Some other way instead of aluminum cans. Maybe a form of ceramics? High efficiency LED lights that use a tiny fraction of energy and that energy coming from the sun. We have street lights powered by solar right now. I see no problem with things like that.

Some things need to change. Better housing (they have this new construction material called stone. Seems to last for centuries. Try it its new and improved). Stuff like reforestation and stuff are common sense but things like more stairs and fewer elevators are a concept based on fossil fuel produced energy. If solar and wind powered elevators why not have elevators.

The point I am making is that people confuse fossil fuel based growth (the dark side of the force) with renewable based energy (the funky cool side of the force). People will need jobs and the economy needs to function and so lets make it function well instead of the exploitative and criminally extractive way it functions now.

Solar roofs mean free ir conditioning all day long in the Southwest... guess when they need it most?


Yeah, I had thought that in the past too... but, now, I do believe they are sh*tting in their pants too... they really didn't think THEY WOULD have to change their lives... tweak here, tweak there.. and yeah, see I can still make ooodddllesss of money.. and fix the planet...
"Aren't we so smart.".... NOT....


yes, some of this is what I've had in mind.... it does make sense... cept that you left out rural people.... who already have a mortgage so... if they can't get to work... they need to grow food for their community... but, will not make enough money for that... sssoooo OVER ALL... there should be subsidies for anyone who cannot make this transition... cause yeah... the economy will change drastically... and people will need to keep paying their mortgage or "the man'
will come for his home... etc...
so, yeah... this would be all so great ... if only we could HYPNOTIZE THE PEOPLE.... and get them buggers to comply on a super mass scale..... RIGHT NOW..!!!
SO, THE OTHER THING IS..... it's really really really late... the ARTIC METHANE BURP COULD HAPPEN ANY TIME.... and ... even IF we stopped industrial civ... right now... we would still heat up, I think it's 1 degree over what we are right now... IN ONE TO THREE WEEKS.... this is because of all those sulphates we already put up in the atmos.... so stopping industrial civ and all those come out of the sky... that is a problem.... a real problem... like all that METHANE.. .EVEN If JUST THAT 50 GIGATON burp happens... ( which major scientists say could happen ANY TIME.) .... WE will be goners... goners .. people there will be no hope then... Less the Aliens come along to save up... That amount of methane is almost 4 times the amount we have already put into the atmos since the beginning of industrial civ.....


It's so easy to attack Al Gore. Al Gore has done more to provide information about the dangers of climate change than anyone. To trash his name only shows your ignorance. Attack Trump. Attack the tea party. Attack the Republicans. Plenty of targets.


Riverman, you don't understand my point. I wasn't attacking Al Gore. Most of the memes emanating from the Koch Brothers' Heartland Institute – that I reference in my post – feature Al Gore as a point of attack, as did the post I was responding to, thus my reference of "starring Al Gore".

I thought the context of my comment was clear enough. There is plenty to not like about Al Gore, but his actions in regard to global warming are nothing but admirable. I have never criticized him in that regard.

I'm a bit surprised that given the context of my post, and the hundreds of posts I've made around here that you would jump to a conclusion and assert upon me "ignorance", on this topic. Peruse my posts for proof that I'm anything but.